The Knight Leader, a Ghost, and my Amulet Translation

8.2 The Knight Leader, a Ghost, and My Amulet

The prince sat gracefully on a vacant chair inside the office. His presence dominated both me and Herez—we immediately bowed with all our respect to him.

“Prince Stout, why… how did you know—“

“About the ghost? Well, that’s only natural—

—because it appeared not only in front of my mother, but my beloved Claris as well.”

…that’s right.

The previous story had mentioned so—that the Queen, the Princess, and their attendants encountered the ghost.

If the worst were to happen, it could threaten the prince’s engagement—no wonder he got angry…

“…yet, even if you say that—how are you going to get rid of it?” Herez asked, perplexed.

Herez’s bafflement, too, was understandable.

Even if His Majesty were to rely on a priest, witch, shaman, etc.— the best solution they’ve came up with was putting up a barrier.

Although it ‘didn’t appear’ due to my influence, we couldn’t find another solution—even after all this time.

…it’s one thing to exterminate it.

“I’m thinking along the lines of finding out the ghost’s true identity.”

“It’s true identity…?”


Certainly, this was an entity called ‘ghost’ we were dealing with—

—that was when I realized we didn’t pay much attention to her in the first place;

Why did she become a ghost?

What’s her true purpose behind all the damage she had caused?

The Prince said that knowing her real identity was the same as finding out her weakness.

“But… how are we going to find out about that?”

“If it’s me… I would gather up information and form a conjuncture based on that.”

—she only appears inside the castle. …then, does that mean she died here? —in the royal palace?

Indeed, the Royal Palace wasn’t only a gorgeous place, but also a place where lots of tragedy occurred—sometimes, grisly ones.

However, if it was only based on that—the number of those who’ve died harboring a strong grudge was countless. However, the number of women working in the palace should be small…

My thoughts naturally went to female sinners—but, that’s still weird… because why would it only attach itself to the Knight Captain?

The Prince said that the ghost of such woman should be obsessed with the royalty instead of knights. After all, neither the head priest, shaman, nor the director of the magic bureau were able to banish it—hence, targeting a royal should be an easy task.

“Hence… if there’s a woman who personally harbors a strong grudge towards you, then you should naturally have an idea who…”

“I really hope so—unfortunately, I have no idea. It’d be another story if she were male…” Captain Ranbic rubbed his temple.

“Let’s see… she could also be the lover or wife of a man you captured.”

“Indeed, that’s also possible…”

“Right? However, this is where our problem lies—we have no leads, hence, we can’t further our conjunctures.” Prince Stout shrugged.

As the room became silent, Vice Captain Dortmund suddenly opened his mouth.

“What about Tina?”

“Tina? Oh, it’s you… Alto’s amulet… what’s with her?”

“That ghost never appeared in front of Tina—in reverse, the ghost might have a personal connection with Tina—?!”

Everyone in the room stared at me.

“—as you’ve heard, Ms. Walter, do you have any idea?”

even if you say that… I have no idea, you know?

When I honestly told them so, Vice Captain Dortmund finally seemed to give up.

“—wait, I’m sure there’s something. Say, do you have any deceased relatives?”

“Let’s see… well, I’m not sure if they can be considered relatives, but… my maternal grandfather and my father’s sister passed away before I was born. After that, only my paternal grandmother’s twin sister…”

“Because the ghost is a woman… could it be that she’s either the paternal aunt or the grandmother’s twin sister? …we’re grasping at straw here.”

“Wait a minute! Are you suggesting that my relatives have become ghosts!?”

It’s impossible—was what I wanted to say.

However, I couldn’t be too sure—

—and if it were indeed true, then not only had they troubled Captain Ranbic, they had also attacked the royal family! What if I’m the one who’ll have to take the blame—!? Apologizing will never be enough—!!

“—wait, in the first place, there’s no connection between her relatives and Captain Ranbic!” Herez protested.

Captain Ranbic also supported the claim. “I don’t remember ever having a dispute with someone carrying the Walter’s surname—nor have I ever visited Ms. Walter’s hometown. It would be hard to believe that her relatives hold grudges towards me…”

Somehow, my family’s honor was saved, but the room grew silence again.

This time, it was Prince Stout who broke it.

“Father has instructed the Head Priest to find a solution to deal with the unknown ghost. All we have left to do is uncover her identity. We’ll discover her cause of death and subsequently her reason for haunting the Royal Palace—that’s why, Tina Walter—

—you, too, must do your best to learn why your presence keeps her at bay.”

The Prince of this kingdom had resolutely requested such of me, a mere cleaning maid.

“…I understand.”

Objection wasn’t an option.

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