I, a Witch, am Requested by My Crush to Make Him Love Potion Translation

28.1 The Witch, the Knight, and the Love Potion

Safina sheds tears of joy for Roze’s safety.

Roze insists that she’s fine by herself, however, Safina is completely worried of her and refuses to leave her side. When she saw Safina’s tears, Roze finally relents and thanks him for his concern.

Then, along with Safina, Roze cleans the mess the Thief had created.

Once the cleaning is done, together, they drink tea in Roze’s usual spot.

During their pleasant time, the bell rings, announcing visitor.

“It couldn’t be… he came!”

Roze isn’t worried about the return of the Thief, per see, but the return of that man who should be resting right now—

—however, when Roze peeks through the window, it’s certainly him.

Albeit, he seems a little strange…? It’s quite apparent.

“My Lord? Then, this humble servant shall take his leave—excuse me, Ms. Witch. I’ll be going back.”

“Y, yes…”

Safina, who looked at the window along with Roze, looks surprised by the unexpected company.

Harij is at the pier, hugging his shoulder like a sick person. He’s accompanied by another one of his servants. Roze can roughly guess because of the uniform.

The servant appears to be flustered, yet remains by his side.

Roze rushes outside, too.

While Safina rows the boat to fetch Harij, Roze takes a few small bottles from the shelves.

She chooses them one by one while carefully figuring out his ailments, after all, that’s why he comes here, right? —to rely on Roze.

“What do you mean—!? What exactly happened—?!”

“I’m sorry! Due to my blunder, I gave our Lord something else instead of the reinvigorating potion!”

“I said I forgive you, already! That’s enough, don’t touch me! Return home!”

It’s getting really noisy outside…

Roze can’t quite figure out what happened, but Harij’s shout clearly surprised her. That’s the first Roze has ever heard Harij raise his voice.

Roze opens the door right away. Safina is painstakingly supports Harij who falls onto the floor.

“What’s wrong—? Explain the situation to me, what medicine did you actually take—!?”

Kneeling, Roze examines Harij. Maybe he caught a cold after swimming in the cold lake. Harij is struggling to stay awake, his face is burning red.

Harij puts all his power into his hands, yet still fail to stand up. Harij grits his teeth.

“Your job is done. Go home, Safina.”

“But! To leave my Lord in this kind of state—…!!”

“It’s fine—!! Only Ms. Witch can cure me—!!”

Roze and Safina exchanges glances.

“…only me?”

Then, it’s probably related to her secret potion.

Roze changes her approach—

“—you were poisoned, weren’t you? Do you remember the characteristics of the poison—how it tasted, smelled, or looked like—please tell me everything you remember!”

When Harij shakes his head, the sweat drenching his forehead scatters to the floor.

“This is confidential—that’s why, Safina, I require you to go home.”

Safina finally relents when he realizes it has something to do with his Lord’s occupation. He knows his Lord will never back down.

Safina gets up quickly, after all, the sooner the Witch begins her job, the better.

“Understood. Ms. Witch, please take care of my Lord.”

“Yes, I swear upon my life.”

Roze stares straight into Safina’s eyes. Even if the poison is unknown, she’ll never abandon Harij, no matter how hard it gets.

After Safina leaves with the other servant who waits outside, Harij collapses on the floor.

He seems to be in excruciating pain. His breath is both shallow and rapid.

“I’m sorry, but let me touch you.” Roze touches Harij’s skin—it feels incredibly hot.

Suddenly, Harij grabs Roze’s hand, and pulls her—

—it’s so fast, she can’t respond in time.

His large palm is damp with sweat. His grip is firm, but Roze doesn’t feel any pain. Roze realizes that even in his current state, he’s still careful as to not hurt her.

“I’m, going crazy… Antidote, is there none…?”

His husky, breathless, voice is so tantalizing, it sends shiver down her spine.

Sweat dribbles down from Harij’s chin.

“It seems that you’re aware what potion you took.”


She can hear the sound of saliva being swallowed.

“It’s the one you made—the Love Potion.”

Five solid seconds of silence pass.


“I mistakenly drank the one I bought before.”

…mistakenly—Roze is at loss for words. This is exactly the one potion you shouldn’t mistakenly drink.

“There’s an antidote, however, I have insufficient ingredients to make it. How much did you ingest?”

“Don’t know. I thought it tasted different from the one I usually took, so I threw it away immediately—but, without fail, I have swallowed some.”

“Well… even if you had accidentally drank everything, the effect would only last for half a day. After that, you’ll calm down…”

“Wait, like this, for half a day—!? Absolutely impossible—! Besides, I haven’t fallen in love with anybody—no one has ingested anybody’s body fluids!”

Then—…is he suffering so much due to the incomplete magic? The surge of magic that has lost its destination must be going rampant in Harij’s body.

When he tries to stand up, he collapses—

“—watch out—!”

Harij falls and slams to the table. The cup on the table topples down.


Making a loud noise, the ceramic cup broke.

“Mr. Customer, are you alright—?!”

Roze’s face turns blue, thankfully, Harij isn’t hurt.

He’s a little soaked with the black tea, but it should dry in no time. Roze feels relieved.

“What a relief… Mr. Customer—“

“—it’s Harij.

Harij suddenly stands and cups both Roze’s cheeks with his palms.


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