Translation We Dwell at the Base of the Dragon’s Peak

47.1 Thinking About it, Stuffed Animals are not Souvenirs

We leave the restaurant once we’re full. The in is only a short walk away. Somehow, I end up carrying the stuffed animals we bought before our meal. Ristia often complains about how he has the carry the bags whenever he goes shopping with his wives. With this, I now understand his feelings.

The emptyhanded girls are completely at ease as they site see. Priscilla-chan, having had her belly filled at the restaurant according to Mistral plan, doesn’t react to the sweet aromas wafting from the storefront anymore.

People are walking back and forth, and various products line storefronts. As we walk around, we see street performers here and there. I am surprised at how lively everything is, especially considering there is no festival going on and it’s a weekday.

Thinking about it, I’ve never gone out at night in the capital, so I don’t know how it’s like there at night. Does it become bustling like this every night too? Knowing there’s a world I don’t know close to me give me a fresh feeling.

I wonder what is Ruiseine doing around now? She said that temple life is temple strict, so she might have already prayed and gone to sleep. I want to walk around with Ruiseine too together with everyone next time.

Afterwards, we go to various places. Once Priscilla-chan starts to get tired, we return to the inn. The moment we enter our room, Priscilla-chan immediately undresses.

“Bath, bath~”
Awawa, you can take a bath, but you can’t undress in a place like this!”

I catch Priscilla-chan in a fluster, but she is already naked.

“Ernea, what are you doing?”

Mistral’s cold gaze pierces my back.

“N-no, this is a misunderstanding…!”

This is really a misunderstanding! I hurriedly give my excuse while still embracing the naked Priscilla-chan.

“That’s not an excuse.”

Mistral gives a wry smile.

“Then, since it can’t be helped, we’ll enter the bath first.”
Nnmtto, onii-chan can enter with us.”
“That’s not allowed. Absolutely not.”

I can only make a dry laugh at Mistral’s resolute denial.

Nyan will enter with onii-chan, nyan~
“Ah, not fair!”

Priscilla-chan sulks at Nymia who flies away from her, hata hata, and jumps on my head.

“In that case, I’ll leave Nymia to you.”

Mistral, with those words, takes Priscilla-chan from me and enter the bathroom.

Each room in this inn is furnished with a bathroom. Most inns in the vice capital are like this. There are cheaper inns with shared baths or even no baths, but since the temple is paying this time, we choose an average inn.

Priscilla-chan was sulking just earlier, but I now hear joyful laughing coming from the bathroom.

Well, I’ll just arrange the luggage for now. Since Priscilla-chan took off her clothes as soon as we entered the room, I tossed aside the stuffed animals I was holding. Now that I am looking for them, I discover that they’ve been placed in the corner of the room together with the luggage.

Ah, Mistral took care of it.

Well then, there’s nothing for me to do. I sit on the couch beside the window and play with Nymia as I wait for Mistral and Priscilla-chan to finish bathing.

“Sorry for the wait.”

Mistral comes out of the bathroom while drying her hair. I can gorgeous pink flushed skin through the gaps of her sleepwear. The sexiness shocks me.

Nnmtto, Priscilla will take a bath again with onii-chan!
“Hey now, you can’t.”

Mistral franticly stops Priscilla-chan as she goes to take off her sleepwear.

“Ahaha, let’s take the bath together next time, okay?”
Ehhh, we can just do it now.”

Why does she want to take a bath together with me so much? Mistral and I laugh.

“Well then, I’ll brush your hair, so come here.”

Mistral pulls Priscilla-chan out of the bathroom. I wave to her as I enter. Of course, Nymia also enters cutely walking, teko teko, at my feet.

Then, while I am taking off my clothes, Mistral’s properly folded clothes enter my sight. I’m startled. Those are the clothes Mistral was just wearing.

“If you touch Mist onee-chan‘s underwear there, you will a complete pervert, nyan~”

Nihihi, Nymia smiles.

“I-I won’t do such a thing!”

I blush as I remove my gaze and then continue to undress.

The bathroom is full of steam, having just been used by Mistral and Priscilla-chan. A sweet smell also tickles my nose.

Although Mistral always smells good, adding the scent of soap creates a very fascinating aroma. A bath where a woman just finished bathing has a wonderful smell. I unconsciously breath in deep.

“Ernea-onii-chan has taken his first step on the road of being a pervert, nya.”
“W-what are you saying?”

I’m not a pervert. In revenge, I lather Nymia in soap.


Except, Nymia closes her eyes in comfort, surrendering herself to me.

“This? This feels good?”

Nymia’s fluffy fur is covered in bubbles. Ahre? The fur on her tail is incredibly long. The main part is only about as long as her body.

Nyan, mom’s is even longer, nyan~”
Hee, even though Nymia’s is about twice as long as your own body, it can be even longer?”
Uuu, I don’t want to remember anything about Mom, nyan~”
“What happened in your home back then anyway?”

Nymia shakes her head in refusal as I laugh. I wonder what the heck happened.

Even though Nymia has already been alive for about a hundred years, she is still a toddler as an ancient dragon according to Old Sleightar. For such a little kid to choose to run away from her home, something big must’ve happened.

While Nymia should be able to read my thoughts, her mouth remains sealed. I don’t think pressing her for an answer would be good, so I washing my body and enter the bathtub with her.

Uhehe, this is the hot water Mistral was just using.

“Your nose is hanging, nyan~”
Gununu, keep this as a secret.”

If Mistral finds out, she’ll absolutely come to hate me.

“For one favor, nyan~”

Gwah, Nymia grabbed a weak point of mine. I blow bubbles as I sink down into the hot water. Nymia happily swims around above my submerged self. Then, ten minute later, having warmed up, we get out of the bath.

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