The Witch Who Once Was Called A Saint Translation

Chapter 8: Fortress Battle (3)

In the first place, if soldiers like Eos are defeated, the town’s citizens will have no means of fighting it. The chimera is a monster that should be defeated before that happens.

That’s right, I can’t leave Eos by himself. Now that I know this, all the more reason I can’t leave him!

The people around her won’t just immediately realize she’s the immortal witch when she joins the battle. Hence, she’ll be satisfied as long as she’s able to beat it and go home.

“You’ve been making me meals as thanks, but you’ve thanked me enough. You don’t mind if I pay you for the interest, right?”

That’s right, we’ll be even with this.

It’s so that I don’t feel guilty, Astraea thought as she came closer to Eos. But although Eos had been at a lost for words, he immediately shook free of Astraea’s hand.

“You can’t, it’s too dangerous. You’re not a soldier, are you?”

“Are you able to wield magic to keep yourself from dying despite falling from a great height?”


“What, do you want to say that I have no grounds for my confidence?”

“That’s… But the circumstances are different!”

“Is there a problem even though I said I have the ability to deal with it? If so, say it.”

If he has something he wants to say, he should just say it. I’ll try and reject all of it.

–While Astraea continued to glare at him, a boisterous laugh suddenly came from behind her.

“What’s this, you’re unexpectedly losing this argument, Eosphorite.”


Eos’ voice raised in surprise, and Astraea turned around to look.

Standing there was a tanned-man with blonde hair. The man directed a good-natured smile at Astraea.

“Nice to meet you, young lady. I’m Sphale, Eosphorite’s superior officer.”

“…Nice to meet you.”

Even if you tell me you’re his superior officer, what are you doing eavesdropping on other people’s conversations?

Thinking about it, she didn’t have the will to greet anybody, but she was inside of the fortress. Despite being told she’s in a space ordinary people can enter, she’s still an outsider. Astraea adjusted her frame of mind and cast monotone words at Sphale with the most minimum of courtesies.

The fact that Sir Captain here is Eos’ superior officer has nothing to do with me.

In the first place, there was something else she was more curious about instead of those finer details.

“Your name’s Eosphorite?”

The name of the man she recognized as Eos was Eosphorite, there was no other way to react but in surprise.

For Astraea to say such, Sphale was also surprised.

“What the, you didn’t even give your name to a lady you’ve been meeting with on your days off?”


What a way to phrase it! Isn’t that way of speaking just inviting huge misunderstandings?! Astraea thought so despite being at a loss of words from too much shock. In contrast to her, Eos was extremely calm.

“No, she cut me off and I just couldn’t say it afterwards.”


When she recalled what happened then, she couldn’t exactly deny it… is what she feels. But it’s Eos’ fault for suddenly coming out of nowhere. That’s right, that’s definitely right.

Remembering this, her troubled heart calmed down for a moment.

Oh right, that shouldn’t be important.

Eos may be Eosphorite, but in Astraea’s heart, it doesn’t change the fact that Eos is still Eos.

“Well, young lady. I also understand where Eosphorite’s coming from. Even if you’re a witch, you’re still an outsider. There’s a lot of information here that we don’t want getting out.”

“…That’s also true.”

“That’s why–”

Which were faster: Those words, or Sphale’s actions?

Even though it was within eyesight, Astraea had no opportunity to prepare herself. Despite that, she still managed to jump out of the way of the down swung sword’s path. A heavy sound resounded from where she had just been.

“I can’t really get along with anyone except those I deem worthy.”

“That’s a very dangerous way of greeting someone, isn’t it?”

“It’s still in its scabbard. The worst that could happen would be your bones getting broken, right?”

How rude, isn’t he more of a brigand than a soldier?

Should I try countering once or twice? That thought flitted through her mind, but it wasn’t possible to act on it. Eos had forced his way between them.

“I just can’t overlook this, Captain.”

“Oh ho, scary. Have I greatly offended you, Vice Captain, Eosphorite?”


The words Vice Captain seemed like they were to establish that Eos too is a soldier with position. Perhaps Eos didn’t want to be told such for he wore an unusually disgruntled expression. Of course, Astraea doesn’t plan on changing her attitude towards him regardless if he hid the fact or not.

“…Well, it’s not like I particularly wanted to team up against it, so it’s fine. I can also defeat it on my own.”

She can’t confirm that it was a chimera based on just rumors, but the current Astraea was confident that she could defeat it on her own even if it was some other monster.

I might allow some of these people join me in beating it even if they’re not too used to it.

Regardless, she couldn’t say something so easygoing as letting them get used to it. Just like with the fortress, a witch getting out of the line during battle before getting used to it could, with a high possibility, result in an increase in the number of victims.

But if I battle it alone, they might praise me too much.

Even if she were to subjugate it this time, she’s afraid that a chimera might appear once more. If that were to happen, the damage would repeat itself. She wanted to show the fortress soldiers a method of dealing with a chimera should they need it.

Well, if they don’t want me participating, I can also operate on my own to prevent today’s damage.

Rather than later, she has to first settle the damages occurring that moment.

Do I even know what the soldiers plan on doing? Thinking that, Astraea glared at Sphale.

“Such a strong young lady. As strong-willed as the witch in the fairy tales.”


“In addition to that strong will, your reaction isn’t bad… I would like to ask you to cooperate with us for the subjugation, but how about it little lady?”

“Could you please be a bit more honest in your subjugation request?”

Astraea pouted at that extremely rude way of soliciting her.

But with a buoyant mood, Sphale didn’t mind at all.

“A capable person that I had been hoping for showed up at this convenient time. Something like this… there’s also a possibility that this is the Empire’s trap, right? Except if you were a suspicious person, then Eosphorite wouldn’t be making such a scary face. I just thought to apologize.”


What does this have to do with Eos’ face?

When Astraea turned around to look despite doubting Sphale as he shrugged his shoulders, Eos’ eyes had some strength to them.

“From what I can tell, if I wasn’t his superior officer, he would have hit me already.”

“But it’s not as scary as you say it is.”

“Just before you turned around, he showed me an expression as if he wanted to do it. But actually, your assistance would be a great help. Unfortunately, the only reward we can offer is some alcohol to drink.”

Sphale’s vigilance had more or less disappeared based on his joking attitude. Yet, he was still trying to sound her out, but not enough for her to mind it.

In the first place, it would have been worrying in of itself if he had completely gotten rid of his vigilance towards me… Thinking that, Astraea once again turned around to Sphale.

“Tell me the situation.”

“Sure, if it’s that–”

“I’ll be the one to tell you of the situation. Please go back and do your work, Captain.”


Astraea was surprised at having her shoulder firmly gripped.

Rather than saying she was unprepared, she didn’t think Eos would surprise her. She didn’t even think to be on guard for it. As such, she sent a look of protest at Eos, but Eos wasn’t looking at her in the first place. He was completely glaring at Sphale.

…Is it fine for you to stare at your superior officer that much?

Is this what Sphale was talking about earlier?– While thinking that, Astraea grimaced. Sphale, from not minding it, found it interesting instead that he was being glared at.

“Yeah, yeah. I’ll leave it to you, Vice Captain.”


“Well, I’ll stop my jokes here for now. The battle’s gonna be inside the forest. It’s fine if you guys go on ahead and check out the place that’s going to become the battlefield. Eosphorite, I’ll let you explain to her while you carefully go on to the actual place.”

His gentle voice from earlier had completely disappeared, turning firm.

Following that, Astraea’s expression became composed. She did the same thing as Sphale did when he put his hand on his chest and bent at his waist in salute. She thought that she had long forgotten it, but it seemed that her body still remembers.

“Come here. We’re going on Lazool.”

Astraea raised her body and was led by Eos to the stables.

Lazool, who she rode on earlier for the very first time, heaved as if to say you’re late.

Eos brushed his nose in reply, my bad.

After that, when Lazool was taken out, Eos stood on a stand beside the stables. And Lazool came closer to it.

Normally, Eos would get on Lazool by putting his left foot on the left stirrup, but seeing as the stand was there, he figured it would reduce the burden on Lazool. When she thought that, a sudden thought came to mind– I should prepare a stool the next time Eos comes then.

She shook her head, thinking, No, I came here today to settle our account. There’s no next time. I’ll tell him that properly, and go back home.

“…What’s wrong?”

“Ah, it’s nothing.”

“Is that so? …By the way, can you ride a horse?”


“Then, excuse me.”

As soon as he said that, Eos stooped slightly, and grabbed Astraea who was by the foot of the stool by the waist.


The next moment, Astraea’s feet were in the air as her voice turned shrill.

It was different from when she flew, a floating sensation where she was being supported by gravity in two places– It was similar to how something lasted a moment but also as if time slowed down.

Before Astraea realized it, she was sitting on top of Lazool.


Isn’t he a little too powerful?

It was weird when he pulled her up outside of the castle walls earlier, but Astraea widened her eyes. Even she was unable to react to something that happened too quickly.

While her reaction was working to catch up, Eos too got on top of the horse.

“Lazool, it’s just us two so you’ll be fine, right? You’re strong enough to even pull a carriage.”

Lazool replied to Eos’ words with a light cry and slowly began by walking in order to break-in.

Astraea was unaccustomed to this shaking, but after riding Lazool who came from outside to here, she didn’t think it was that scary.

In the first place, she knew that Eos was supporting her very steadily. She didn’t feel it was scary in the slightest.


“…Hey, Eos. Are you angry about something?”

I won’t be able to calm down with this vaguely tense atmosphere.

This may just be my imagination, and she does think it might be better to think of it like that– But Eos let out a small sigh at Astraea’s question.

Even Astraea was unable to realize if that was a yes.

“I’m not really mad at you. Nor at the Captain.”

“Then who are you angry at?”

“If I had to say, I’m angry at myself. In the end, it’s still my responsibility as a soldier to lead you to somewhere dangerous. If I had found the creature and killed it myself, this would have ended without having to purposely lead you to it.”

“…You wouldn’t be able to defeat something you’ve never seen before, but it’s not just one person’s responsibility. You’re worrying too much.”

Although it’ll definitely threaten the lives of the citizens if it wasn’t defeated, it’s not like Eos will be careless about it. If he was, he wouldn’t have said something like that in the first place.

Even though she thinks his sense of responsibility is strong, Astraea thought that she had to quickly defeat it for Eos’ sake.

“But you… hate coming out in public, right?”


“And yet you purposely stayed. You were forced to do something unreasonable because I forgot my charm… I just thought how really inexcusable this is of me.”

She can’t exactly deny that she doesn’t like going out. Rather, it’s something she can fully affirm. For someone like her who had lived for a longer time than humans, she can’t exactly live and adapt to others.

Which is why she has always lived alone in that forest.

“But it’s too late for that now.”

It would just be for a moment. Everything will end once she immediately returns to her forest. Also, she was also the one who offered to participate.

For the most part, the reason wasn’t because of the subjugation or anything else, but because he showed up. That is the reason why he’s the main cause of everything.

Actually, should I say that the main cause is him repaying me? Even if I did save him, if he hadn’t shown up a second time, we wouldn’t have met a second time. Everything has already come this far, so there’s no point worrying about it.

“Putting that aside, what we should be thinking right now is a way to defeat it. Are you even going to tell me the details soon?”

The words don’t worry about it, she really couldn’t think of words that could properly convey such.

That’s why the best she could do was tell him something along the lines of I’d like it if you don’t speak to me of trivial things.

“…Okay. But before I do that, we’re going to go a little faster just before we reach the forest so try not to fall.”

Don’t bite your tongue, huh?

The same time she heard that, Lazool suddenly sped up.

A lot of things had happened one after another upon reaching that point, so she didn’t noticed until then. My body is shaking on top of Lazool compared to when I flew, and because I don’t know which way we’re heading, I can’t even prepare for it– won’t this just shake me off?

But then she thought, on the other hand, it’s like a powerful run. One I’ve never experienced when flying.

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