The Returnee Noble Lady Attacks His Majesty the Dragon Emperor Translation

1.2 The Battle Maiden is a Returnee

“If you kept believing in me blindly, you would’ve been happy…”


Geraldo managed to avoid Jill’s slash.

As expected of her ex-fiance, who called himself the patron god of the royal city.

The pupils behind the glasses shone slightly, and Gerald’s magical power transformed into a black spear.

It was a holy spear of the goddess that was handed down to the King of Kratos.

That weapon shouldn’t be a match for anyone—

—but she was different. She was the ‘Battle Maiden’, who went back and forth from one war to another just for the sake of that man.

…don’t look down on me—!

With all her magical power focused on one point, she evaded the Prince’s spear. She went through the corridor. She could hear Geraldo clicking his tongue as she climbed the highest wall.

She lowered her gaze. Below was a never-ending darkness, a bottomless cliff.

However, there should’ve been a forest full of fir trees. It was snowing hard. This might yield a favorable outcome, yet, even if she were to survive, she might freeze to death—

—but still.

“Jill—! What do you think you are—“

“Don’t get me wrong, Your Majesty. You didn’t throw me away.”

At least there’s a possibility of surviving.

“I’m the one who’s throwing you away.”

The high-heeled military boots she wore for the sake of being feminine as Geraldo’s fiancé kicked the floor.

“Archer—! Don’t let her escape—! Is the gun ready—!?”

A barrage of arrows began to fall.

It turned out that the arrow that grazed her shoulder was poisoned. She found her fingertips numbing, but she only laughed in response. Countless muzzles erupted from the top of the walls. She deflected them all with the little amount of magic she had left.

However, there was something else that was thrown past the walls of magical power and was aiming for Jill—

—a Black Spear.

The Holy Spear of the Goddess—as she got pierced in the chest, she realized Geraldo actually meant to get rid of her—then, she laughed dauntlessly.

…so… I lose?

Her palms were burning due to the discharge of magic. She could hear a blast.

The freezing wind—her magic—her tears—

—everything evaporated.

I’m defeated… Am I defeated?

She wanted to clench her teeth and stared back fearless, but she discovered that her vision was fading.

Her magical power was fading—

—and so was her life.

…if only I didn’t become that man’s fiancé…


My life is flashing before my eyes… I don’t want to see it—but it won’t stop.

When I was ten years old, if I didn’t get engaged at that time, I would’ve been fighting for my own hometown… I might fall in love with a strong, but gentle, man, and enjoy an ordinary girl-like event…

…I could have even eat a lot of my favorite sweets and rice—ah, but that’s probably not important.

My point is, if I didn’t get proposed to on that day, my life would’ve been different.

Who would’ve thought I would end up this way after battling life and death just for the sake of my beloved…


—if there even is a next time, I wouldn’t be taken advantage of.


“What’s wrong, Jill? Jill?”


Jill blinked.

There were no skies with falling snow. There was no bloodied ground. In her vision was a world opposite of that.

“What, are you nervous?”

“So, even someone like Jill can get nervous, huh?! Well, it’s the first time for you to attend such a grand party in the royal capital! I’m also dazzled, myself. It’s as if I’m dreaming—!”

“After all, it’s Prince Gerald’s fifteenth birthday celebration! What’s more, he’s going to choose his fiancé at this party. The King might be recruiting subordinates, too.”

Listening to her surroundings, Jill was stunned.

father and mother.

Aren’t they supposed to be dead?

However, her mother squeezed her hand a little, proving once and for all that she wasn’t dreaming.

“What if you get chosen, Jill?”

“Eh, uh, what?”

“To be Prince Geraldo’s fiancé. You might not be skilled at embroidery, singing, or cooking, but you will surely grow to be a beautiful woman.”

My parents were joking and laughing, and I should be, too—

—that was right, I remembered.

Now that they were invited to the party, a double door that extended to the ceiling had opened. Someone announced the arrival of Marquis Saber and his daughter. Behind that door was—

no way.

A dance floor made of marble. Numerous chandeliers hanging from the atrium ceiling, the floor reflected their sparkles.

Two majestic colored stairs paralleled each other—both leading to the second floor. Gorgeous music was played by the orchestra.

Silver tableware was neatly arranged on a pure white table. There were fruits in the bowls.

Noble ladies dressed with bright colors resembling flowers danced, followed by the swirling of fire from the candlestick, making the entire scene surreal.

I have seen this dreamy world before.

…no way, this couldn’t be happening.

Suddenly, she noticed her reflection on the window. The glass had been polished perfectly, her reflection was without any cloudiness.

There was a girl wearing a light pink dress with her hair tied up to her waist with large flower decoration. Purple eyes that went wide. She looked about ten years old.

No, maybe she was ten years old. That time when she still didn’t know love.

“His Majesty Prince Geraldo De Kratos has arrived!”

She remembered gazing at him, whom was surrounded by crowds.

She remembered her excitement at seeing the Prince in person for the first time ever.


Their eyes met, again.

The clock tower to the Castle of Kratos rang, once again signaling midnight.


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