The Kingdom of Everlasting Night and the Last Ball Translation

2.2 The Kingdom of Everlasting Night and The Prince’s Fiancée

At that time, the kingdom had to make the painful decision to turn the rich forest into agricultural land in order to save the kingdom.

If it was accompanied with a reform, that would have been a great thing. However, reforming the forest would be taxing. If done poorly, the kingdom would only end up in an even direr state.

The King probably thought that he had to protect his people at the expense of the rich forests that continued to protect the kingdom.

Nevertheless, the Duke of Gillasfi raised his opposition. He said that the forest was the origin of the kingdom, that it was the bed for the soul of the people. He suggested for the King to start the agriculture development in his territory, instead, and judge the results.

Many agreed with Duke Gillasfi, however, they were less involved in the center of the state affairs than those who opposed the Duke. Dia knew that there were many nobles who weren’t involved—

—and because of that, they naturally didn’t just how dire the state of the kingdom was.

…Father and Mother were very kind people. Dad, in particular, was a close friend with the last dragon who lived in the forest when he was a child. He would’ve wanted to protect the forest and the lake where the dragon lived…

When Dia turned seventeen, she finally understood her Father’s wish. After she became nineteen, she understood that such idealism wouldn’t last in that kingdom.

Perhaps, Dia’s family’s wish was but a pipe dream…

…Albeit so, it was sweet while it lasted.

It was as beautiful as a gleaming forest crystal, however, it wouldn’t be enough to sustain the kingdom. Neither her family nor the kingdom could make the most of it.

Nevertheless, that was it. Such a sweet dream didn’t cause any problems.

…Was it because said sweet dream carried the potential of being a drop of poison that would threaten the kingdom? Was that enough a reason to wipe out her family? For the sake of the kingdom, was it worth it?

Dia was a Duke’s daughter.

That was how she was called, and yet, that ‘Dukedom’ had no name whatsoever. She didn’t have a family name—she was like a ghost.

It was this engagement with Prince Ricardo, whom was in front of her, that made Dia a ‘living person’.

“…Forgive me, Dia. Even though you’ve been my fiancée since childhood…”

Dia blinked as Ricardo bowed deeply.

Ricardo, who had visited that room and told her he wanted to break off the engagement, had always been so—however, he was still the First Prince of this kingdom.

Dia had already said countless times—he didn’t have to worry about that anymore.

He was a person with beautiful silver hair and blue eyes like a lake on snowy day—beautiful enough to be sung by the bards.

If he came to that room to dissolve the engagement, it would seem strange to be talking face-to-face like that.

Last year, at a ball hosted by the Royal Palace on the night of a full moon, Dia’s fiancé reportedly met his soul mate.

Even though Ricardo was sensitive enough not to tell Dia, the talk regarding the First Prince’s love became widespread all over the Royal Palace. Of course, it inevitably reached Dia’s ears.

…The rumor didn’t mention the relationship being new…

Unsurprisingly, Dia’s and Ricardo’s engagement stemmed from a political decision to manage Dia’s personal affairs. However, this new engagement was different.

The First Prince had found someone he loved.

“…Lord Ricardo, please lift your head. I already know about the Marquis’ daughter, and thanks to Lord Ricardo’s sincere gesture, I don’t feel betrayed.”

“However, for such a long time promise to be broken just like that, it’s still considered a betrayal. I just don’t want to be unfaithful to you, who grew up with me. That’s why, without pretense, I choose to dissolve my engagement with you. Still, my chest hurts.”

“Well… you decided to act upon this terrible thing yourself, and yet, you beg for my forgiveness. It wouldn’t be my fault if I mistook this as an act of bullying, no?”

It was about time to round up the apology.

Dia laughed and said so. Ricardo only smiled faintly, seemingly troubled.

To an unassuming bystander, her words might sounds unsparing, and as a Duke’s daughter, she shouldn’t be spared for it—however,

Such exchanges were common between them. It showed how free Dia was, despite being in the Royal Palace.

…what has just appeared on Ricardo’s eyes, is that a tinge of relief? Or maybe, disappointment?

“With that said, you should try and get as much as you can out of this. The King and Queen who allowed my decision also promised to give you whatever you want. You shouldn’t experience any inconveniences ahead because of my selfishness.”

“…Well, I shall then curse Lord Ricardo—in ten years, you’ll be bald from the top of your head.”

Dia uttered so, and Ricardo, a little astounded, finally showed a familiar, gentle, smile.

“That’s harsh, but it can’t be helped. Because I’m an unbearably stupid man, I shall accept this retaliation of yours. I also won’t ask you to forgive me, I don’t mind being cursed by you forever.”

“What a troublesome prince you are. You do know that I don’t love you like that pretty and intelligent Marquis’ daughter, right?”

They sat side by side on the chaise lounge. In front of them was a fireplace. The firewood had just been placed, and was burning, making cracking sounds.

The Royal Palace of that kingdom might have appeared ordinary-looking people visiting from rich continents.

There were no magic stones to create the fire. There were no magic stones to warm the interior without the need of a fireplace. At most, the royal sorcerers could only bestow blessings upon the highest quality of forest crystals.

Still, Dia loved that kingdom.

Stone houses lined with small towers and lanyards on a tiny land nestled deep within the forest. The Royal Capital had a beautiful Royal Palace, and the Royal Palace’s Square had a wonderful fountain studded with plenty of forest crystals.

It might not be as developed as the Royal Capitals of bigger kingdoms, but the detailed architecture of that kingdom, which was made by those recognized nationally for their crafts in jewel and crystal, bedazzled even the greatest of kings.

Moreover, there was also the fact that the people of Fashitaru Kingdom were well endowed in term of appearance—just like her former fiancé. They were often described as charming as night fog and drizzle.

It was the low magic zone of that kingdom that allowed it to avoid the invasion of other kingdoms.

The magic zone was a term that indicated the upper limit of the magic conduit required for humans to deliver magic.

***T/N: Even though she had such a neutral view regarding everything that had happened which is also concerning, I can’t help but worry that she was just being brainwashed by the kingdom… ///look at how often she repeat ‘this kingdom is beautiful’/// 

and I was about to applaud how wholehearted this one Prince sounded after breaking off the engagement… that, until I recalled that in the synopsis, he planned to murder her eitherway. Okay. Just an Asshole thinking he’s doing her some favor in her remaining days.

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