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16.1 The Urgent News of the Tidings

“What is the most prominent difference between modern and ancient magic instruments?”

“Yes! It’s whether or not a magic circle has been attached!”

A few days after receiving the letter, they went about their usual ways. The rainy season was about to end, too.

Sharina was currently being taught by Riol—or, as she would like to call it—‘taking Riol’s class’—such had been her routine since arriving at the Glen territory.

“Correct answer. So why didn’t ancient magic tools have magic circles attached to them?”

“Huh? Because…”

“It’s because ancient magician didn’t need the tool in the first place. They could use magic just fine. This points to the fact that they bore resemblance to monsters. It is said that even though ancient magicians were human, the nature of their beings differed greatly from us of today, modern humans. The magic that only ancient magician could use can now be used by modern magician through said tools.”

“Kyaaaa!!! So cool!!! My hair stood on end the whole time I listened to you!!! Encore!!!”

“Therefore, the magic of modern people is much more limited compared to that of ancient people. Ancient magic could also be conjured on spot while the modern magic needs magic circles to be applied as tools first. Usually, modern magic is only effective within a range and usually goes in a straight line. Unless the caster stays within the magic circle, the magic will be difficult to control—“

—Riol continued the class without regard to his student. His coldness is also cool, though…

“Sharina-chan~ Riol~ why don’t you guys take a break? I baked muffins! Let’s enjoy tea together!”

While they were going through their usual exchange, the door was knocked politely—Mrs. Glen’s voice could be heard.

“O Mother-in-Law, I’m so glad!”

Sharina responded as soon as she could, and stood up.

“I’ve been thinking about it for a while… but why do you refer to my family like that? Something is… —oh, well.

Riol closed his textbook, although remnants of his doubt were still apparent on his face.

“Sharina-chan! Have you finished studying? We’ll be feasting on deer, tonight!”

“Oi, don’t show bloody, raw, meat to a girl, you idiot!”

In addition, the footsteps of two people running along the corridor while retorting could be heard. It seemed that the participants of the tea party increased. Also, tonight, it seemed that she would be having deer hotpot.

Once the rainy season ended, there only a few days left for her to remain in Glen territory—

—such days were over in no time.

“Sharina-chan! Come again! You must absolutely visit us again!”

“As a souvenir, take this bear jerky! You can bring home as much as you want!”

“Stupid bro! A girl doesn’t need that, don’t you have anything more stylish!?”

“Dolly, give up. There’s no such word in my territory.”

“Meeoooow meeoooow~”

It was a morning where the rain fell intermittently. The heavy downpour finally ceased around noon the day prior. The sun shining through the cloud signaled the end of the rainy season.

“Yes! I’d love to! I’ll surely come again! Thank you for all of your kindness!”

The father, the mother, the eldest son, the second son, and the cat—

—as Sharina climbed onto the gondola with Riol and Apollon, the entire member of Glen family sent her off.


“Luce! Wait, don’t try to jump! Hold on to me, it’s dangerous!”

“Take care of him!”

As Riol and the others exchanged greetings, the gondola soared high.


Gigan Eagle was so excited after not flying for a long time, she flapped her wings with a lovely cry. The ground vanished in no time.


“R-Riol! Look as far away as you can! Look at the distant scenery!”

As soon as the gondola flew, Riol’s complexion immediately turned blue as he leaned over. Sharina supported his shoulders.

“Here we go! We shall return immediately, Young Sir! Quick, fly as fast as you can! To the capital city we go!”

“Considering Riol’s condition, let’s take a break on the way, though…”

“I just want to say something cool once in a while, Young Miss.”

I see. He’s excited to fly, too.

“Kyuruppi, you’re as excited as I am, right!?”

“—Kyu! Kyūkyukyūkyurukkyukkyū!”

A joyful cry resounded in the sky as a respond to Apollon’s shout.

Unlike other trainers, Apollon built a bond with his beasts like that of a sibling.

Sharina wondered if that was the reason the vigilant, high prided, beasts favored him.

“…this bird’s name… is Kyuruppi, huh…?”

While looking at the distant view with a blue face, Riol muttered for the first time since their departure.

It was a very cute name befitting its cute cry.

“Thank you so much, Apollon. You were even forced to accompany us for such a long period of time. I’ll ask my father and mother to give you a special bonus.”

“There’s no need! I did nothing, after all.”

“I’m sorry… I’ll surely pay when it’s due, again, I’m sorry for involving you…”

“No! I truly don’t mind! Young Sir should rest immediately! I really don’t mind, I don’t need any kind of special payment!”

It was two days later, in the evening. After a long air travel with some breaks along the way, the two landed on the nostalgic school ground.”

“I’m going to return to the Clydea residence!”

“I see. Convey my greetings to my father and the others.”

As soon as Sharina alighted, the gondola carrying Apollon soared again. This time, the speed was incomparable to the previous one.

“Fly! Fly as fast as the wind!”


As they flew at a speed that couldn’t be matched by human eyes, the cries of one man and one bird could be heard…

“…will he be okay?”

“He will. The gondola has a magic circle to prevent falling. Apollon also has a craze for speed—he would be not okay if the speed is slow, instead…”

“…he lives in a world I will never be able to understand.”

Until the one man and one bird disappeared into a single point, Riol saw them off with an appalled face.

“Let’s return to the dorm immediately.”

“Huh? Yeah…”

A few seconds later, when Sharina tried to step into the dormitory while supporting the wobbly Riol—

“—Shari! Riol! Wait, wait! Thank God, you guys have returned already!”


From the direction of the dormitory, a figure bearing red hair rushed towards them.

“Since I thought that you’d be returning today, I went to the dormitory. That’s when I saw the bird, so I rushed here!”

“I get it, I get it, calm down, Ange…”

She must have had come there right away. Her childhood friend’s hair was pointed in all directions. Her uniform was full of creases while she herself was desperately trying to catch her breath.

“T, this is bad, Riol, Sharina, I want you two to listen calmly…”

“…Ange? What happened?”

“No way… is this related to that party?”

The atmosphere was very unusual—cold sweat drenched Sharina’s back. Riol’s shoulders also stiffened.

This was the first time she saw such an uneasy face adorning the face of her usually confident best friend…

“…but first, let us change places. We don’t know who might be listening to us here. Would it be okay for us to visit Ms. Kirklight’s house? The dormitories don’t allow members of the opposite gender to enter, after all…”

Riol asked calmly, although his face was still blue.

“…yup, that’ll do. I return with a carriage and bring you two to my house.”

Angelica desperately squeezed such words after regaining her breath.

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