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23. Metal Turtle Sword

“There’s no point if you act reckless and collapse.”
“Today’s MVP is Hanebashi for sure. The MD burger was delicious! Thanks!”

Even Hagisawa agrees and looks at me. The crispy texture of french fry, the rich flavor of the burger, and taste of ketchup spreads throughout my mouth. Yup, it’s the flavor of junk food.

It’s been more than two weeks since everyone’s had this. I haven’t eaten burgers either, but I haven’t missed the flavor of Japan… While thinking that I want to provide an environment where everyone can eat Japanese food like normal… I eat the burger with everyone watching. Their compassion touches my heart. On the contrary, I feel guilty.

“Like I said earlier…is it really fine for just us live in luxury like this?”

Suddenly, Shigenobu murmurs with a dark expression

“That… can’t be helped, right? We raised our Lv in secret and became able to order things from Japan! If we say anything about it, who knows what will happen.”

Hagisawa cuts off Shigenobu’s views on the spot. No, there’s a better way to phrase this… Hagisawa seems unable to read the mood. Still, he’s a mood maker for sure.

“I guess so.”
“It absolutely is.”
“Yeah… however, if we say anything now, they’ll snatch it everything away and we’d be made to listen to their commands… I think… we need to be stronger before we can tell everyone.”

Meguru-san opens the window a tiny bit and steals a glance at the camp.

“A long time ago, I heard a saying that ‘Justice without power is empty, power without justice is violence.’ Right now, we’re sharpening our fangs of justice.”
“Would it be possible to negotiate a trade of Japanese goods for materials?”

Shigenobu and Meguru-san groan in response to Minori-san’s words.

“It’s difficult, after all.”
“Yeah, I think that at best, they’d use us. At worst, we’d end up being exploited. Yukinari might get favorable treatment, but considering Taniizumi’s attitude, him changed the current policy would be difficult.”
“I mean… as things are, we have no choice but to raise our Lv and overthrow Taniizumi-kun, right?”

Minori-san’s words cause Shigenobu to shake his head. 

“Not exactly. Right now, we don’t have many allies, but let’s recognize the fact that everyone in the base camp is strong, not an NPC.”
“What do you mean?”
“We have to give Taniizumi’s player group the impression that we’re too tough to oppress and prove to everyone in the base group that they can fight as well.”

Yeah, at minimum, we need to create a situation where those guys of the player group can no longer keep everyone of the base group locked up and at Lv 1. There’s strength in numbers. Right now, those guys in the player group are stronger. However, once our comrades in the base group become equal to them, the positions of Taniizumi and the others at the top will be collapse. 

“Surely, if someone defeats Taniizumi in a duel, we can tear down this warped situation.”
“Doesn’t really look like there’s any other way.”

Shigenobu nods at my words. That said, I don’t really know what I’m talking about. 

“This might be another world, but that doesn’t necessarily mean we’re the only people here. If there’s human habitation somewhere, with a proper human civilization, we can end this relationship thanks to Meguru-san.”

Meguru-san claps her hands together in comprehension to my words.

“I see, in the case that this world has other people in it, then being locked up here has less and less meaning. Let’s say there is another country out there, is there any benefit to having the base group?”
“That’s right. While those who can fight would probably be welcomed, we have many abilities. If we negotiate well, we can at least break this deadlock.”

Of course, we’re assuming that there won’t be a language barrier, but surprisingly, people are capable of conversing through body language. If that’s the case, being able to understand the language of another world without any prior knowledge of it would raise one’s evaluation without regard to ability. In those circumstances, those who only have fighting ability as their redeeming quality will have trouble throwing their weight around as they do now. 

“If we’re able to communicate with them, our victory conditions will be pretty much lined up.”
“In the first place, mamono might attack us. Just building this settlement is a disaster waiting to happen. But if we can eliminate one of our problems, we’ll naturally become able to suppress the violence of Taniizumi and the player group.”

Yeah. Currently, our priority is to get stronger, and search for a way out of the forest. Of course, there’s no guarantee we can leave the forest. If it were a game, we might not be able to leave until we capture it. It’s also possible this world might not have any people in it. Still, there’s no reason not to look. That’s why we can’t say anything until we become stronger.

“So, I think our current plan of raising our Lv while exploring is good.”

Well, it’s become like that.

Incidentally, it’s impossible for Ono to notice us with his copying ability. They guy can’t copy expanded abilities. We know that from when he told Taniizumi, ‘I’m going to keep using it like always!’ Although, maybe if Ono raises his Lv, he’ll become able to copy expanded abilities. Either way, that’s not the problem at the moment.

“I’m looking forward to seeing what kind of expanded ability Shigenobu will get when he becomes Lv 5, and what’ll happen once we become Lv 10. Let’s aim for that.”
“Ah, for now Yukinari should procure weapons for us. Tomorrow, I’ll try to make weapons from the metal turtle. Including the procured weapons, our combat power will increase… getting stronger is good for us, right?”

I nod to Shigenobu’s words.

“With these circumstances, even small progress is good. I’ll give my best too.”
“Yeah, I think so as well. Rather than only thinking how hard it is, it’s better to be positive.”

Meguru-san gives a strong nod.

Yeah, we’ll become stronger from now on and abolish this distorted situation. Today is a day we can delve into solidarity over the thought of getting new weapons.

The next day, we take advantage of Taniizumi’s departure to go and raise our Lv. Hagisawa also says that he wants to try out his new sword, but accepts that it’s his turn to stay behind. In return, he says that he wants to eat gyudon from Ushinoya for lunch.

It can’t be helped, I have no choice but to buy it. Hearing him say how delicious and tasty it is over and again somehow causes me to feel good. Hagisawa is the mood maker after all.

“Well, let’s go.”

We enter Meguru-san’s portal to begin today’s hunt! Once we’re through, we each take out the weapons we’ve been keeping hidden. 

“We ordered it, but can a kitchen knife really be used as a weapon in this world?”
“I think it’ll be usable once Minori-san gives it magical power.”

By checking the status, its attack power can be confirmed numerically. Compared to the weapons we’ve been using until now, it’s… rather high.

Kitchen Knife | Effect : None | Sharpness : Good 

“Somehow, Taniizumi and the others don’t have iron weapons yet. Furthermore, these have some good sharpness too.”
“Is Shigenobu’s blacksmithing not sharp?”
“The base material needs to be good… the environment also seems to influence the outcome as well. Finally, above all, is the quality of the furnace.”

Is the temperature the problem? Not having proper tools isn’t something that can be brushed aside. 

“Does that mean that Hagisawa would also be able to make better items if he had the proper equipment?”
“Probably, having measuring cylinders and flasks might be helpful, but there’s no need to collect those since the circumstances aren’t ready yet.”

There are various types of production abilities too. Meguru-san and I differ in that we’re for mobilization. Or rather… to put it bluntly, our abilities don’t require tools. 

“Minori-san has replenished the magical power… alright! Let’s depart.”

Magical power was applied to the kitchen knife along with the other weapons. 

“That reminds me, could you make a weapon using the metal turtle?”

Shigenobu gets a weapon from deep inside the workshop and passes it to Meguru-san. The handle has a turtle shell pattern… it seems to have the mysterious luster of a metal sword. 

“Amazing… it’s attack power is higher than the kitchen knife’s by far. It’s named the metal turtle sword?”

Meguru-san breathes deep and murmurs. Appropriately, it seems to be an excellent piece of equipment. 

“The amount of points needed wasn’t a laughing matter, but I won’t know how many weapons I can make until I check.”

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