Translation We Dwell at the Base of the Dragon’s Peak

44.2 The Dragon Tribesmen and Demons

The next morning.

Mistral shakes me awake.

“Ah, morning.”


Mistral gives me a wry smile as I open my eyes.

“Ernea, please lock the room properly. You’re too careless.”

“Ah, darn. I forgot.”

When I try to get up, a weight on my arm pulls me back to the futon. A glance reveals Priscilla-chan still clings to it in her sleep. Is this a good sleeping posture?

“You sure are loved.”

Mistral gives me a hard stare.

“Y-you’re wrong. This is a misunderstanding.”

I panic, but she lightly brushes it away.

“Now, Priscilla, please wake up too. If you don’t get up, there won’t be breakfast.”

Muuu, sleepy.”

Priscilla-chan wakes up in response to the mention of food.

“My, my, well, well, Ernea-kun and Priscilla-chan both have such wild bed hair.”


I blush from how they’re staring at my messy bed hair.

“It can’t be helped. I’ll specially help you fix it today.”

“I-it’s okay. I can do it by myself.”

My shriek like refusal falls into deaf ears and Mistral starts to untangle my hair with her comb.

“Ah, the tastiest role has been taken. In that case, I’ll do Priscilla-chan’s.”

Ruiseine pulls Priscilla-chan from my arm and straightens her hair.

Still, I shouldn’t have been turning about with Priscilla-chan clinging to me. Priscilla-chan was clinging to me the whole time and shouldn’t have been able to move either. Why do we have this amazing level of bed hair?

“Priscilla woke up early in the morning and grabbed you again, nyan~”

Nymia, having woke up since who-knows-when, walks under me and resolves my confusion.

So that’s what happened. Well, that makes sense. There’s no way we’d have been able to sleep if she clung to me all night long.

Either way, having my hair touched feels really good. I always get drowsy whenever I go for a haircut. Even now, by having my hair touched by Mistral, waves of sleepiness are coming over me.

Priscilla-chan is already asleeping.

“Both of you, really now…”  

Mistral sighs out in amazement while Ruiseine simply smiles.

Shortly after that, we finish our preparations and leave the inn. Upon stepping outside, we discover that the patrolmen are already on standby waiting for us.

We greet each of the patrolmen and invite them to breakfast. Priscilla-chan has a vigorous appetite in the morning. It even surprises the patrolmen.

Once we are full, we board the carriage again to resume our journey.

Really, traveling on a carriage is really comfortable. If I stick my face out from under the canopy, I’m able to watch the passing scenery. Priscilla-chan, too, seems to enjoy watching at the scenery. She’s quietly sitting beside the coachman and taking in the scenery.

Thus, within the canopy are Mistral, Ruiseine, and me.

“Did you sleep well last night?”

“Did you do anything strange to Priscilla-chan?”

Uuu. I slept well, and I didn’t do anything weird…”

For even a shrine maiden to doubt me, just how undependable am I? Ruiseine laughs at my despair, saying that she is joking.

“That girl is strong.”

I tilt my head at Mistral who wears a similar smile.

“She has been away from her home village all this time. Yet, despite how close we’ve gotten with her over this trip, she hasn’t uttered a single complaint.”

“Now that I think about it, that’s true.”

“If another child were to go through something similar, that child would probably be more burdened with trouble.”

“As expected from the Long-Eared Tribe.”

“Rather than her race, I think Priscilla is just incredible. I just hope that her brimming curiosity doesn’t cause any trouble later on.”

“Priscilla-chan has great spirits with her. She should be safe from just about any danger.”

“Except, don’t forget that she herself is still a child.”

“So Priscilla-chan is a spirit user?”

“That’s right. She’s amazing.”

I tell Ruiseine about Priscilla-chan’s spirits. Even though she should know more about spirits and the Long-Eared Tribe than me, she happily listens.

By the way, it seems like war shrine maiden Ruiseine diligently studied about spirits and various races during her learning at the temple. So, I wonder if the lessons at school were useless for her since she already knew all of that to begin with?

I ask her my thoughts.

“I enjoy learning the various things we’re taught at school. With a change of location, then even if the topic is the same, there can be new discoveries.”

Ehh, really?”

As I give a profound nod, Mistral changes the topic.

“On the way back, we will go through dragon forest.”

“So suddenly? Why?”

There is no decent path through dragon forest. Even if there are trails used by beasts, walking over the far off highway is much easier.

“I talked about it to Ruiseine last night. I’ll introduce her to the venerable elder.”

“Ah, for that?”

If she is going to become my wife, then by one way or another, her meeting Old Sleigstar is for the best. Thinking about it makes me twist my face.

But before she becomes my wife, how do I make her fall in love with me? This question

has been troubling my mind ever since yesterday.

My suddenly holding my head and groaning out brings wry smiles to the faces of Mistral and Ruiseine.

And so, the third day of our trip advances smoothly. By evening, we finally reach the capital city.

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