The Heir of the Dragon Emperor and his Bride Corps Translation

23.2 A Way for Using Empty Houses and a Method for Recruiting a Certain Tribe

[A pleasure to meet you for the first time. I’m the Harpy elder, Nanaira.]

Inside the deepest part of the Harpy settlement, on top of the largest tree, and inside the largest nest, we are welcomed by a Harpy the white hair.

[Once you get in on your years, move around comes to be troublesome. Excuse my appearance, “Aberrant Overlord Kiryouou Shouma-dono”.]
[No, I’m the visitor. It’s fine.]

And if possible, don’t call me by that name.

[I have no objection against migrating our settlement.]
The Harpy elder says.

Every time she speaks, her long, long white hair shakes. The size of her wings are incomparable to those of other Harpy. If she were to spread them, they’d be about 4 to 5 meters long.

The Harpy elder stares at me and Lizette.
[“The Black Knight Mestrat” and his subordinate attacked us Harpy many times. If you’ve defeated them, then we have no qualms accepting you as our King. Although we Harpy have been wandering this world for a very long time, we would be relieved to find a place in this chaotic world to settle down.]
[Thank you.]
[Thank you very much.]

I bow my head alongside with Lizette.

[Lizette too is happy to accept the Harpy as nakama.]
[Not being able make fun of you anymore is going to be boring, descendant of the Dragon Emperor.]

The Harpy elder, Nanaira, laughs with her childish face.

[Bathing near our lord whenever she bathed under the waterfall was enjoyable amusement for us Harpy.]
[Ahre? You did that on purpose!?]
[Worry not, there weren’t any male Harpy nearby.]

Nanaira covers her mouth with her wings as she laughs. She seems to be enjoying herself.

Perhaps…..the Harpy like Lizette? She has a serious personality that makes her teasable.

[Then, my King, as your subordinate, can you listen to my request?]
[I assume you will eventually travel to the human territory. At that time… if possible, I request you search for someone.]

The Harpy Nanaira stares at me with her red eyes.

[Of course, I do not mean for you to take action. I would be happy merely hearing of any information you might find of that person. Please, that’s all I ask.]
[Very well, I can do that.]

I nod.

[I may soon be going to the human territory. So, who do you want me to search for?]
[My grandchildren, “Prim.” The full name… is taken from the legend of our originator bird, “Primdia Babyphoneix.” However, that child uses Prim among the humans.]
[Since this is your grandchild… the search shouldn’t be too hard.]

Nanaira grandchild is also the child of a Harpy. If someone like that in the Human territory should be very conspicuous.

[Prim is the daughter of a human and a Harpy.]

Nanaira, for an unknown reason, lowers her eyes.

[The blood of her father ran deep, hence she was born with the form of a human. Yet her heart seems to be that of a Harpy as she’s always brimming with curiosity. A girl with the curiosity of a Harpy and the intellect of a human… she wanted to know everything in the world. Hence, she travelled to the human territory.]
[Human and Harpy, is she a half?]
[I’m not saying that I want her to return. I merely want to know how she is as her grandmother.]
[Understood, I’ll accept your request.]
[My gratitude.]

Nanaira gently spreads her pure white wings.

[Well then… the elder of the Harpy, I hereby promise that my clan will be your people. I promise this here. These wings shall become the power of the King, everything our eyes see shall become the information for the King.]
[…there’s no need to go that far with this.]
[Well, how should I say it? Isn’t it because you’ve grown on us?]

Nanaira closes an eye with those words.

[Perhaps Prim too will become your strength in the future. Her ceaseless thirst for knowledge has made her quite a clever child.]
[A girl with the Harpy’s curiosity and human intellect….?]
[If Prim can become your fountain of wisdom, then I believe putting in effort to search for her would be a worthwhile investment?]

If someone of this world knowledgeable about the human territory were to become a friend, I would be relieved. Lizette and Haruka have practically lived their whole lives at the frontier. Someone with contact with people beyond the frontier and knowledgeable about central… my strategist, no I don’t wish for war. Perhaps an adviser?

[Speaking of which, I have something to ask the Harpy.]

I almost forgot. My current objective is to find another facility where the “Dragon Vein” can be used. If I can make a triangle of magic lines, then there will be an even wider safe zone. With that… perhaps all the aijin will become our allies.

[As the Harpy have a wide range of activities, I believe you’re all pretty familiar with the geometry. Therefore, I want to ask… are there any old fortresses or castles nearby?]
[Old fortresses or castles…… you ask?]

Nanaira thinks about it for a while.

[Fumu, I do know something.]
[In the mountains between the frontier and the human territory, I’ve seen an old fortress. Just that… right now I believe it’s being occupied by suspicious cult, or the such?]
[Suspicious cult?]
[It’s a cult that uses black magic.]

Lizette takes over Nanaira’s words.

[It’s a cult that I’ve been hearing a lot lately. If I recall, they’re called, “Land Enlightened Clan.” Their creed is that the kingdom of the Dragon Emperor— Arisia is over, that a new dynasty is opening. One brought forth through insurrections here and there.]
[That being said, they manipulate insects with black magic to attack villages and coerce the residents into becoming their followers.]
[…I see.]

Lizette mentioned that before, the power of the Arisia royal family has weakened and dubious organizations are gaining strength. Those guys are occupying a fortress near the frontier…?

[That’s, an illegal occupation.]
[Eh? Ah, yes. That’s right.]
[They’re forcibly gathering subordinates and secluding themselves inside a fortress.]

Lizette and Nanaira nod at the same time.

Illegal occupation, no mistaking it.

[That’s why, I have a suggestion for Lizette and the Harpy.]
I say.
[I’m sorry, but can everyone accompany me to carry out an investigation?]

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