The Noble Girl Who Finds a Nerdy and Plain Guy Moe Thinks that the Arrogant Prince is in the Way Translation

13.2 Advice from Ice Brother-in-Law

“Forgive me for the sudden visit. Thank you for agreeing to see me. I wish to talk to Ms. Sharina Clydea.”

A few minutes after Maid Jane had left the room, Leonardo’s attendant and Rosalind’s brother-in-law—Edward Ariarose, appeared in the drawing room.

“Yes, Sharina is indeed here. Sir Edward can sit here.”

“Eh, but, I just want to talk to Ms. Sharina Clydea—…”

You can sit here.


After all that was said, he still couldn’t ignore the fact that Angelica was the house owner.

Sharina, whom had been briefed of the plan, finally comprehended everything.

Rushing into their tea party was already rude enough, but usually this man named Edward—also That’s attendant—wouldn’t do this kind of thing by himself.

Edward certainly deserved death when he seized Riol on the terrace that night, but it was under Leonardo’s direct command.

“What is it that you want to talk about?”

If this was an order from Leonardo, then he would’ve mentioned it since the start. Talking in school should be enough.

The fact that he did neither of those proved that it was something that shouldn’t be mentioned in school, or something that Leonardo should be aware of, but had to be so urgently communicated, he went all the way here.

“…one of the reasons is that His Highness’ jest has, indeed, gotten a little bit out of hand. I’ll admit that I’ve indeed been negligible, and His Highness is somewhat of untoward.”

After some roundabout statements, Edward finally started talking.

“…but, how am I supposed to take your side if you too, get swayed by his words that easily?”

“No, I never did that. I always refuse him.”


Edward Ariarose, a servant, dared to scold Sharina.

Sharina clenched her fists tightly on both knees.

“—are you prepared to be a princess?”


Déjà vu. This is nothing but déjà vu.

As expected, the siblings were very similar.

“This isn’t a children’s picture book, this is reality! You can’t just look at the gorgeous part of the surface! You can’t only see what you want to see! Reality isn’t as dazzling as you think it is! You truly didn’t think that by just being able to make sandwiches, you would be able to govern a kingdom, right?”


“Even if His Highness is attracted to your randomness, it can be said that your ‘randomness’ is also your sole virtue! Hence, once he becomes more familiar with you, you’ll stop being random, and be predictable, instead! In the end, you’ll become worthless!”

I see it now.

‘Don’t listen to other people’ isn’t only incorporated in the curriculum of the princess education, but also the attendant education.

“Ms. Clydea, I don’t care for how many excuses you spout! It’s meaningless if you don’t take action! Which I know in your heart you aren’t willing to do!”


Edward slammed his fist against the table.

“This is a warning—never get close to His Highness again.”

Aren’t you forgetting that this is the table of someone else’s house that was forced to welcome you in?

“…In short, you came here just to pester us?”

While Sharina was fumbling for the correct words, Riol, sitting beside her, uttered calmly;

“This is a separate house from the Kirklight Family. We were invited by Angela Kirklight, the house owner, to the deepening of our friendship. You, on the other hand, came without prior agreement. Not only that, you’ve also behaved rudely to Ms. Angelica’s guest, Ms. Sharina Clydea, which is akin to being rude to Ms. Angelica herself—and here we thought you had something serious to say…”


Riol was indeed correct.

There was no need to take that guy’s words seriously until he had at least fixed his attitude towards both the house owner and her guests.

“B-but! This is indeed very serious! This is a problem that must be taken care of as soon as possible! Even though His Highness is very forgiving, it’s no exaggeration to say that Ms. Clydea’s attitude towards him is approaching disrespect!”

“The way you advised her, who ‘disrespect’ His Highness, was anything but respectful. Did you forget that she is still a noble lady?”



Edward slammed his fist against the table again, this time, it rhymed with regret.

Oi, don’t forget that this table belongs to the Kirklight Family, you attendant.

“Please tell us the real reason you came all the way here today. There must be a reason, right?”

Riol inquired the uninvited guest with confidence.

“—on the next week…”

Riol, Sharina, and Angelica focused at him. The man, exposed to six eyes, finally continued.

“—on the next week, His Highness’ coming of age party will be celebrated at the Royal Castle.”

Riol and Angelica gasped.

Sharina didn’t understand, but parroted them, and gasped.

“The party invitation will arrive at Ms. Clydea’s residency as early as tomorrow night or the day after tomorrow. Of course, the invitations had been issued since long ago, but His Highness suddenly ordered another one to be sent to the Clydea Family.”


Leonardo’s coming of age celebration. The grandest party in the kingdom. However, the wording instead reminded her of maid Gabriella’s side hobbies—“—collecting wild grasses a day before payday every month~’

…that sounds interesting?

“I heard that your house has a delivery method different from other houses. As soon as your house receives the invitation from His Highness, you should be informed already.”

“I see, in other words, you want her to turn it down.”

“—to the wild grass party??” Sharina muttered unconsciously.


“Huh? Am I wrong? Am I that outdated?”

talking about wild grasses, Gabriella used to pick dandelions from the roadside. Dandelions are edible. For some reason, I’m feeling very nostalgic.

“…I’m not one to be amazed at your randomness.”

“That’s fine? But then, why? I’m sorry for all the inconveniences that you have to go through, but turning down the invitation from His Highness won’t be that easy, you know?”

Riol resumed the flow of conversation with insane coolness. It even made eating dandelions cool-sounding by proxy. Who said wild grass parties were outdated, again?

“—however, it would be a different story if the next successor of the Ariarose were to stop it. You’re His Highness’ trusty attendant, I’m sure you could convince him to cancel the invitation.”

“—our talk is over. Excuse me.”

Neither denial nor affirmation.

Maybe it was because he also couldn’t do anything on his side.


He struck the table with bitter regret, and stood with distorted face.

…So, how many times do you need to hit someone else’s house table until you’re satisfied?

“I see. Well, then.”

“The door is right over there, Edward.”

Angelica pointed to the door with her finger.

No one stood up to see him off. Angelica was the house owner, but Edward wasn’t her guest. There was no reason to answer to his rudeness with hospitality. Neither Sharina nor Riol were obliged to do the same.

Just like when he came, Edward left with a big stride.

“What was that!? It’s worse than I thought!?”

“He’s certainly like his sister…”

“Exactly! Riol is really cool!”

Beyond the door, his departing footsteps couldn’t be heard anymore.

“We could barely utter a word… and Shari and Riol have been confronting such people all this time?”

“No matter how much I think about it, he hit the table too often. Are there any dents?”

“Yes! But Riol’s appearance as he questioned him was also very cool!”

Between the three impressions, there was one that didn’t match with others…

***T/N: Oh wow, feck this guy. He’s by far the rudest out of all in terms of speaking. And, oh wow, I never thought being a translator also entails articulating someone’s rythmic slam towards the table. I NEVER THOUGHT I WOULD BE ARTICULATING TABLE SLAM IN GENERAL, WHAT’S NEXT, ARTICULATING BIRDS!?

and someone said Sharina isn’t brave to speak up and voice her opinions….

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