I, a Witch, am Requested by My Crush to Make Him Love Potion Translation

24.2 The Princess Enchants the Witch (8)

Roze is shocked from the way the merchant calls her—

—however, it soon makes sense.

She’s wearing an outdated dress, carries a basket, and looks worn out from the crowds—no wonder he referred to me that way…

It might not sounds strange for people to also suspect her of having two or three children…

“Make it cheaper, please, otherwise I won’t buy it.”

“D, did I say something to anger you?” The stall owner can feel Roze’s quiet anger.

“Our apples are delicious, you see! They also last long—how about this much?”

The owner silently crooks one finger.

“Hey, I’m already decreasing the price, didn’t I? So buy it!”

“You’ll only decrease it that much? Even though this is the day to commemorate Princess Billaura…”

“—ah!!! You’re right, damn!!! OK, you can just take them and leave!!!”

The stall owner throws some apples, to which Roze catches with her basket. After handing over some coins, Roze notices a poster on the wall.

The shopkeeper, who follows Roze’s gaze, notices immediately. He says “ooh” while counting the coins.

“It’s a wanted poster. It was put there so everyone could see it.”

The wanted poster has the depiction of the thief. A man, young, tall, and has gray hair.

As the guards had said the other day, the characteristics are similar to Harij’s.

“Ms. Wife, have you seen a man like that?”

I’ve seen a man with similar characteristics, you see, but he isn’t a thief…

Roze, who can’t lie, utters some words nonchalantly.

“—I’m unmarried.”

The shopkeeper silently adds another apple. Roze also quietly leaves the stall.

Roze, who is tired of carrying the basket everywhere, takes a break from the crowd.

…I want to go home soon. However, first, she needs to replenish her energy. …Even though it’s only a short distance, she feels as if she has been undergoing a journey of a thousand years. Such is the suffering of a hikikomori.

She stares at the scarlet colored skies, before hearing an uproar from the road.

Furthermore, boisterous cheers and thunderous applauds can also be heard. So loud, it feels like there’s an earthquake. Roze, who only turns her face to see what is happening, is too surprised when she actually sees it—

—the crowds are filling the street. People are pushing each other in what appears to be a display of joy—they’re waving their hands and shouting with excitement.

First, an orchestra carrying musical instruments on their backs march without any disturbance.

Behind them is a glorious carriage the splitting image of a treasure chest. It’s vastly decorated with flowers—she wonders if Princess Billaura is inside it.

Galloping side by side with the carriage are the Guardian Knights.

Roze tries to pave her way amidst the crowd, but find herself unable to do so because of the basket she’s carrying. On the contrary, she only manages to get herself pushed back.

Finally, she ends up being the farthest away.

She even tiptoes to see the orchestra—nevertheless, she only manages to see the band’s top hats.

The flag bearer leading the carriage comes to view—the large flag sways in the wind. Guided by the flag, the carriage presses on. Because the carriage is tall, Roze is able to see it in all of its splendor.

The carriage’s windows, which usually are closed, are open today. Still, the grandeur that is the bride’s procession also reminds Roze that Lau is unable to escape.

Through the small window, Princess Bilaura is waving to the crowds. She’s wearing her princess garments. When Roze first met her, she thought that Lau was very beautiful—however, now, even more so.

The Princess who’s going to get married in a faraway land is bestowing the people her final greeting with all her dignity and compassion.

The entire time, Roze who’s holding her basket keeps her eye on the scene—without blinking, without turning away.

As she maintains her face, a certain Knight whom is vigilantly scanning the vicinity looks over her spot—

—his blue cloak flutters.

It lasts only for a fleeting second—the kind of scene that disappears if you blink—

—then, the Knight continues on his way. Before long, he’s already gone.

Still, Roze is certain their gazes met.

His silver hair is being drawn back and he wears a blue hat that matches his cloak. Although she couldn’t see too clearly because of their distance, she could see that the Knight’s eyes were a deep blue.

He is not wearing the usual cloak from when visits her.

The knightly Harij, whom is dressed for the parade looks hundreds more—no, a million times more handsome than usual. His handsomeness goes beyond her imagination.

“…indeed, the festival in the evening… is the best…—”

Safina must’ve wanted her to see his Lord’s appearance.

Roze swoons on spot.

Due to the Princess’ order, the carriage halts.

Because the carriage has stopped in a place where that isn’t scheduled, people are sending anxious glance to their surroundings.

This place is in the outskirts of the Royal Capital, where people are scarce.

Then, the carriage door opens. Scaffolding is prepared for the Princess.

Immediately, Harij descends from his horse to give the Princess a hand.

The Princess puts her silk glove wrapped hand in his before stepping down to the ground.

The maids, too, gather around her, not giving her any chance to escape.

Billaura, whom is patting her dress, laughs at their wariness.

Then, she gracefully stares deep in to the forest. The people around her are nervous—however, there’s no sign of someone appearing from the forest.

After all, Billaura is only staring at the Witch’s dwelling—its chimney emits faint plumes of smoke from the far end of the forest.

Only Harij understands the Princess’ true intentions.

“I’m sorry. Let’s continue.”

The Princess has skillfully erased her previous expression.

The carriage begins to move again—the wheels that have started to turn will no longer stop.

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