Translation We Dwell at the Base of the Dragon’s Peak

51.2 A Lively Dinner

“Well, then I will eat it without reservation.”

Didn’t he just say he doesn’t need to eat? Then again, responding with that would be too rude, right? Old Sleigstar is honestly responding to Priscilla-chan’s kindness.

Priscilla-chan throws the big chunk of meat into Old Sleigstar’s wide open maw.

Fumu, delicious.”

That should only be a meager lump of meat for Old Sleigstar, but he moves as if he’s chewing and then swallows. Priscilla-chan delights with satisfaction at the sight and comes back.

“Priscilla-chan is quite kind.”

Ruiseine strokes Priscilla-chan’s head.

Nyan also wants ahn, nyan~”

Priscilla-chan fulfills Nymia’s request and feeds her meet.

Uh huh, this sure feels peaceful. Watching Priscilla-chan makes my heart warm.

Ano, by the way,”

Ruiseine raises a question while rolling some vegetables with meat.

“One of Sleigstar-sama’s fangs seem to be missing…”

Ah, that’s right. Old Sleigstar’s sharpest fang is missing.

Right, it happened the day I got the young spirit tree. They had a quarrel and I was forced to go home. Then, the next day when I came to the moss-covered plaza, Old Sleigstar’s fang had vanished. Even though Old Sleigstar told me that it will eventually grow back, it still hasn’t regenerated even now…

“About that—”
“Ruiseine, we still can’t tell you about the secret of that fang yet.”

Mistral cuts me off without accepting any objection, leaving Ruiseine to swallow down her words with her saliva.

I see, so we can’t yet say that Mistral is the one who broke it. I wonder if that’s because she has a girl’s feelings.

“Ernea, what is it?”

It seems I was unconsciously staring at Mistral. I look away in a fluster.

“It’s nothing.”
“You seem like you have something else to say, though.”

Mistral approaches and I back away. 

“My, my, well, well, if one runs away, doesn’t that mean a guilty conscience?”
Eetto, Nyan.”
“Hey now, Nymia. You shouldn’t say it.”

I hurry and catch Nymia who is reading my heart and seal her mouth.

“How suspicious, what is it?”

Mistral draws closer to me. I run away. Priscilla-chan takes advantage of the situation and starts an fuss. Dinner ends up becoming a big uproar. As for Old Sleigstar, he quietly watches over our racket with his golden eyes.

Our stomachs are full and we are tired from the uproar. The sun has completely set and the ancient forest is covered in darkness.

Actually, without my realizing, Ruiseine had illuminated the moss-covered plaza using her law magic.

“Now, that’s it for today. Let’s start preparing for sleep.”

To be honest, it’s still early to sleep. However, it can’t be helped. Priscilla-chan has the life habit that comes from being a child of the Long Eared Tribe that we aren’t able break.

It seems like the Long Eared Tribe wakes up the moment the sun rises and sleeps the moment it sinks. They have a very regulated lifestyle.

Priscilla-chan might be tired from the ruckus since she looks quite sleepy when Mistral hands her a cup of water.

Right as I wonder if we will all be sleeping huddled together on the moss-covered plaza, Nymia once more grows in size.

Nnmmto, sleeping with Nymia is warm!”
“Ever since Priscilla first came here way back when, she has been sleeping with Nymia who gets bigger.”

Ruiseine and I nod at the explanation Priscilla-chan and Mistral give.

“In that case, I’ll enjoy it too.”
“Please, excuse me.”

Big Nymia lays down, and we burry ourselves in the fur around her stomach.


It’s the middle of the night, I think. I wake up upon turning in my sleep. Being buried withing Nymia’s fluffy fur feels good. Ruiseine also sleeps comfortably on my side.

Fumu, so there is an insolent clan among the dragon tribesmen.[1]

Just as I’m about to go back to sleep, I hear Old Sleigstar’s voice.

“Each clan has its own expectations. There are also some who’ve joined hands with the mazoku in the past.”

By focusing my attention into the darkness, I can faintly see Mistral standing before Old Sleigstar’s mouth.

“It seems the dragon tribesmen will be shedding blood again. Have you resolved yourself?”

Apparently, they seem to be talking about the mazoku involvement from the other day. Among the dragon tribesmen, there are clans who have connections with the mazoku. They seem to be the ones who guided the mazoku and the magic swords into the Armourd Kingdom.

If this matter were to be known within the Armourd Kingdom, it would probably lead to conflict between the dragon tribesmen and humans.

As the dragon princess, Mistral must be worried about this matter. I’m sure she’s discussing this situation with Old Sleigstar right now.

Although I want to lend Mistral my strength, sticking my head into the affairs of the dragon tribesmen just out of my curiosity is absolutely something I shouldn’t do. I’m sure that Mistral will tell me if something ever happening. Until then, I need to make sure I’m strong enough for her to rely on me.

With those thoughts, I feel into a slumber again.

[1] 「ふむ、竜人族の中に不届き者の一族が現れたか」

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