I, a Witch, am Requested by My Crush to Make Him Love Potion Translation

44. The Witch and the Mysterious Visitor (4)

He can see a small figure enshrouded in a dark robe hidden behind the pillars of the hall that separate the courtyard.

As he senses who the figure is, Yashm stands firm while washing his face in the fountain. He immediately knows the figure is up to no good.

“Listen… we just discussed about a witch, right? Don’t you dare mention such in front of that person.”



Yashm frowns, showing discomfort, and says to both Harij and Georg.

Then, Yashm approaches the figure. His dignified gaits suggest nothing in the slightest regarding his hung over condition.

The figure shudders the moment he realizes Yashm has discovered him.

However, in such an open space, he can’t escape to either his left or right. His nervousness is apparent.

“Lulu, what are you doing?”

The person in the robe tenses immediately. He turns back slowly.

However, contrary to the expectation, what comes to his—or to be precise, her—field of vision is Yashm’s gentle smile.

“Hi, welcome back. You’ve returned early, today.”

“There’s a lot going on, after all.”

Harij and Georg bow their heads.

The girl, who is seemingly used to people paying their respects to her, nods her head as a gesture for them to lift their faces.

“I didn’t expect to be able to meet my brother this early in the morning. Today is going to be a wonderful day.”

The girl with a quiet tone is Lulu, the fourth princess of Marjan.

She has just turned eleven years old. Her smile is praised as the kingdom’s treasure. The milky white hair that receives the sunlight gives off a pearly luster.

“By the way, you haven’t answered my previous question yet.”

“What was it?”

“I asked what you were doing here.”

“That’s right. But my brother, that is indeed a peculiar question. The courtyard exists for people to take a stroll. Do you need a reason to take a leisurely stroll in the morning?”

“You, who hates waking up early? It doesn’t seem like you are here to greet your brother, either.”

Lulu keeps staring at Yashm without a hint of a smile.

“To be up this early in the morning, you must be up to something, right. If our beloved sister, First Princess Billaura, were here, she would be very impressed with you.”

“You know that well. I hope you won’t tell mother, because otherwise she would faint when she hear about this.”

Yashm almost succumbs to Lulu’s angelic smile. However, that place is way too far from Lulu’s quarter, and she’s wearing a robe that hides her identity. Everything is too unnatural.

It’s obvious that she’s trying to sneak out of the castle. Yashm also suspects the reason she can proudly answer to him is because this isn’t her first time she attempting such.

“Where’s Auntie Aya?”

“Her knee seems to have been hurting recently.”

Appearing to be worried about the old maid who always accompanies her, Lulu’s eyes cloud over.

“I see. Since your maid seems to be unwell, I shall take her place to accompany you for a while.”

“…well. I can’t inconvenience my brother like that. It’s also not Lulu’s intention to cause her brother to worry. I’ll refrain from going out for a while so you can spend your time in peace.”

“Your intentions are good. However, brother can’t help but worry about you. You do understand that, right?”

Yashm’s words imply that he’ll keep Lulu on tighter leash.

Lulu, who has been desperately trying to achieve the opposite, realizes she’s on the losing side in the negotiation. In the blink of an eye, Lulu turns from being straight faced to smiling adorably and captivating everyone.

“—even so…


Lulu claps her hands.

The hangover Yashm is who can’t endure the reverberations of the sound. He gently shakes his head while frowning.

“Harij, I heard you invited a woman to move in to your residence. You deserve to be congratulated.”

“Even you know about that…!?”

It adds to the shock of Yashm.

However, his pride disallows him from showing such a side to his sister. Yashm gives a pleading look to Harij.

“Thank you very much, Lulu-sama.”

“After all that’s said and done, do you need any encouragement? Or, a celebration party? Which is better, I wonder?”

“Your heartfelt words are enough.”

“Well, well, both my brother and my sister, Lala, wish for your happiness. Lulu, as well—oh, I have an idea!”

Knowing she will clap her hands again, Yashm turns away secretly.

“How about the ‘Witch’s love potion’?”

Harij’s ears perk up.

“You’re mentioning that kind of stuff again.”

“Fufufu. Because I think my brother might need it.”

“Lulu, come on…”

“Harij, it’s unnecessary for you. Whispering sweetly into their ears is the secret to every women’s hearts.”

Yashm, who sees Harij fall speechless, assists him in answering.

“What? Only that?”

“I shall remain silent.”

Ara, well, well…”


The eyes of both the brother and sister gleam.

Harij bows down and takes a step back to express that he won’t explain further.

***T/N: Again, Roze is visited by a royalty!!! Ooops Roze, you might want to take care of yourself not being closer than a meter with Harij now, otherwise it wouldn’t be only the death of you, but also us, from the lack of insulin. BUT WE ARE WAITING FOR THAT, BISH?!

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