A Thousand Years of Separation~ Today, I Shall be the Villainess~ Translation

37. Point of No Return

Through the thin curtain, moonlight shone into the room.

It was around midnight.

A majestic castle soared in the center of Etania’s Capital. Everything in its vicinity was quiet.

All the servants had fallen asleep—only guards remained active.

There was a single room that was paid to be guarded at all times—

—inside, between its two inhabitant—a man and a woman—whispers were being exchanged.

“—what’s with you today? You don’t seem to be in the mood.”

The woman’s ample flesh shone pale in the pale light of the moon.

“Did anything happen?”

The woman then lied on the bed. With not a single thread for cover, her alluring body was barred, shining as if it was made of marble. The sSweet smell of rose lingered around.

The woman slowly arose and peered into the man’s face. Her glossy blonde hair swayed—at the same time, the bed creaked softly.

The man stayed silent, staring at the moon reflected on the window.

She reached out to the man’s well-defined chest. The faint warm radiating from her touch alerted him.

As if finally recalling her existence, the man dropped his gaze onto her.

“—what is it, Violet?”

The man called the woman’s name while gently sweeping her long bangs to the side. His silver hair shone blindingly white for a moment due to the light.

Violet puckered her lips—she was as seductive as an imp.

“My, aren’t you a terrible person!? You finally summoned me after what felt like an eternity, but in the end, all you did is stare at the sky above!”

The man frowned at her words.

“What? Are you dissatisfied?”

The man entangled Violet’s beautiful hair between his fingers.

“No… But, I heard about it—you returned home late last night. A maid said it might have something to do with someone…”


Hearing Violet’s words, the man’s eyebrows furrowed. However, he soon grinned.

“No way! I’m not the type to restrict myself! You know that better than anyone else, don’t you?”

The man stared at Violet with a light smile on his dignified face. His fascinating and graceful expression enchanted Violet.

Then, her plump bosom closed any gap between him and her. Her lips immediately went to his neck, dropping gentle kisses.

“Fufufu~ you have the most enchanting body of all—Arthur-sama.”

As Violet whispered, she left a trail of red marks on Arthur’s body—akin to red flowers blooming.

“—…ah. Oi, Violet, watch where you’re doing it! Don’t leave them in place that’ll be visible to the eye!”

Arthur reached for her back.

Fine, porcelain skin, like a smooth pottery. A body that didn’t lack womanly charm whatsoever.

Arthur felt himself gradually becoming more heated; ecstasy made its unsubtle appearance on his expression.

“—…uh, …”

He moaned as he patted Violet’s long hair.

“—aah, Violet, you’re truly beautiful…”

“Fufu, I’m honored.”

“—you’re the only one whom I give special treatment to—other than you, no one else…”

Arthur muttered so while closing his eyes, as if surrendering to pleasure—

—however, Violet abruptly stopped when she heard Arthur’s words.

“Hahaha, you succeed on making me laugh. I wouldn’t do this if you weren’t a prince, you know~!”

“Haha, I know.”

Arthur opened his eyes. His gaze were gloomy.

“You’re the only one who dares to talk to me like that, Violet.”


Towards Arthur’s words, Violet covered her mouth this time—while saying that she found his joke really funny.

“What? What’s so funny?”

“This is it for today. You saying those kind of things cooled me down—tomorrow, the sky might split in half!”


Violet looked up at Arthur and smiled.

“Love is unnecessary for our relationship—always remember that.”

“—You, you truly think this me would confess and say, ‘I love you’ to you…?”

Arthur’s gaze turned sharp, however, Violet wasn’t afraid.

“No, not at all. However, today’s Arthur seems to be in a daze—and terribly boring, without his usual humor. I’m bored~ what, do you want to continue?”


At Violet’s words, Arthur grew silent.

Then, breaking the silence, was the sound of clashing.


Arthur stared out of the curtain to the familiar sound. There, a familiar owl was perched.

…that’s Lewis’ owl.

After confirming so, Arthur quickly stood from the bed and wore a robe. He opened the window.

The cold night air blew into the room, which cooled Arthur’s passion down.

“A white owl? What a rare sight…”

Violet remarked from the bed.

Arthur reached for the owl. Occasionally, William would use this to chat with him through Lewis. They would usually correspondence in the middle of the night, when the date was about to change and not a single soul was awake…

Most likely, the content for today’s letter was about Amelia.

The owl dropped the small letter into Arthur’s hand and flew away into the darkness.

“—Arthur-sama? What’s that?”

Violet inquired, however, Arthur didn’t respond.

He quietly opened the letter beside the window.

<< There’s something I need to confirm about her to you. I’ll see you an hour after sun rise. Wait outside.



Arthur felt uneasy from the letter’s content.

By ‘her’, William definitely meant Amelia.

Amelia’s safety was already confirmed back during daytime—but, during that moment, William didn’t say anything, yet…

is there something wrong?

—what is it that he wants to confirm about with me?

Did Lewis instruct him to? Or, Amelia? Maybe both.

“Arthur-sama, your face is becoming quite scary, you know…”

On the bed, Violet casually teased Arthur. She saw him crumpling the letter.

“Could it be, bad news?”

“…no, it’s just a love letter.”

“Oh, my—!”

Violet looked surprised and stared at Arthur.

“—but, it doesn’t seem to be working very well…?”


Her words silenced Arthur yet again.

Then, he sat silently on the bed and alighted the crumpled letter with a match that was on the side table.

Violet stared at Arthur’s back sadly. Then, she put her hands together as if she had come up with something.

“—that’s right, let me tell you a classic folk tale to mend your broken heart!”

“What’s that?” Arthur retorted softly.

“It’s regarding the white owl! This is the myth that originated from this country, linked to its creation.”

“Not interested.”

“Don’t say that, how cold! Besides, I’m just killing time.”


Arthur sighed.

What does it matter?

There was still enough time before dawn. Besides that, he had nothing else to do.

Violet smiled in satisfaction and told her story to the relenting Arthur.

“Once upon a time, when this land was still in ruin and uninhabited…”

She slowly began to spin a tale with her tempting, silky voice.

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