I, a Witch, am Requested by My Crush to Make Him Love Potion Translation

28.2 The Witch, the Knight, and the Love Potion

The eyes staring straight at Roze are both moist and feverish. Roze has no courage to return his gaze, but is also forbidden from turning away.

“…Mr. Custo—“

“—I said, call me Harij.”

The cheeks which are touched by his palms are numb.

Harij, who’s staring at the dazed Roze, gently leans his head.

For a moment, Roze feels like her own head is missing.

With widened eyes, Roze can only watches as the handsome face approaches—

—then, her lips are touched—

—by none other than Harij’s hand.


…it feels like we’ve done this before?

When Roze stays silent, the coarse palm, which is also the last barrier, is gently removed.

“This is not good…”

“I, do understand what you’re currently going through.”

Harij buries his face on Roze’s shoulder, uttering a low growl.

The spilled tea was none other than what Roze was drinking. It seems that when the cup fell, some drops enter Harij’s eyes and mouth.

Roze understands the whole situation and screams in her heart—

—what’s going to happen now? Her cold sweat won’t stop.

“Damn, and you somehow managed to get through this?”

As he tries to calm the thundering in his chest, Harij groans in pain.

Every time he speaks, Roze’s shoulder trembles. His feverish breathing caresses Roze’s skin through the fabric of her clothes.

Harij seems to be exerting his utmost strength to control himself—however, the hand touching Roze is still as gentle as ever.

From his clenched teeth, a groan can be heard. Roze stands still, unable to do anything. She’s scared she’ll end up stimulating him further.

“Forgive me, but, just for a little bit…”

“Just for a little bit…?”

“Yes, just for a little bit…”

…just for a little bit.

Roze repeats in her mind, no longer able to identify the meaning of said sentence.

Harij hugs Roze’s head. Before she realizes it, her hood was already taken off. Harij’s hand strokes Roze’s ear.

His fingers, buried in her hair, touch her skin. Then, he starts caressing, as if enjoying the sensation of her skin. Then, his fingers arrive to her nape—almost immediately, an extreme sensation hit Roze. It feels the same from when she accidentally drank the Love Potion.

While Roze is still stunned by the pleasuring sensation, she’s suddenly being embraced so tight, her hair is all messed up.

Roze’s ear is stroked again—this time, by Harij’s lips. What started as a small, probably accidental stroke ends up being a full kiss on her earlobe. It’s as if he wants to taste her.

Harij exhales for a long time, and adjusts his breathing.


She feels his warm breath, then his burning lips, on her neck.

His honey-like voice melts Roze’s ears.

Her face is hot. Roze’s face is dyed red, as opposed to Harij, whose complexion returned because of the magic.

Carefully, Harij separates himself from Roze.

But then, he embraces her again.

At this point, not only is her face burning, her tears are ready to fall.

“No… you’re too cute.”

Gyaaa—!!!! In her heart, Roze screams.

“This should stop—!”

“I can’t, it’s because you’re just that cute…”


If she could faint—oh, if only she could—!!

This is probably the result of God turning his back on the Witch’s dwelling.

***T/N: That’s not true, Roze. God watches over us all, hence the reason he gave us a PG but otherwise safe fluff scene–YES, WHY, GOD–!?!?!?!?! WHO DO YOU THINK I AM, A DEVOUT GIRL!?!?! BRING OUT THE KISS SCENE!!!!

Thanks to Crazy Person for providing the illustrations! He is a godsent.

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