I Don't Want to Break off my Engagement... Translation

12. If Running Isn’t an Option, Then There’s no Choice but to Attack

“Alright, can you tell me where Lord Williant is?”

Mustn’t. Explode. Calm. My. Mouth.

I wondered what to do. Did I have to remain silent even after that Baroness had asked me so? But I still dislike her lack of honorifics…

…but, if I was the only one who use the honorifics here…

…a Duchess, addressing a mere Baroness who shortened her name as she pleased with honorifics…

…I’m basically lowering myself to her, then!!!!

“Baroness Schmia, I’m sorry—“

“So even Tia doesn’t know? What a relief~!”

Let me finish—!!

Ugh, how much I wanted to see Rat! Only Rat could understand my frustration!

“No, it’s best to listen properly to what a person has to say before jumping into conclusions, Baroness Schmia.”

“What is it, Tia?”

Don’t call me that—!!!

“I despise you.”

I, I finally managed to say it—!! Finally—!! Finally—!! After all, it can’t be helped, right—!?

If I didn’t say so, she would keep thinking that we were friends! After telling the truth to Baroness Schmia, I felt refreshed.

…Wait, she’s crying! She’s totally bawling her eyes out! No, what do I do—!?

I felt nothing seeing her cry, but what about the rumors that would spread—!?

I glanced over the room, aware that my face had turned blue.

…something, is there something that can be used as a weapon…—no, not to hit her, but to get out of this situation!

My eyes found Vioris.

That was when I noticed.

For some reason, Baroness Schmia was favored by most, if not, all men she exchanged words with. Those men would then insist, ‘this isn’t the same as love!’—or other statement that would make me snort in ridicule.

‘A sibling love’, they say… whenever I heard that, I would laugh so much to the point that my stomach hurt.

When I locked gaze with Vioris, he laughed a little, before approaching me.

Uwa, d, did I miscalculate—!?

Why is Vioris approaching me—!?

As I thought, I shouldn’t have brought him along—!!

“Tiarize, your complexion doesn’t appear too good.”

“S, Sir Vioris…”

“…on the other hand, uh, Baroness Schmia? Would you listen to her a little? Only talking one-sidedly and then abruptly crying, those are the kind of things that only children do, you know?”

I was amazed—never would I’ve thought that his tone could become stern like this.

As he gently straightened my bangs, Vioris told off Baroness Schmia.

At his words, Baroness Schmia stopped sobbing, and instead glared at him, her eyes brimming with tears.

Oh no, something bad is going to happen.

“B-but, I’m just trying to get along with Tia!”

Even after being told so, you still dare ‘Tia’ me—!?

“Even though Tiarize doesn’t seems to appreciate it?”


“By ‘get along’, do you mean one-sidedly imposing your own feelings to other? Then this friendship of yours must be very convenient.”


Growing considerably pale, Baroness Schmia kept staring at Vioris with tearful eyes.

However, Vioris’ gaze remained unchanged.

I sighed, there was a conflicting feeling inside of me.

“…Baroness Schmia. I don’t have the slightest intention of reciprocating your attempts of friendship. When you refer to me, please attach an honorific, and don’t you dare shorten it. I’m sorry if it sounds profane, but I’m just being honest.”

Even though I don’t intend to forgive her…

Baroness Schmia looked as if she had just been slapped by me. Again, she bawled.

…I feel guilty, not.

On the other hand, I felt admiration towards her who could cry easily—anytime, anywhere. I wondered if she still retained enough water in her body.

“Ah, and…”

After a single breath, I informed Baroness Schmia.

“I do know about His Highness’ current whereabouts. I heard it from His Highness himself yesterday.”


“Baroness Schmia seems to have forgotten—or was it on purpose? I’m the fiancée of His Highness.”

“T, that, I know, I do know, but…”

After Vioris’ accusation, it seemed that she had developed some awareness over not speaking out of place. By the way, Vioris had been standing beside me from a while ago.

“’But’? Do you have anything to say to me? Why would you ask me where His Highness is?”

When I asked in an irritated tone, Baroness Schmia grew even paler.

What’s that? This was the first time my words had ever caused such impact to her. Back then, no matter what I said, she wasn’t affected at all.

What is happening… that was when I noticed.

The fact that Vioris sided with me instead of her was strange in itself.

“…where is he?”


Nevertheless, that bravery of her needed a round of applause. I wondered what her guts were made of—steel, perhaps?

However, even I had trouble with answering her question.

“Tiarize, please tell me. I have to tell His Highness something…”

Ah, their lover things again?

I also said to attach honorific…

I answered Baroness Schmia’s question, clearly displaying my displeasure.

“Who knows? To wherever his destination is. All I know is that he’s going to return the day before the evening ball!”

So he hasn’t told Baroness Schmia his destination… well, not like I care…

In respond, Baroness Schmia raised her eyebrows.

“The day before…? But why…”

Don’t know—how am I supposed to know?

I glanced at Baroness Schmia, signaling that this talk was over.

“Alright then, Baroness Schmia, I shall arrange a carriage for your return. I would respect if you refrain from come here anymore. Other than that, did you forget what I just said? I keep calling you by your title, and how dearly I wish that you would do the same for me. Oh, but perhaps that’s just because of your forgetfulness—!”

After I had told her such, her eyebrows raised a little—she was apparently sulking.

Certainly, her appearance was adorable—but that was all. There were too many problems with her personality.

After being told off, Baroness Schmia turned away from me while answering.

“Yes, I understand, Lady Tiarize. Lady Tiarize must hate me so…! Which would explain your attitude—aah, woe is me, I feel so miserable, to the point that I’m about to cry…”

“Don’t get me wrong, I certainly despise you. But it’s also because I despise you that I don’t want to be further involved with you. Therefore, you should also keep your distance from me—that’s all I ask, really.”

“…How cruel. Just because you’re a Duchess, you think you can put on airs! You blabber a lot—exactly like Will said.


My heart involuntarily shook at the mention of His Highness. She picked the most unpleasant moment to bring that up.

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“So even Tia doesn’t know? What a relief~!”

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