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17.1 Death Sentence

“—The Rose Garden is disbanding!”

“—Rosalind and the rest of the members appear to be absent! The rumor must’ve been true!”

“—their acts of bullying was brought to light! The disbandment was directly ordered by His Highness at yesterday’s party!”

—it was the next day.

There had been a big fuss at the school since morning. The scale was incomparable to the time when the welcome party was announced.

It seemed that to them, this disbandment was good news.

“That means the seat to become Leonardo’s fiancé is unoccupied!”

“Wait! There’s still that girl whom Rosalind bullied! That girl the Rose Garden had set their eyes on! She’s rumored to be close with His Highness, to the point that His Highness was willing to protect her like that!”

“No way… isn’t she the same girl as in the previous rumors!?”

The sharpness of the glares that pierced Sharina was also incomparable to before.

The fiancée seat of the First Prince, whom everyone thought was already firmly occupied, became vacant overnight. Because what they had always dreamed had turned into reality, their hostility towards their rival increased.

…for Sharina, a seat made of air was better than that fiancé-betrothed-rival-seat whatever nonsense.

“Hey, you, Clay—what was it again? Sorry, I’m quite unfamiliar with the names of folks from some countryside, you see.”

In such a bitter atmosphere, there was a person who came into the first grade’s classroom with a scary face.

Since the seat was now basically available to everyone, her ‘rivals’, too, had expanded not only to include senior students, but also some other pretty influential houses.

“There’s something I would ask to you regarding the previous night’s party—oh, please, how could I forget! You weren’t invited! You couldn’t have known that there was a party, much else what happened there! It was the coming of age party of His Highness Leonardo, and the unthinkable happened—oh no, I did it again. You weren’t there!

…she sure takes her time getting to the point.

According to the rumors, this girl had the same opportunity as the Rose Garden to win the seat of becoming the Prince’s newest fiancée. It was said that she almost become part of the Rose Garden a few years back.

She self-proclaimed herself as the Rose Garden’s second-coming or something…

“In any case, the Rose Garden has bullied a certain girl whom His Highness is fond of, which incited his wrath. Haven’t you been involved in the previous rumors, as well?”

“Yes, you’re indeed right.”


Locking eyes with the self-proclaimed Rose Garden the 2nd, Sharina smiled and delivered the answer they had prepared in the strategy meeting with Angelica yesterday.

“I had played a minor part in the previous rumors before, as such, this misunderstanding has come place. In the first place, the previous rumor is but a misunderstanding—as such, this is nothing but a misunderstanding over a misunderstanding.”

“…what are you getting at?”

The self-proclaimed Rose Garden 2nd squeezed her fan tightly and glared at Sharina.

“The rumors said I’m close with His Highness, didn’t they? But that’s entirely false, that’s nothing but a complete misunderstanding. However, because of that rumor from the previous welcome party, the Rose Garden misunderstood and they all blamed one student for nothing. Even though it’s a mere misunderstanding, they were being mean… I’m sure that was unconceivable, even for His Highness…”

that Devil.

In all actuality, Leonardo was mad at the result of Rose Garden’s action, which allowed a certain girl he aimed for to escape from him. He wasn’t shouldering anything in particular for said girl, nor did he ever intended to protect her—such was the fact.

Riol explained them to her;

Just because he had denounced the Rose Garden for their frivolous acts of harassing someone over a misunderstanding, which was unbefitting of a Nation Mother, didn’t mean his hands were entirely clean.

After all, he did—underhandedly—attempt to set that someone up to be his princess, instead.

“He didn’t even mention my name, not even once. So, how could you confidently say that I’m close with His Highness? Tell you what, it’s a complete misunderstanding.”

“T, that’s true! Such a pitiful fact. His Highness is very intelligential, as such, if you guys have a relationship—even if barely—he should’ve remembered your name…”

‘How strange’, the girl—Sub Rose Garden—smiled while spreading her fan—she seemed truly proud.

“—I see! Indeed, how ridiculous those Rose Garden girls were! Those mischievous women misunderstood that a country girl that not even His Highness could name was having a relationship with him! Ah, don’t mind me, I’m just mumbling to myself, ahahaha!”

The Sub Rose Garden left while swinging her waist left and right in satisfaction.

That’s a great reaction! Please, don’t just keep it to yourself, say it out loud!

Sharina repressed her urge to give the girl a double thumbs-up and only stared as she went.

To be honest, Sub Rose Garden’s voice was already loud as it was, such that it could resonate beyond the classroom. By around noon, it should finish spreading throughout the entire school—thus, the trouble of having to excuse herself to people one by one had dissolved into thin air.


“Ange, I’m fine. It’s more convenient to be made a fool of like this.”

“I know, I know it already, but still—!”

The rumor was changed in no time, as expected.

The glances piercing Sharina underwent a transformation from containing anger and jealousy to mere contempt.

“If you want to get angry, get angry!” Angelica, who sat next to her, couldn’t refrain from offering if she wanted a rescue ship out of this operation.

“As of now, That must be more infuriated than me. Over and over, he must be boiling…”

Sharina said with the sincere intention to soothe her close friend—not, but she sincerely wished so from the bottom of her heart.

“Just concentrate on avoiding That. Even if you succeed in deflecting the rumors, as soon as someone sees you talking with him, it’s over. There’s a high chance That will look for you in the backyard during lunch break, so refrain from going there. There’s also a possibility of kidnapping, as such, spend your entire break in the classroom, and return home immediately after class. For a while, you have to be accustomed to this routine.”


Sharina sighed while munching on a sandwich in the classroom. Had none of that happened, she would be happily enjoying lunch with Riol in the backyard.

From Riol’s observation of Leonardo’s behavioral patterns, he wouldn’t come to the first year classroom.

“’That’ would prefer a place where he could appear cool and be as showy as possible. Especially after he has singlehandedly disbanded Rose Garden, whom he considers a major obstacle. He wouldn’t want to ‘reunite’ with you in such a common place, because he would certainly prefer it to be touchingly dramatic. As such, it’s unlikely he would come to the first year classroom just to find you.”

She kept rehashing what Riol had told her at the strategy meeting yesterday.

Who would had known that it would feel this lonely…?

Not long ago in the Glen Territory, they were together from morning till night.

“Well… if we just keep running away, nothing would be solved.”

While straightening his bangs, Riol proclaimed it very coolly. Both of his eyes. His slightly quivering mouth. The jet-black bangs that hung on his face…

“Therefore, Shari, I’ll head there first. All you think about is Riol, anyway.”


Sharina, indulging in her thoughts, was called out by Angelica.

She lifted her face.


At first glance, the classroom was already empty except for the two of them. The lunch break had come to an end, and the students should have returned from the cafeteria…

What exactly happened during the few minutes when she was pondering?

“So you didn’t hear it, after all. We’re going to have an emergency school meeting. We have to head to the hall on the first floor—it was broadcasted not too long ago.”

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