Translation We Dwell at the Base of the Dragon’s Peak

41.2 Again, Sorry for the Trouble

“Ah, that’s right.”

Ludriad-san seems to recall something and stops the carriage. He sticks his face under the cover and says, “You’ll probably be wondering about the details of this incident. Once we finish our investigation, I’ll forward the information through the temple. Well, the important details will be omitted, though.”

“Ah, we’ll be grateful for that.”

Even just learning a bit more of the situation might help resolve these feelings of unease. Since we’re involved with this affair, I want to know everything no matter how trivial it is.

“Wait for it without any expectations. Also,”

Ludriad-san looks over all of us.

“You make a very interesting combination. Come to the national armed forces if you’re interested. I guarantee first class treatment.”

“Ahaha, you’re saying that again? Ludriad-san, you aren’t a member of the national armed forces, right?”

“Yeah, for now. But starting next year, I’ll be getting transferred to the national armed forces.”

“My, my, well, well, congratulations for that, Ludriad-san.”

So Ludriad-san is transferring from platoon leader of the patrolmen to the national armed forces. Looks like he’s moving up in life. He might come off as a slacker, but he’s an amazing guy, after all.

Ludriad-san unexpectedly gets embarrassed after we all congratulate him.

“For me, I just want to live a comfortable life from now on. Well, that’s why, come join if you feel like it.”

“If we feel like it, rightー”

Our final farewells are spoken and the carriage starts moving. We relax and trust our bodies to the swaying carriage.

Yesterday’s unexpected incident has left me exhausted. Still, to think there are people who’d try to defame the dragon tribesmen. I can’t understand the scoundrels of this world at all. If the relationship between the human tribe and the dragon tribesmen worsens, it will become a major diplomatic issue. 

That we were able to resolve this before it became a big problem is a relief.

Fuu, with a sigh, I look around and observe how everyone is relaxing within the carriage.

Ruiseine allows Priscilla-chan to sleep on her lap as she gently strokes her head. I wonder if Priscilla-chan is tired. She is already in a deep sleep. Mistral also watches over the two with warm eyes.

Mistral and Ruiseine seem to notice my gaze. They look at me in the same time.

“Ernea-kun, thank you for your hard work today.”

Ruiseine smiles.

“Today’s battle was pretty good. I was also able to stably use dragon spirit.”

“Dragon spirit?”

Ruiseine asks in curiosity.

I see, of course Ruiseine doesn’t know about that. How much did Mistral tell Ruiseine last night? She should’ve explained the true identities of Priscilla-chan and Nymia. There’s no way she wouldn’t have noticed anything upon entering the bath.

I look at Mistral and she understands my intentions. She, in my stead, explains it to Ruiseine, “I told you that I am the dragon tribesmen princess last night, right?”

“Yes, you did.”

“We dragon tribesmen, just how you use magic, utilize a power called dragon spirit. Ernea can use it as well.”

“My, my, well, well, Erna-kun is also a part of the dragon tribesmen?”

“No, it’s different. My master is a grandpa of the dragon tribe. I can use dragon spirit as a human because he taught me how.”

Ruiseine eyes go round in surprise at my words.

“Ernea, I haven’t told Ruiseine about the venerable elder.”

Ah, dang. Telling her my master is a dragon must have surprised her. Dragons, after all, are nothing but a menace for the human tribe.

Eetto, grandpa is a good dragon. He is the dragon who guards the dragon forest.”

This time, Ruiseine gets even more surprised. Her voice quivers as she says, “Awawa.”

“Ernea, when explaining something, the information is best given by matching it with the other side’s ability to comprehend it.”

Mumumu, looks like I overwhelmed her with too much information.

“S-sorry, I said too much.”

Ruiseine gradually regains her calm after my apology. She takes three deep breaths before speaking.

“Th- That story from just now, is it really true?”

“Y-yeah, it’s true.”

“Th-that’s right, I suppose. That was truly beyond what I anticipated. I was surprised.”

“Ah, please keep this as a secret. About grandpa and about how I can use dragon spirit.”

“Yes, I understand.”

Ruiseine’s smile fills me with relief. Her being a good person is great. If someone else heard a secret like this, things would have really become troublesome.

Eetto, so then, that was dragon spirit? That emerald haze that was drifting around Ernea-kun back at the ruins and during the battle that just happened?”

Ruiseine surely intended to ask a harmless question. Regardless, Mistral’s eyes pop open in surprise.

“Y-you can see the dragon spirit!?”

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