I Don't Want to Break off my Engagement... Translation

15. A Split Personality, Perhaps…?

‘I came this far already, so why didn’t it work—!?’ The girl thought while running down the corridor of the Royal Palace.

‘This is bad, at this rate, I’ll be ruined again!’

‘I don’t want to experience such things ever again!’

The girl then halted to gaze around her surroundings.

‘…nobody’s around.’

The girl leaned on the white wall and laughed a little.

‘How amusing. To think that I, who was ruined by a kingdom once, would end up ruining a kingdom…!’

She wished she knew she was capable of committing such a crime earlier. That way, there would have been no delay in trying it.

‘That kingdom of great power will soon be crushed…!’

‘Then, next thing on the schedule…—‘

“Tia, I’m sorry.” His Highness beckoned to me again before getting inside the carriage.

What is he saying sorry for? Is it for everything? Yeah, probably.

I tried to call out to him, but he interrupted me before I could do so by repeating his previous statement.

Silence enshrouded us again once we get into the carriage. In that kind of atmosphere, there was no way I could bring up the previous thing!

I glanced at His Highness—but he returned to normal. He was back to being His Highness that I was familiar with—expressionless, and hard to read.


Maybe I was hallucinating? Then I must indeed been very tired…

No way, that was absolutely His Highness.

But what was the difference between the current Highness and the previous Highness?

Ah, could it be, His Highness had a split personality?

If so, I could comprehend everything. That out-of-character speech of his would make sense.

However… there was also the fact that such a Prince was going to rule this kingdom in the future…

When I worried about the future of this kingdom, His Highness suddenly opened his mouth.



“…You look very beautiful in that dress.”

“…Thank you.”

I wanted to scoff and say, “well said.” But even if he was rotten, he was still the Prince, the Prince! I couldn’t be rude to him. Besides, this dress was a gift from His Highness. I had to express my gratitude to him.

What are you planning now!? I wanted to linger on such a thought, but I also didn’t plan on letting it show on my face.

I would absolutely be sorry if he broke the engagement because of my discourtesy. Especially because the other party was also a royalty.

That was right—the annulment. I wanted to annul our engagement. But what on earth went on in His Highness’ mind? Didn’t His Highness love Baroness Schmia? Why the change of attitude?

…after some thinking, I again arrived to the conclusion that he had split personality. No, that was the only conclusion left.

I realized it at that moment. Speaking of which, His Highness’ words… I had certainly heard them somewhere… I lowered my gaze unconsciously.

Before I could find the answer, however, we arrived at the castle.

From my residency, it wasn’t that far.

We arrived faster than I thought. I shifted my attention towards the window.

Similarly, His Highness had a difficult expression when he gazed at the other window.

what are you thinking about, Your Highness?

I really didn’t understand.

Alighting from the carriage, escorted by His Highness, I went to the venue.

His Highness was expressionless as usual.

Looking at such an appearance of his raised further questions. It was because I didn’t know what he was thinking that I became scared.

There was no way I could ask him, ‘just before, why did you embrace me.’ Here, of all the places.

The venue was just around the corner. As such, it was impossible for me to ask such a question now.

When I entered the venue, I heard gorgeous music and the hustle and bustle of others. Everyone focused on us at once. I was again reminded—this is noble society. My stomach screamed again.

Again, I had to deal with their piercing eyes.

Surely, the rumors regarding the recent incident had already spread.

In fact, there were a lot of curious eyes directed at me.

“The lady that made Baroness Schmia cry.”

…I only heard such gossip from the men, thought.

…and no, she cried on her own, trust me. Or rather, she should be grateful I didn’t beat her up right there and then. Thankfully at that time, Vioris was there with me.

My hand was taken by His Highness. I sat on the Royal Seat. Recalling that I was going to break off my engagement soon, it felt uncomfortable to sit there. However, I didn’t let it show and instead sat with grace.

Then, the evening ball began.

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