I, a Witch, am Requested by My Crush to Make Him Love Potion Translation

24.1 The Princess Enchants the Witch (8)

After one night, Roze finally calms down—just like a boiling kettle cooling afterwards.

Especially when the next day, a servant comes by. The servant was told by his Lord to “absolutely deliver this food to the Witch, at the cost of your own life”. The servant also brought the Love Potion’s fee.

“Ms. Witch, please accept this. Otherwise, I might lose my job…”

How could the Witch reject such a pitiful-looking servant?

Roze never expected the servant of Azm House to visit her once every two days.

Moreover, the servant would never fail to bring Roze a meal. The servant was also strictly ordered to not return until after Roze has finished eating.

“…Do you want a potion that can curse your Lord?”

“You’re very considerate, Ms. Witch.”

After coming for the fourth time, the servant is no longer terrified of Roze. The man wearing a crisp and ironed shirt is called Safina.

Roze feels terrible because Safina—who’s nearing the old age—has to walk to such a remote forest just to deliver her meals.

“Then, please use this. It’s to express my gratitude. I won’t eat unless you take it.”

“Thank you very much.”

She hands Safina a ‘Warming Salve’. Once the warming effect has expires, he happily shoves some coins into Roze’s hand.

“…even though I’ve received the payment for the Love Potion, already…”

Now that they have no relation whatsoever, why is she still being taken care of like this?

..It has happened twice, now. Roze is at loss.

Roze eats the bread. It’s delicious, but it doesn’t help reduce her bafflement.

After receiving the potion, it seems that Harij’s workload has steadily increased. She hears that sometimes, Harij doesn’t even sleep.

The other day, at night, he informed Roze that he won’t be able to visit for a while.

“I’ve been serving him for a long time, but this the first time I’ve ever received this kind of order from my Lord…”

Safina, who delivers meals on behalf of his Lord, says so without any sign of being inconvenienced.

“Could it be… that you’re glad, Mr. Safina?”

“Indeed! You needn’t trouble yourself over inconveniencing me. This’ll probably last only until my Lord has returned. I’m sure my Lord would be happy if you enjoy the meal, Good Witch of the Lake.”

If Roze is coaxed with the words ‘Good Witch of the Lake’, there’s no way she could refuse.

“Rather, who’s the bad one here? Is it her—or a certain someone who’s grateful because of another’s death? She’s known for being a good witch. The least someone like you could do, is pray for her.”

Seven years ago, after hearing such words from Harij, Roze kept striving to be a good witch.

—indeed, because of his words alone.

Ever since then, Roze has always remembered Harij’s words. It has become the guideline of her life.

As she takes another bite of the bread, Roze is troubled. Does ‘until my Lord has returned’ mean that after that, Harij’ll start bringing her food again or…

…I wonder…

If it’s so, does that mean he still wants to be acquainted with the Witch in the future?

That’s… isn’t that excessive?

Receiving this kind of treatments make her guilty—it’s as if she’s pampered.

After all, until now, she has scarcely befriended people—hence, matters of the heart aren’t to her understanding.

When she focuses on finishing the soup that comes with the bread, she hears faint music. The cold wind of winter carries it there.

“It seems that capital is busier than usual today.”

“It is indeed so. After all, a festival is being held as a farewell to Princess Bilaura. If you aren’t busy, why don’t you consider attending it this evening?”

“Is it okay if I only show up in the evening?”

“More like, I recommend you to attend in the evening.”

Believing in Safina’s words, Roze makes her way to the capital in the evening.

—actually, it’s the first time in her life that she’s even attending a festival.

Her grandmother disliked crowds. Hence, they never attended that sort of things.

After she was alone, she missed the opportunity—either because she didn’t know a festival was proceeding, or because she just wasn’t not motivated to go.

…Hence why, Roze never knew—

—that the festival is gorgeous…

The city is always lively—however, today, it’s even more so.

Large amounts of people crowd the streets. There’re also more stalls than usual. There’re even foreign merchants Roze has never seen before—maybe Tien is here, too. Well, not like she can locate him amongst the crowd, anyway.

The buildings are embellished with colorful cloth and bouquets. Flags set on the window to honor Princess Bilaura sway in the wind.

A wagon with a brightly painted hood crosses the street. From it, flowers are overflowing.

Lovely dressed girls carry baskets filled with flowers. They sell some to the crowd. The people who buy small bouquets from the girls put them on their breast pockets and hats. These people also add color to the city.

“The festival sure is amazing…”

However, the crowds also make it overwhelming for her. It feels incredibly hot. She’s almost unable to enjoy the festival.

Still, she manages to look at some of the stalls and procures a hand weaved basket. The basket woven using akebia vines shines like glossy candy.

…she needs a new basket because her previous one was ruined by a squirrel.

At first, Roze thought she had scored a good bargain—however, she soon regrets it. It’s tough to walk amongst such a big crowd while holding such a large thing… Merchants also set up their stall basically everywhere…

“Ms. Wife! Please take a look at these apples, too!”


***T/N: …Well, the fact that she’s now being taken care of by Harij’s butler, the nickname ‘Ms. Wife’ doesn’t sound really wrong, does it? It’s just a fact waiting to come true imo Xd) 

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