The Heir of the Dragon Emperor and his Bride Corps Translation

19.1 The First “Appointing of a Castle Lord”


Lisette and Haruka came back without me realizing and release gasps of admiration

[This is just like the real magic circle.]
[Even though our village also has a magic circle for repelling mamono……it’s nothing more than scribbles compared to this.]

Is that so?

[That from the Dragon Emperor-sama’s era have long been lost to time.]
[Even the magic circle in the village is a pale imitation of what remains. While you might be able to find more detailed records in royal palace if you go there, you won’t find anything about magic circles in a remote region like this…]

I just traced the areas of the magic circle I could see. Any breaks I came across were supplemented with my knowledge.

Whether it be my former world or this one, the foundations of magic circles don’t seem to have many differences. Mana, skills, extraordinary abilities— their general concepts are essentially the same. Therefore, concluding that even the magic circles are similar is reasonable.

[Just in case, I’d like to confirm its activation.]

Lisette crouches and waves her finger at the magic circle.

That’s when, slowly, mana flows out from her finger. In an instance, glittering particles blossom throughout the room before vanishing.

[Yes, a purifying magic circle has been established. Furthermore, its efficiency is terribly amazing.]

Lisette nods in astonishment.


Pachi pachi, pachi, Haruka claps her hands.
…….Now way, could the knowledge I piled up during my Chunnibyo years actually be useful? I’m happy and all….. but the feeling is hard to process….

[Lisette, did you finish purifying the “Evil Crystal”?]
[Yes, I won’t waste the things given by Shouma-sama.]

With those words, Lisette took out a colorless, transparent, crystal ball. Every now and then, the crystal ball’s surface shines with a rainbow color. So this is the purified “Magic Crystal”.

[If you place this on the magic circle, I believe it should last about, probably, 150 days.]
[..150 days?]

After that, will we have to defeat another mamono to collect its “Evil Crystal,” and purify it? How troublesome. I wish there was a better way.

[Hey, Lisette.]
[Yes, Shouma-nii-sama.]
[Do you know how the Dragon Emperor-san provided mana to the barrier?]
[….. Although Lisette only heard this from mother….]

Lisette twirls her sliver hair with a finger and tilts her head.

[His mana flowed through the ground— apparently, he directly connected to the magic circle.]
[Directly connect?]
[For a detailed account……I think the current emperor, His Majesty “Standing Dragon Emperor”-sama or the ten sages, are the only ones who know. Except, according to the stories, designating a “lord of the castle” will link the land and magic circle.]
[A… “lord of the castle”?]

What kind of system is this?

[Well then, I’ll be activating the “barrier”.]

Lisette places the magic crystal in the middle of the magic circle. The ground trembles slightly.

[…..As I thought, this barrier’s mana efficiency is incredible.]
[…..Look, Aniue-sama. The light of the barrier is spreading.]

I can also see it. The particles of light overflowing from the magic circle are wrapping around the “Abandoned Castle”.

Amazing…..this is my first time seeing a magic circle activate. Is this is how a magical world functions…?

The particles of light wrap themselves around the castle and instantly disappear. Even though I can’t see the barrier— I feel that the air around here has become a bit fresher. So, if “barriers” like this were setup around castles and villages, would the invasion of mamono be preventable?

Which means, if the barrier’s range were to be widened……. could mamono be driven out of the region. Should I consider this subject from now on? Since I want to live a comfortable easy life, it’s something I should research.

[Mind if we check this place out a little bit more?] I say to Lisette and Haruka. [This is my first time seeing a castle, so I’m curious.]
[Sound good, I’ll call uncle Garunga and his friend.]
[Then, Lisette will keep watch in front of the tower.]

Haruka departs with a wave of her hand.
As for Lisette— with a, pishuu, she plants herself firm in front of the tower.

[…..No, you don’t have to do that.]
[Protecting the onii-sama is an important job for the imouto-in-law!]
[…..The onii-sama-in-law is worrying about his imouto-in-law’s future.]

Are you alright, Lisette? You’re not going to breakdown from the stress and anxiety cause by overwork, right? This worries me. A person like that existed in my former world.

[Well, never mind. I’ll finish quickly.]

If I can create a more efficient “barrier”, the jobs of Lisette and everyone else should become easier. There are some clues supporting this.

First is the barrier set up in this place by the Dragon Emperor-san. He was able to maintain it without the need of a magic crystal. To do so, he had to designate a lord. Finally, the Dragon Emperor-san’s skill related to “Naming”.

[……Thinking about it from there……]

Got it….I’ve got it! Essentially—The Dragon Emperor summoned Gnomes and designated them names, making them his assistant castle lords. Those assistants, in other words, relate to the foundation of the world. They rule the life on Earth and death in Heaven, serving the Goddess from a position even higher than the eighth heaven, uwaaaaaaa!

Bun bun bun bun bunn!

……. Ack, I almost made a Chuunibyo setting. Let’s just proceed with common sense. I’ve been a proper member of society for almost 10 years now after all. In this case, it’s best to use my “reality processing ability” I got from my corporate employment era.

[The ground’s mana is converted in the barrier through the lord of the castle, or something like that…?]

This world is brimming with mana, so that kind of stuff should exist. Then, speaking of the ground’s mana, it must exist as a skill.

[Invoking skill, “Dragon Pulse”.]

In my former world, “Dragon Pulse” refers to the flow of “Chi” in the ground. In the past, Feng Shui was utilized for establishing castles and towns in “places with good Chi flow,” so-called power spots. I know this due to the books I studied long ago. I had even planned on going to such a place and conducting an awakening ritual. For the sake of raising travel fees, I cut down on my bentou’s size…. No, no, no, that isn’t important right now.

At any rate, the skill “Dragon Pulse” exists. That means, in this world, it’s possible for “Chi” to be changed into “Mana”.  Thinking about it, it’s naturally quite possible for castles and towns to be constructed on “mana” rich land.

[…..Was it this?]

“A Dragon Pulse responds.”

While I was waiting quietly, words appeared in my mind. This is just like with “Naming Bless.” Looks like skills relating to the Dragon Emperor will be like this.

“Mana is detected flowing through ground that supports this castle. Please designate a castle lord in order to awaken it.”

[Lisette, can I ask you something really quick?]
[What’s the matter, Shouma-nii-sama?]
[Can I have this castle?]
[Yes, by all means.]
[….Just like that?]
[Wasn’t the one who defeated the Black Knight Mestrat, Nii-sama?]

Lisette says with a tone full of disbelief.

[Furthermore, Shouma-sama is who graciously fixed the magic circle. If Shouma-sama says he wants this castle, Lisette doubts anyone would complain.]
[If that’s the case.]

I won’t hesitate on using it for my experiment. Even though the castle was being used by mamono, I never thought no one had ownership over it.

[Now then, I designate Shouma Kiryuu as the castle lord.]

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