Translation We Dwell at the Base of the Dragon’s Peak

45.1 Ruiseine’s Spirit

Hello, I am Ruiseine Nefer.

I should have been going to the vice-capital with Ernea-kun for an errand, but troublesome circumstances happened. In retrospect, this all started a few days before the errand even began.

“Ruiseineー You have been getting along with Erneacchi recently, ehー”

“My, my, well, well, what are you saying all of a sudden, Inea?”

Fufufu, it’s useless to play dumb. All of us can clearly see it.


My face heated up. Certainly, I had been talking a lot with him recently, but it was because Ernea-kun is really cute…

“It’s love, eh~”

“It’s love, huhー”

Su- such a thing…
I was just getting along with Ernea-kun. How did Kiri and Inea misunderstand that?

Fufufu. When we hit the bullseye, Ruiseine will become bashful.”

“W-what do you mean by bashful?”

“Your ears are redー”

What? What are these two trying to do to me all of a sudden?

“It can’t be helped, rightー We are Ruiseine’s friends, after all. We have to support you hereー”

“Support what?”

I couldn’t understand anything Inea was saying.

“We are going to go on an adventure with Ristia starting tomorrow.”

“That・is・why. We won’t be able to go on Ruiseine’s errandー”

“Because of that, Ruiseine, please invite Ernea to accompany you on your errand.”


“I already got the permission from Yashura-sama, the shrine maiden headー”

Kiri and Inea were so forceful. I was pulled onto their overbearing conspiracy.

Regardless, I couldn’t go on this errand alone. It couldn’t be helped, I decided to speak out to Ernea-kun. Will he be willing to go to the vice-capital with someone like me? Won’t I be troubling him?

“This is a good opportunityー”
“That’s right. Two people on a six-day round trip are bound to get intimate.”

With Kiri and Inea pushed me from behind and giving me their troublesome suggestions, I ended up inviting Ernea-kun. T-this thoroughness is nothing more than Kiri and Ineas’ scheme. It’s not a long cherish goal, or so I told myself.

And then, Ernea-kun surprised me by readily agreeing. He such a good child. I coerced him a bit by using his secret from the ruins. Kiri and Inea are a bad influence on me. I’m not doing this of my will.

Thus, early in the morning of the appointed day, Ernea-kun and I met at the appointed Arc de Triomphe.

I asked, “Why at the Arc de Triomphe, not the temple?”

“We told the shrine maiden head-sama that you will travel together with a great female adventurerー”
“As can be expected, even if the boy is a classmate, getting permission to travel together is still doubtful.”

As such, if Ernea-kun came to the temple, their lies would get revealed.

When I arrived at the Arc de Triomphe, Elnea was already their waiting for me. He greeted me with a waving hand and a precious smile. I gave him a perfect score.

However, a shocking truth got revealed afterwards that made me faint.


It happened shortly after our departure.

Right when I thought a mother and daughter were resting together ahead in the shade of a tree, the daughter suddenly ran towards Ernea-kun while calling out that word.

What does this mean!?


Afterwards, the little girl ran towards the beautiful woman who seemed to be her mother.

Eh, ehh?
What is this?


The little girl again ran up to Ernea-kun and hugged him tightly.

I couldn’t comprehend was is what, and for some reason screamed out.

Apparently, this also shocked Ernea-kun. However, he seemed to be acquainted with the woman and the little girl. Then, upon hearing who these people are, I collapsed.

For how long have I been unconsciousness?

When I woke up, I found myself lying on a bench in the rest area.

Something wrong surely must have happened. With those thoughts, I once more confirmed my situation and ended up fainting again.

Ernea-kun, you idioooot.
I cried out in my heart as my consciousness slipped away.

“I’m sorry, but there are reasons for this.”

When I regained my consciousness, I learned that the woman was worrying about me. Even though we were of the same sex, I found her very beautiful. She then told me the circumstances, gave me her name, and also introduced the little girl.

The little girl had a cute name, Priscilla-chan. She was very lively and cheerful, jumping around happily with a kitten while we walked. The kitten-chan seemed to be called Nymia-chan. She wore a dragon costume that matched with Priscilla-chan’s fluffy hat. They were so cute. Priscilla-chan and Nymia-chan are watched with gentle eyes by Mistral-san who walked next to me.

Mistral-san’s beauty was truly charming. Furthermore, she was also a very kind woman. Not only did she politely expressed her apology to me for suddenly coming to travel with us, she also looked after me while I was unconscious. When I asked her, she told me she’s is seventeen years old. Even though we are the same age, she is very composed and mature person.

I was able to feel some relief upon learning the circumstances between Ernea-kun and Mistral-san. Then, without my realizing it, I was already in a conversation with Mistral-san. Still, the fact that they are engaged was the truth. Somehow, I feel like there is a gaping hole in my heart.

Later, a small issue arose during lunch. I was able to see Mistral-san’s strong side. Afterwards, the rest of the first day passed with our being chased by the highway patrolmen.

I received a lesson. I shouldn’t ever anger Mistral-san no matter what.

It had been a tough day, but we somehow manage to safely get an inn. All of us sharing a single, large, room with Ernea-kun was a little embarrassing, but that is just a trifling issue.

Thus, I believe my fate was decided that night.

We girls left Ernea-kun behind and entered the bath. Right away, I was surprised by Priscilla-chan’s ears. Appearing from underneath her fluffy hat were cute, long, drooping, ears.

I was so surprised that I screamed.

Then came more.

I took off Nymia-chan’s fancy costume and saw that she has a pair of round horns like those from a lovely sheep. Also, for some reason, the wings on her back can’t be removed.

Nnmtto, Nymia is a dragon!”

Priscilla-chan innocently said that, but that was about to make me collapse again.

Eeeehhh, a dragon?
A real one?

While I’m flustered and confused, Mistral-san gives me the final blow. “Priscilla-chan is from the Long-Eared Tribe. Sorry for not telling you.”

Eeehhhh!? That legendary Long-Eared Tribe?

I couldn’t believe it. I stared at Nymia-chan and Priscilla-chan.

Priscilla-chan, who seemed to be happy upon getting naked, ran around with her long, drooping, ears. Furthermore, Nymia-chan flapped the wings on her back and chased Priscilla-chan.

“I’ll explain everything, so let’s talk about the details in the bath.”

Mistral-san also took off her clothes and invited me to the bathroom.

My, my, well, well, Ernea-kun, just what kind of acquaintances do you have?

Although I was overwhelmed, Priscilla-chan took my hand and pulled me into the bathroom.

Inside, Mistral-san skillfully cleaned Priscilla-chan. Priscilla-chan imitated her and lathered Nymia-chan with bubbles. Nymia-chan didn’t seem like she disliked the action and obediently allowed herself to be scrubbed.

This left a deep impression on me. None of these people are family, they aren’t even of the same race, yet they got along quite harmoniously.

I too cleansed my body before entering the bathtub. Afterwards, everyone got in together.

In the temple, we all bath together in a large bath. This one wasn’t as large, but having skin contact with others in a not-so-large bathtub felt quite comfortable.

Within the bath, Mistral-san explained about herself, Priscilla-chan, and Nymia-chan. By no means would I have thought that Mistral-san herself wasn’t from the human tribe.

My, my, well, well, Ernea-kun, just what kind of incredible things have you been up to? Perhaps, you’re doing something even more amazing than Yuusha Ristia.

Did we talk too long? Priscilla-chan said that she felt hot, and abruptly disappeared before our eyes.

What just happened? The suddenness left me astonished.

A noise then came from outside.


I jumped out of the bathtub.

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