Translation We Dwell at the Base of the Dragon’s Peak

40.2 Lies and Reality

My head is spinning. Ruiseine also looks at me with a troubled expression.

“In other words, this guy’s a fake.”

Ludriad-san draws the magical sword from his waist.

A fake? Could a fake really have such a similar looking face? Or maybe, is he a demon with a transformation magic?

“Now, who are you? If you don’t confess, I’ll torture you.”

Ludriad-san grins as he looks down at Ristia.

“W-what are you saying, I am the genuine yuusha Ristia!”

Hee, is that so? Then, tell me, what are the names of that boy and miko-san? If you are the real thing, you should be able to at least say the name of your best friend.”

Fun, who would ever follow your instructions, bastard?”

A knife is thrust into Ristia’s thigh by Ludriad-san at his feigning ignorance.


Ristia’s expression warps as he screams.

“I’ll give you another opportunity. What are the names of these kids?”

Ludriad-san takes out another dagger out of his chest pocket.

I hate torturing, but maybe this is the only way? Ruiseine also watches the situation unfold in silence.

If he’s the real Ristia, he should be able to say our names. It isn’t something he needs to endure torture for. Speaking of which, not once did Ristia call our name during that confrontation. If he really is a fake, then he shouldn’t know what our name are.

Gugh,” Ristia continues to resist and keeps his mouth shut.

That’s when Ludriad-san stabs a knife into Ristia’s sword wielding right wrist.


“Really, it’s quite easy to hit a close target that can’t move.”

With a cheerful tone, Ludriad-san said takes out another knife.

This person has no hesitation over torturing others. Ruiseine and I both frown as we watch the exchange. Mistral keeps her eyes fixed on Ristia who refuses to yield.

Priscilla-chan covers her ears at the top of her fluffy hat and turns around. Yeah, this scene is a bad influence for children, so please stay like that.

“Where should I aim next?”

Ristia’s face twitches as he watches Ludriad-san twirl his knife in his hand.

“I-I am the yuusha…” Ludriad-san gets ready to throw another knife at Ristia’s feign of ignorance. “W-wait, I will tell you everything. so please spare me…!”

Ristia gives up in a fluster. I guess even demons dislike being tortured with severe pain

Fumu, then tell us what you actually are.”

Even though Ludriad-san relaxes his throwing posture, he watches Ristia without any negligence. After all, even if Ristia has already been weakened and was captured by Ruiseine’s spell, if he is really the demon, then he might be able to break through magic of that level.

I also refine my dragon spirit for the chance it’s needed. Everything will get troublesome if he’s only pretending to cooperate only to rampage afterwards. Instead, Ristia obediently tells us the truth. It might be because he truly feels cornered.

“A-as you’ve claimed, I’m a demon. I’m from a minor tribe, one that excels in transformations. But we were threatened and made to come to the kingdom of the human tribe.”


That sounds like a convenient excuse, too shady. Ludriad-san also seems to think the same. Without a word, he prepares his knife.

“P-please wait. It’s the truth. I won’t lie after coming this far.”

Ristia’s face pales. Yep, this guy’s really a fake.

“Re -release this spell for me and I’ll release my transformation magic.”

“We can’t trust you.”

“Please believe me! My family is actually gentle!”

“A gentle demon?”

“A-aren’t there people humans among the human’s tribe too? It shouldn’t be strange for there to be gentle demons within the demon tribe. “

“That’s true. However, if you act even the slightest bit suspicious, there won’t be any mercy.”

Mistral pulls out her jet-black one-handed rod. She then signals Ruiseine with her eyes. We put ourselves on guard and Ruiseine releases her spell.

The fake Ristia presses down out of pain on areas he’s been stabbed. At the same time, as he releases the transformation magic on his body. He neither recite any chants nor scream out any words. Also, while I can’t see any magic power, a phenomenon unveils before me. That magic is being invoked is clear.

Although we are wary of him, the false Ristia didn’t lie to us. His face melts. Ruiseine and I frown at the sight. The eyes, ears, and nose disappear to reveal a smooth, white face with only a mouth.

Even his hands that are visible from his clothes melt. They become fingerless, backs of hands, but are also pure white in appearance. The false holy sword he holds drops to the ground.

“This is the true appearance of my people.”

We are all stunned at the fake Risita transforming into something like a white, unfinished, ceramic doll.

This is a demon? I know that various kinds of demons exist. Back in the ruins I saw some with wings and others that were small. Still, I didn’t know ones with an such inhuman appearance like this one could exist.

“We are from a minor tribe. You could even say that we are dying. We live quietly on the frontier and we hate conflict. Yet, there are others with their eyes on our transformation magic.”

The demon’s face has become nothing but a mouth, yet his face fills with anguish as he speaks. Seeing such an expression without eyes or a nose is eerie.

“They captured and threatened us.”

“Who caught and threatened you?”

“That, I don’t know. They were just underlings at any rate. The ones who caught and threatened us were fat slave dealers.”

“Yup, this smells like complete bull. Do you think we’ll believe a convenient story like this?”

I also nod at Ludriad-san’s words. There’s no credibility to this demon’s story. There’s no evidence either. Trusting him is too hard.

“As I’ve said, we’re inherently a gentle race. Our numbers are on the brink of extinction. Even I want to survive.”

The demon desperately begs us for help.

“If you let me live, I will cooperate with you no matter what. Please, help me. Even if I were to escape and go back now, I’d be killed for failing.”

The demon drags his feet towards Ludriad-san and prostates himself before his feet.

All of us exchange troubled expressions.

“My, my, well, well, So there even demons like this exist. I used to think that all demons were just ferocious beasts.”

Ruiseine looks at me with an uncertain expression. As a shrine maiden, there’s no way she can help a demon. However, she appears to pity the demon who bleeds crimson from his wrist and thighs and pleads Ludriad-san for his life before us.

“Killing him like this with confirming anything would be a problem. Even from just considering his battle with Ernea and Ruiseine, it’s clear that he isn’t that strong. Therefore, arresting him until a proper investigation can be carried out should be fine.”

Ludriad-san nods towards Mistral’s proposal.

“Certainly, even if I cross-examine him now, I have no way of telling if he’s lying or telling the truth. Although, for the time being, we can consider the dragon tribesmen issue as settled. We can probably withdraw now.”

“P-please wait a minute.”

I stop him in a fluster. There is one more thing I need to check.

“Is the real Ristia safe?”

I know that this demon is an imposter, but I’m curious as to how he can change into Ristia. If there are any negative effects on Ristia’s body… the thought gives me goosebumps.

“The real yuusha? I don’t know that much about him. This transformation magic lets me take on the appearance of one I’ve touched before. First, I turned into a town girl. Then I approached the yuusha, touched him, and changed into his figure.”

“Then, it has no effect on Ristia?”

“None, I just transform to the person I touched. My people only specialize in transformation magic.”

I hold my chest in relief after hearing the demon’s confirmation.

“Well then, let’s return to the headquarters so I can hear about your situation in more detail. If you cooperate with us, I will guarantee your life. A comfortable life with three meals and an afternoon nap.”

Ludriad-san laughs, “kakaka.”.

What a high reception.

“That’s why, you guys, take this demon in with courtesy. Those guys sleeping inside the cave are also bandits, so take them together back!”

While I’m wondering about what Ludriad-san suddenly said, a great number of patrolmen appear from behind nearby rocks and bushes.

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