I, a Witch, am Requested by My Crush to Make Him Love Potion Translation

29.1 The Witch, the Knight, and the Love Potion (2)

“F-for now, release me, please.”

Maybe if he separates himself from me, he’ll be able to calm down—is what Roze thinks.

However, towards her notion, Harij shakes his head.

“Believe me, If I could, I would. I’ve tried many times—yet, I’m unable.”

…Did he accidentally eat a superglue, instead???

Roze is immediately thrown into the same dilemma as Harij—it’s as if their hearts have become one.

While still embracing the stupefied Roze, Harij whispers, passion drips from his husky voice—

“—more importantly; Harij, say it.”

“Impossible, it’s impossible!”

“Please, only until the potion’s effect subsides…”

While he’s still under the effect of the potion, he wants her to call his name, he say—

well, that’s easy for you to say.

It doesn’t matter whether or not he took the potion by mistake—after the effect subsides, the memories would still remain.

In her heart, Roze wants to grant Harij’s wish. She wants to keep calling his name. But, her lips refuse to move.

His kindness up until now, and his warmth that’s currently enveloping her—Roze’s heart falters.


He breathlessly pleads, sounding truly fragile.

His weak voice almost convinces Roze that Harij would die if she doesn’t utter his name.

Harij’s fingertips, which are holding Roze, are tense—conveying his nervousness.


“Then… Harij-sama.


Harij draws her closer.

Now, not only are they hugging, their foreheads also overlap. It feels like there’s electricity running through the place she touches.

Roze’s cheeks flush red in an instant, Harij’s feverish gaze is melting her.

They’re now at a distance where their noses touch—Roze closes her eyes tightly.

“—Roze, that is no good.”

Roze, unsure of what’s wrong, opens her eyes and stares at Harij.

Harij’s eyes are glimmering with passion—he narrows his eyes and peers at Roze.

His eyes alone tell how much he wants Roze.

As he stares at Roze, Harij whispers in pain.

His entire body is excluding a sexual appeal Roze can barely withstand—

“—please keep your eyes open, at least until the effect subsides…”

“I… understand.” Roze answers. She has to squeeze her voice out, in an effort that feels like it would break her neck.

Nevertheless, his face stays where it is—still too close…

Roze has to muster all her strength to divert her gaze away.

“If you escape, I’ll pursue you.”

“Do you have something against me—!?” Crying out, Roze extends both her hands to push Harij as far away from her as possible.

However, she only manages to create a little gap because he has already firmly grasp both her cheeks.

Roze is in tears as she tries to pry herself away from Harij. That’s when Roze notices that someone is behind the window—

—their eyes meet.

…there are three children there.

They are the children who previously threw mud balls at Roze and also brought home her roasted potatoes.

They must’ve rode the boat. The boat that was left in the forest when Safina returned.

…maybe they march all the way there because they were sure the Witch is alone.

They are tightly holding on to the window. Three pairs of eyes bore a hole into Roze.

At Roze’s glance, the children scatter away.

Roze, regaining her sense, begins to rampage.

“W-what do they think they are doing—!? Those scummy little insects—!! They’re stupid—!! Stupiiid—!!!”


’Cute’ my ass—!! I was seen by children, dammit—!! Now they’ll brand me as some kind of a loose woman—!!”

“I’ll properly take responsibility.”

“You’re an idiot—!! You’re only saying this now because you’re still under the potion’s effect—!! The reason you did this, the reason you said that—those were all not out of your OWN goddamn will—!!!”

She’s so upset, her heart feels like it’s being torn to pieces.

Roze was almost kissed by her unrequited love, was said to be cute, was hugged, was then seen by others—after her incessant ramblings, it’s as if Roze has lost all her energy.

“Hu, Huwaaaaaaa—….”

—before she notices it, she’s already sobbing like a child. From her deep forest colored eyes, tears spill endlessly.

“Uuh, uee… ee…”

“Please, I’ll do anything you say. Tell me whatever you wish for—just please, I beg of you, stop crying.”

Harij seems truly upset when he sees Roze crying. He puts his hands on her shoulders, and stares straight into her face.

Roze only sobs more, her nose becomes runny.

“Regain your senses, right at this second…!”

“I’m perfectly stable.”

Roze cries while burying her face in her sleeves.

—there’s no way he’s stable! He’s like those drunk people that claim they aren’t drunk!

“Then… release me!” Her throat is sore.

Harij seems to have to muster quite some strength before he can do as she said. His eyebrows frown as he exhales, before slowly pulling his hands away from her shoulders—

—and envelops Roze in his arms again.

“…At least I tried.”

“You said you’ll do anything for me—!! Which part of this is releasing me—!? Try harder—?!”

“That’s my limit.”

Her grandmother had never mentioned such strange side effects.

***T/N: BWAHAHAHA It’s our long awaited fluff chapter yet I can’t stop laughing–! Tis’ fluff is a tickling fluff and not a melting fluff MY SIDES HURT. Yeah Roze, thats what happen when a prim and proper Knight accidentally chugged a superglue love potion. He sticks to you like a papa bear.

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