Translation We Dwell at the Base of the Dragon’s Peak

42.1 My Destiny


Ruiseine and I raise our voices at the same time, but our reasons are different. Why is Ruiseine surprised for? That is obvious. As for me, one fact just honestly surprises me.

Mistral asked Ruiseine if she could see dragon spirit. While I didn’t understand for a moment, I immediately realized her ability isn’t normal.

When I meditate, I can sense nearby dragon veins. It also lets me recognize the dragon spirit circulating within my body. When I close my eyes, I can see something like a large river. It’s like having a pseudo vision. Yet, the moment I open my eyes, I can clearly feel that it’s there, but I can’t see it.

Ruiseine, however, claimed she can see dragon spirit.

Eetto, is being able to see it unusual?”

I nod to Ruiseine’s timid question.

“Even I can’t see it. I can only feel it.”

“Then, what does it mean to be able to see it?”

Ruiseine and I are troubled by this and we look at Mistral. Mistral, however, continues to stare at Ruiseine in shock.

“M-Mistral, are you alright?”

Only once I nudge Mistral does she return to her sense. She then clasps my shoulders.

“Ernea, you can’t let Ruiseine go. Please, you absolutely must make her your bride. I’ll allow it.”


Ruiseina and I cry out at Mistral’s unexpected proposal. Even Priscilla-chan wakes up in surprise while patrolman controlling the reins peek his head through the cover.

“Ah, excuse us. We’re in the middle of a complicated discussion.”

Mistral pushes the inquiring patrolman back and then returns. Priscilla-chan soon falls back asleep as well.

“Mist-san, what are you saying all of a sudden?”

“T-that’s right. You shouldn’t say something like that without getting Ruiseine’s consent.”

Ruiseine and I are panic, ““Awa awa”” as our faces go bright red.

“Very well, Ernea, listen carefully. Ruiseine, you too, please understand your current situations.”

Instead, Mistral draws our attention with nothing but a silent expression. Then, she points at Ruiseine’s eyes.

“Ruiseine’s eyes are dragon eyes.”

“Dragon eyes?”

I am not the only one who’s head tilts upon hearing a new word. Ruiseine does the same.

“Yes, dragon eyes. The dragon eye is an extremely special eye. As Ruiseine just described, it can see the dragon spirit.”

“I believe that being able to see dragon spirit is certainly special, but is it really that surprising?”

Fufufu, the dragon eye isn’t merely surprising. It is a legendary eye that is more rare than a dragon princess like me.”

“My, my, well, well.”

“Furthermore, the dragon eye can be called that natural enemy of the dragon tribe and the dragon tribesmen. Naturally, dragon spirit users like Ernea are also included.”


Dragon eyes are the natural enemy of the dragon tribe and the dragon tribesmen? Even though they can just see the dragon spirit?

Mistral continues her explanation, as if noticing my confusion.

“She can only see it for now. However, if she accumulates more power, she’ll become able know what her opponents will do simply by looking at their dragon spirit.”

“That means, she’ll be able to predict their next move?”

“Yes, and since she can read their movements, their actions will be completely sealed. For the dragon tribe and those like me who use dragon spirit unconsciously, it’s especially bad. We’d be without hands or feet. Everything would be seen through after all.”

“But, if she can only see through movements, it’s not like it will be much of a threat.”

Regardless of how much she can read, it should be meaningless in front of a high-speed movement that possesses transcendental destructive power and is practically like instantaneous movement. Isn’t it pointless?

“Ah, I’m sorry. Seems like I didn’t explain it well enough.”

With those words, Mistral resumes her explanation.

“This time, the human tribe’s Ruiseine received the dragon eye. However, the possibility exists for anyone to have it. Not including the human tribe or the dragon tribesmen and dragon tribe, it can awaken within the long-eared tribe, kami tribe, and even the demon tribe. That’s to say, when the dragon eye awakens within the demon and kami tribes, they can combine it with their tribe’s powerful characteristics. It would make them our natural enemies.”

So, it’s like that? If the dragon eye were to awaken within the kami and demon tribes which possesses transcendental power from the start, they would be untouchable.

“So, it’s like that. Then, my dragon eyes won’t be a threat towards Mist-san or anyone else, right? I’m relieved.”

Ruiseine presses her hand against her chest in relief.

“Yeah, right now you aren’t a direct danger to me or the dragon tribe. However, that’s already not the case for the other dragon tribesmen.”


“Please think about this. Ruiseine, you are a war shrine maiden. Looking at your earlier battle, we can say your tehnique is remarkable. As a one of the dragon tribesmen, I can’t risk overlooking someone who threatens my people.”

“Except, I truly have no intention of opposing Mist-san or the dragon tribesmen.”

“For now, yes. However, what if the human tribe and the dragon tribesmen enter into conflict? You are a war shrine maiden. For the sake of protecting your believers, all of will fight without any hesitation.”

Uugh, I’m at a loss for words. Although I want to say there’s no way the dragon tribesmen and human tribe will ever fight against each other, we just dealt with a matter revolving around that. If that incident had developed, a war between tribes could have… 

Ruisine cast her eyes down. She also seems to be thinking the same as me.

“That’s why Ernea should firmly seize Ruiseine.”


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