I, a Witch, am Requested by My Crush to Make Him Love Potion Translation

21. The Princess Enchants the Witch (5)

…I slept well.

Too well, in fact. I want to scold myself.

It’s the next morning—

Roze is currently holding her head. She can feel drool dribbling down the corner of her mouth.

Outside the window, a small bird—probably from the forest—is chirping while flapping its wings. This early in the morning.

…CHIRPING—!!! This EARLY in the MORNING—!!!

Although her mood when waking up is at the lowest, her condition is at its peak.

Her body feels light and her mind feels refreshed. …Could it be that for the longest of time, she was at her limit?

She didn’t want to know she could be so weak.

Roze, who’s always determined to appear strong, sighs greatly on her pillow.

“You’re awake”


From the other side of the wall, Harij calls out, instantly making her tremble.

How could I so easily fall asleep in front of him like that!?

How careless could I be!?

Well, she knows she doesn’t snore, but it doesn’t reduce her anxiety in the least—she doesn’t have the courage to listen about what happened yesterday.

“So, sorry, for the inconvenience…”

“There’s no need. Rise up and get ready.”

There isn’t much for the Witch to prepare, however, she makes sure to check her getup on the magical mirror beside her bed. After wiping her eyes and her drool, she combs her hair with her fingers.

From behind the wall, he suddenly appears.

Her nose perks up immediately—she doesn’t need to move to catch the whiff. Her house is engulfed by a good smell.

“Whenever you’re ready, come out and sit on the chair.”


As if following the direct order of her superior, Roze sprints to the table.

What was once a messy table is now neatly arranged—no, even the messy house is no more. Now, there’s paths for people to walk and spaces for people to eat.

She sits while feeling terrified—…how can this happen in just one night?

Plate of sandwiches is placed on the table. Roze inhales.

“—this!!! …what’s this?”

“It’s fish I caught in the lake. I used the remaining apple butter to bake it and then sandwiched it between bread. I also harvested some parsley from the field, and along with salt and spices, sprinkled them on the sandwich. I’ve also watered the fields. More importantly, you should chew the bread properly…”

She truly has no words… Roze shakes her head up and down like a broken robot.

She didn’t know there was fishing equipment in her house, or that Harij is excellent at fishing, or that she possesses a stock of ingredients.

“It seems so delicious… this breakfast… it’s unbelievable…” The smell of breakfast and the fragrant of the Witch’s dwelling blend.

“It’s as if… Grandma’s still here…”


At the words she spilled, Harij’s eyes grow wide with shock. Roze immediately shakes her head.

it is like when my grandmother was still alive.

During that time, the Witch’s dwelling was filled morning light and surrounded by birds. A warm breakfast would line on the table. Roze was still young, yet, she never missed a single breakfast. She would always sit while rubbing her eyes.

While being scolded by her grandmother for her messy appearance, Roze would joyfully take a sip of the homemade soup.

For some years now, she couldn’t even recall those moments in her life…

His actions have greatly moved her heart—which she’ll probably regret later.

However, right now, she can proudly say—

this is the happiest I’ve ever been.

“Thank you very much… I slept well… and you even made me breakfast…”

Before she can finish her sentence, however, a cup is placed in her hand—

—the brewed tea has a fragrance similar to the one Roze previously made.

…Did he brew it while remembering that song, I wonder?

She’s in absolute joy, to the point of wanting to cry. It’s unbearable.

Even before eating, she already know this is going to be the best breakfast in her life.

After finishing breakfast, Roze continues her potion making—

—the entire time while enduring the pain in her chest.

…This love, how can it hurt more than the first time? To the point it requires my utmost strength to ignore the pain…

She carefully extracts the remainder of the mixture she made previously.

Then, pours the moonlight liquid—this is the last step…

The light dances before it wanes.

—the Witch’s secret brew is completed.

“This is your requested Love Potion, I’m expecting the payment.”

Harij looks stunned at the freshly-made potion that Roze presents.

“…already? This fast?”

“Before, I ordered lots of materials so I could create lots of mixtures—This time, all I needed to do was make some minor adjustments.”

Even though he nods to Roze’s explanation, Harij looks neither convinced nor pleased.

“I can finish it early because of the materials you brought me last time, Mr. Customer—and also your kindness. Not only did you paid me a lot last time, you also brought me food. I’ve been taken care of by you a lot—for that, I offer you my sincere gratitude.”

“…No, it’s no problem, I brought the food out of my own accord. I want to pay for that, however, as of now, I have no change in my hand.”

“I’m aware of that.”

Witch’s potion are expensive.

—to be honest, just the other day, she thought she could splurge with the payment Harij had given her.

“To make matters worse—last night, the Princess’ departure advanced. Next week, I’ll be traveling with her to the border.”

“Very well, I don’t actually care about the fee. As long as the potion is finished, I’m fine with anything.”

Roze shoves the potion on to Harij’s hand, and at the same time, pushing him to go home. Harij looks incredulous—

“—you… Has anyone ever told you that you’re cold?”

…More like, in the first place, witches are supposed to be like that—

—witches aren’t supposed to interact with their customers.

Hence, there’s no foundation whatsoever for witches to be called ‘cold’ afterwards.

Last time she had given the potion to Harij, she thought that she would never experience it ever again—

—spending more time with Harij.

Yet, the opposite happened.

Why are we still eating together like this, I wonder?

It’s getting harder for me to part with him…

…I don’t want to part with him.

No matter how absurd the idea, for such miraculous happy days to go on…

This time, she may not be able to discard the tablecloth—

—she won’t allow herself.

“In my whole life, this is the first time someone has ever said that I’m cold—give me a moment.”

Roze stops speaking because she hears the familiar ringing of the bell—

—when she peers outside the window, she sees figures in the forest.

Two men seem to be talking with each other as they approach.


=a few chapters back= Roze: Since long ago, God has deserted this place anyway…

*God: Twasn’t true.

///Blinding pillar of light descended upon Roze’s dwelling, and also my monitor///



–NGAAHHHHHHHHHHHH is decimated by the strong blinding light that is Harij

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