The Returnee Noble Lady Attacks His Majesty the Dragon Emperor Translation

5. The Returnee Noble Lady (4)

Even if it was an emergency, she obviously couldn’t be seen in her sleepwear by a man!? Jill was still a noble lady, after all.

Realizing she was fidgeting, Hadith opened the wardrobe and showed her the contained attires.

“Amongst these, there might be something that you like.”

Amongst them were dresses that fit Jill’s size and shape—ranging from evening dresses to riding clothes.

Hadith excused himself, but not before telling Jill that she could wear anything she liked—

but that isn’t the problem here, right?

In the first place, why does he have these things—!? Could it be, his reason for visiting Kratos, since the beginning, was to kidnap a girl—!? No, I should stop thinking about this—or more like, it’s too scary to even think of it…

…or maybe she just wanted to divert her gaze from the reality; she was the kidnapped girl.

Jill chose a uniform similar to a riding apparel. It might be a military or a knight uniform. Regardless of anything, ease of movement was a priority. She also decided to borrow a pair of leather shoes—fortunately, the size matched.

For the time being, she had successfully escaped from Geraldo. The situation was improving—maybe.

However, there was an underlying question of whether or not the situation would remain as it was.

Geraldo was the prince of Kratos Kingdom. Serious and responsible, he has been involved in national politics since an early age because of his excellent intellect. The quickest way to avoid his marriage proposal was to have a man equal to or better than him as a shield.

Her engagement with Hadith was no more than said shield.

In retrospect, she had come far—

how could this happen!?

Is this a misfortune or I’m just naturally bad with men!?

Or rather, men who ranked best on this continent, there are only perverts—!!

The biggest question was whether or not she could love such a man.

She had to—she wasn’t sure there would be a ‘next time’ if she failed this one.

…well, she could at least try to befriend him, right? She didn’t have the right to say anything unless she tried to get to know him more.

But, the man she had previously loved and admired for a good chunk of her lifetime— whom she thought she knew everything about—turned out to be a twisted psycho…

“…but, no matter how much I think about it, the hurdle for me this time is too high…! Has God forsaken me—!?”

“Can I enter now?”

There was a knocking sound. Jill responded, and in came Hadith bearing a teapot and a cup.

“This is a medicinal drink with a detoxifying effect in it. You should drink it.”

wow. She made the Emperor prepare tea for her. She had just awakened to such fact.

“Umm, if it’s just tea, then I can prepare it by myself!”

“That would be dangerous.”

Jill noticed immediately—

—the table for preparing tea was as high as her neck. It would be a bit difficult to prepare tea.

“Don’t concern yourself with needless facts. Regardless of whether or not I’m an Emperor, we’re still a couple.”

“T, that’s quick… but we still aren’t officially engaged yet, right…?”

“There’s no reason to cement it as soon as possible. Moreover, this is a medicinal drink, and not tea. It will taste a bit bitter, but please endure.”

Then, Hadith extended one of his hands.

From an empty space, a small cake popped out. There were lots of strawberries on the snow white cream frosting. It shone like a jewel.

t, the cake is shining? I’ve never seen anything like this before!

Speaking of which, from the party last night—the timeline is still confusing—no, since she got detained, she hadn’t eaten anything. Remembering that, her belly screamed.

“Actually, I wanted to prepare something a little lighter, but there was only this.”

“T, this is already aplenty, no, this is more than enough! Even if it’s the only thing you have!”

“I prepared it just in case. Therefore, drink.”

Jill’s cheeks were immediately stuffed with cake. Her eyes sparkled.

The cream was sweet, which made the strawberries’ sourness even more enjoyable. The sponge cake was soft and fluffy. The moment she scooped it into her mouth, a sweet fragrance enveloped her mouth. It was simply delicious.

“Does it suit your taste? That’s good, then.”

Hadith sat in front of Jill, who watched her enjoying her food while shaking his head.

…I’m so glad to be alive! That’s right, I’ve never tried any of the Rave Imperial’s cuisine before!

If she became his wife, she might be served with a buffet consisting of Rave Imperial cuisines.

Her inclination to get married with him was as high as her appetite—suddenly, a shadow extended to her face.

“…there’s cream.”

Hadith wiped Jill’s lips with his thumb and proceeded to lick said thumb.

Steam was about to erupt from Jill’s head.

—your partner is underaged, yet you don’t hesitate to advance at all—!!

No, no, that wasn’t important. She should replenish the sugar in her body and regain her vigor!

In the first place, was the Emperor even serious about being engaged with her?

Placing the teacup back in the saucer, Hadith blinked several times then lifted his face.

“I do not understand the meaning of your question. Can you explain it to me more precisely?”

“…I’m still ten years old.”

“Yes, which is ideal.”

She got goose bumps immediately—however, Hadith continued talking in a satisfied manner.

“You’re not even fourteen years old, and yet, you possess such an abundance of magic. This fits the criteria of the ideal woman that I’m looking for.”


“Moreover, your gaze when you said you’re going to marry me—I thought I was dreaming.”


“It’ll be better if you’re two or three years younger… but it’s fine. That would sound very ungrateful of me. It’s fine, my perfect happy family plan won’t be shaken just because of this.”

“I see, so you’re a perverted Emperor who preys on young girls. While I’m the idiot who offered herself to be kidnapped through what she thought was a harmless childish babble.”

She immediately shut her mouth. She had unconsciously said her real thoughts! When the other party is the Emperor! Even if she was a child, what she had just said crossed the line!

…Hadith’s face changed from gentle to slightly frosty.

“…childish babble…?”

“N, no! Uh, that! It’s actually a common hobby amongst the noble, right—!?”

“Do you mean… that your courtship to me was a lie…?”

Wait, that’s what you’re focusing on!?

Hadith was rolling in self-loathing.

“Impossible! For me to be fooled by mere childish babble! Truly unconceivable!”

After Hadith had seriously thought with his hand on his chin, he turned to Jill.

“Let me confirm something, do you have any feelings for me?”

“Um, ummm?”

“Do you or do you not? Which is it, answer already!”

“—to be honest, there are circumstances! I’m sorry, I don’t feel anything towards Your Majesty! The entire courtship is a lie!”

Hadith staggered backwards immediately.


“It’ll be better if you’re two or three years younger…

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