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15.2 Welcome to the Glen Territory

Riol had just returned to the room, in his hands were mugs of milk.

“Here, your share.”

“Thank you, I’m sorry for the inconvenience.”

Sharina thanked him while receiving the mug. They weren’t only treated with hospitability at dinner but were also lent some pajamas and some other things.

“I’m glad that my Mother-in-Law, my Father-in-Law, and my Brother-in-Laws are doing very well and seem very happy…”

“No, they’re just excited at the fact that I brought a girl home. Honestly, they would gladly welcome you under any kind of circumstance…”

Sitting on the bed, Riol took a sip of his warm milk.

“I already told you, didn’t I? Protecting you is for my own benefit. Therefore, you didn’t lie when you said you lent me the Gigan Eagle to carry me home. Don’t concern yourself too much over it.”


“I doubt that idiot prince wouldn’t try anything ridiculous at the party… for now, we’re able to avoid the worst case scenario of That inviting you to dance in front of the Rose Garden.”

“Eh? Since we are already here, aren’t we safe? Even if That decided to do anything, he can’t reach us, right?”

“Un… however, what if he refuses to dance with anyone else and suddenly mentions your name?”

Sharina could already picture such a scene—

“—Fun. I’m tired of listening to all of your flatteries—dance, you say? Don’t just decide without my permission. The only hand I would take to dance will be that Cat’s—Sharina Clydea’s.”

She could vividly imagine Prince Leonarcissist proclaiming so. Such an image brought her intense goose bumps.

“…no, if it’s only such an extent, people might see it as another way for that Prince to decline others’ dance invitations. After all, that Prince is already used to smearing his fiancé candidates’ reputations. At most, those who would suffer the consequences would be in his surroundings.”

Even the warmness of the hot milk was ruined by the talk regarding that Prince Leonarcissist.

“I wish we had a way to know whether or not something happened at the party. When That is involved, anything could happen, after all…”

“A servant might be able to fulfil such a task, but…”

Sharina again pictured how that would end up—

“—an unfamiliar looking woman!” “So that girl went against my advice, again…”

and pictured Edward, the attendant, along with Rosalind, the fiancé candidate.

Why does everyone around this Prince think that when anything happens, it absolutely has something to do with me!?

Although it was just how she expected things would develop, she was sure reality wouldn’t be that far off.

“On to another topic, since we will be absent from school for two weeks, we should study every day to keep up with our classes. Even if our departments are different, some of the lectures should be the same, I might be able to teach you.”

“Yes! Gladly!”

That was right, starting from today, she could spend time with Riol—moreover, in his own house! It was no exaggeration to say that this was the best vacation ever.

That opportunity was given by none other than her friends and some unpleasant people in her life—Sharina smiled joyfully.

—a few days later.

“Sharina-chan, are you awake? I received a letter from Sharina’s parents and friends, I think it’s quite serious since it got sent to our house…”

“Oh, yes! I’m up! Good morning, Mother-in-Law!”

On a certain morning after she had arrived at the Glen territory, there was a sound of knocking within the room where Sharina stayed. It came much earlier than the usual breakfast time.

“You are awake~ yes, this is indeed a letter addressed to you, Sharina-chan. I’m sorry for waking you up so early in the morning. I thought that if it wasn’t serious, it would be sent to your dorm, instead. But such isn’t the case here… it was even delivered through the fastest mailing service. As such, I want to directly give it to you.”

“I’m sorry for the inconvenience, thank you very much.”

it arrived.

As expected, the letter informed her of Leonardo’s invitation to his coming of age party.

In order not to reveal the upheaval of her heart, Sharina pretended to just be happy. She also expressed guilt for all the trouble Riol’s mother had to go through to give her that letter.

“Well then, see you at breakfast. Today we are having pancakes and garden-raised berry jam~”

“Wah! I’m looking forward to it!”

By the way, the reason Mrs. Glen woke up so early in the morning and knew the breakfast menu was because she was the one responsible for cooking breakfast for the entire family.

There were no servants in the Glen Family, only one laundry service maid. She heard on the first day she arrived that the household chores were shared by the family.

“Just leave the dishes to me!”

“That’s a great help~ the men in our family are all ridiculously strong except Riol, hence, they always break something …sorry for letting our guest do this.”

“No, I would feel worse if I didn’t do anything at all!”

“You’re a really good girl, Sharina! Thanks again~”

Turning around, Mrs. Glen’s long skirt fluttered. She left while waving her hand. In response, Sharina bowed and afterwards, returned to her room.

She held two letters—both were supposed to be light, and yet to her, they felt heavy.

“—ara, one of them is from Ange.”

She calmed her nerves down and sat in the room. She put away the letter from her parents, already knowing its contents, and focus on other one.

The name of her best friend was indeed written there—Angelica Kirklight.

“I wonder what happened…”

Having arrived today also meant that Angelica sent the letter as soon as Sharina departed. Did something happen after that attendant’s sudden intrusion?


She opened the seal with a feeling of urgency and took out the paper inside. Since they no longer used formal, seasonal greetings, or anything similar, the main subject was revealed on the first line—


She stood up with the letter in one hand and leapt out of the room. She went to the room right next to her’s—Riol’s. He always woke up early to study.

“What? Did something happen?”

She wondered if he could hear her voice. Prior to knocking, Riol had already opened his door. He also had changed out of his nightclothes.

“Look at this letter! It’s from Ange!”

She presented the letter to Riol.

‘—I’ve also received an invitation to His Highness Leonardo’s party! Actually, my dad used all sorts of connections for me to receive it. Immediately after Sharina had departed, my dad informed me of the surprise. It would also count as one of my birthday presents—along with some of the finest dresses. Well, I no longer yearn for him, of course. But let me keep an eye on His Highness for you, Sharina!

…not like I would be able to do anything other than that, though. But rest assured, when something happens, I’ll tell Riol everything! Leave the information gathering to me, hopefully, you can reach a solution!’

…it was only last week when they pondered if they had some way to monitor the party.

“Isn’t that great news. Talking to Ms. Kirklight regarding the entire problem proved to be a good idea.”


Now they would be able to learn of all the details without attending the party. That alone didn’t change the situation overall, but, if they knew them, they could prepare much better future responses.

Thank you very much, Ange!!!

“I’m sorry for being so loud this early in the morning.”

“It’s okay, since I’m awake, already. We must visit Ms. Kirklight as soon as we get home.”

It felt so reassuring they had an ally—remembering their headstrong, red-haired, friend, the countenances of Sharina and Riol relaxed considerably.

***T/N: …for a moment there, I was super scared Angela reverted back to being Leonarcisistholic. 

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