The Returnee Noble Lady Attacks His Majesty the Dragon Emperor Translation

14. The Returnee Noble Lady (13)

“That’s why I said you are my ideal preference.”

“Is that so… I see…”

“This way, we can stay together for about two to three more years without worrying about anything!”

Hadith said such thing with a smile. When she glanced at Rave, he turned away. They didn’t seem to want to divulge the meaning of the previous words.

…it seems that they aren’t lying to me. But they aren’t being completely honest, either. As I thought, there must be a certain prerequisite to the curse, it might be related to why the bride has to be under fourteen years old…

It could merely be a wistful thinking on her part. There was no time, Jill shifted the topic.

“I now understand that Your Majesty has many enemies. How is Your Majesty going to deal with them?”

“Before the sparks develop into something greater, I can just crush them thoroughly—however, I don’t want to fight indiscriminately. As long as they don’t interfere with me, I won’t raise my hand.”

Jill took a deep breath as she relaxed.

Hadith’s principles were almost the same as Jill’s.

“First of all, we need to gather information to actually convict Marquis Veil.”

To Jill, who suddenly stood up, Hadith blinked.

“Hadith-sama is unwell, so please rest at the castle. That way, the other party won’t be alerted, which will make things easier. I’ll take care of the rest.”

“Take care of the rest, you say. Alone? How?”

“I’m actually good at reconnaissance. I also thought that this would happen, so…”

Jill pried off the floorboards and took out a boy attire she had secretly hidden there. A suspender and a small hat. Rave was amazed.

“Oioi, where did those clothes come from?”

Jill pointed to the vent near the ceiling.

“On the first night, I snuck out once and ‘borrowed’ it from a cathedral near the naval port. I feel guilty about it, however, it seems to be a donation rather than someone’s actual belongings…”

“Ah, that’s because they often help children there—wait, ‘good at reconnaissance’? Isn’t Little Lady too formidable—!?”

“Since it was nighttime, I thought it would be an ideal time to gather more intel about my surroundings. Due to just relenting and keeping quiet the entire time I was detained, I think the guards got careless. Other than that, to be honest, the naval port’s security is just lax. By any chance, was that noble’s third son just thrown here on obligatory service rather than for an actual honorable position?”

Hadith nodded in admiration to Jill’s inquiry.

“It’s as you say. The naval port is where the Northern Division is located, but this is still the territory of Marquis Veil. It’s a joint front against Kratos, but the status quo remains in a truce. Amplifying the defense would only be counterproductive.”

“Then, it won’t bring too much public attention if I breakout from here. There’s also a possibility they’ll act like nothing happened to erase the evidence of the blunder. Being a child also works in our favor. Please, leave it to me.”

Hadith frowned.

“You’ve proven to me of your strength, however, it’s still dangerous. If something were to happen—“

“—you’re in an even more dire state than me, Your Majesty. If it’s indeed true that Marquis Veil is planning a rebellion, you’ll likely be cornered by the enemy in no time. Besides, don’t look down on me—I’m your wife.”

Jill, full of courage, stared at Hadith.

“Seeing her husband in dire straits, how can I, the wife, not move—Your Majesty—!?”

Jill rushed to Hadith, who suddenly clenched his chest and staggered.

“What could’ve happened, did your health suddenly take a turn—!?”

“It, it seems so, my heart’s palpitations, it’s so intense, my breath…”

“Then you should hurry and get some rest. I wish I could send you back…”

“I, I’m fine. I can return on my own… at times like this, there’s something I wish to convey to you…”

Hadith’s hands suddenly enveloped Jill’s hands. The furrowing of his eyebrows made him appear to be in pain, as he breathlessly told her.

“As I am now, I want to make as much cake and bread as you want…!!”

“Is that true—!? Then, first of all, please return to good health as soon as possible…!!”

In return, Jill gripped Hadith’s hands and stared straight to his eyes. Rave, who watched the entire scene, narrowed his eyes.

“Somehow, I feel… well, now that the important conversation has been completed, Hadith, you should return quickly. You don’t have much choice in this. If you’re careless, you’ll end up bedridden again. Can you teleport?”

“Ma, maybe…”

Hadith stood up nervously.

But somehow… he didn’t seem pathetic, or so strange, anymore…

I can’t help it… Jill felt as if she was staring at her brother, or a children. I can’t just leave him alone—she thought. She may had sympathized with Hadith’s story regarding his childhood—even more so when she recalled what would happen in the future.

Yes, that’s right. He may be nine years older than me, but in all actuality, if the age of my soul were to be counted, our age gap is just three years. That’s why, I shall close my eyes to this conflict…

She felt somewhat relieved. Then, Jill saw out Hadith with a smile.

***T/N: I love how we are dealing with two different but entirely serious conflicts here: 1.) CAN JILL PREVENT THE WORST FROM HAPPENING!?!?! 2.) IS THAT GUY TRULY NOT A PEDO!??

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