A Thousand Years of Separation~ Today, I Shall be the Villainess~ Translation

33. Lewis’ Confession (3)

We continued to eat.

“That’s right. You did mention your house is in the capital city. I’m sure your family is worried about you.” While saying that, Lionel smiled gently.

“I have to go out later, so I’d like you to take a good rest here today. I’ll take you to the capital tomorrow.”


He would send me all the way to the capital?

I felt fortunate, but at the same time, guilty. He didn’t need to go through all that trouble just for me…

That said, I really appreciated that. I found no other reason to reject such kind offer—thus, I kept smiling.

He seemed to have read my mind.

“You don’t have to worry about me. I belong to the Knights, and I have lived in Capital’s dormitory for approximately half a week. It already feels like my second home.” He laughed with a worry-free smile.

In the next moment, I heard a calm voice say, “Excuse me.” A man in his forties, with a mustache—probably this mansion’s butler—entered the room.

“Stewart, what’s wrong?” Lionel frowned a little.

The butler approached and whispered something to Lionel.

“—huh?” Lionel’s eyes went wide. “—for the time being, the guest room.”

“Yes, sir.”

He instructed something to the butler—Stewart—and Stewart left the room quietly while lowering his head.

Looking at those two, I had already gotten an inkling of what happened—

it seems that someone has arrived to escort me home.

Lionel then asked me, looking a little tense.

“Amelia—you’re the Count’s daughter? It seems that someone arrived just now, claiming to be your servant. Do you know someone named Lewis?”


To that question, I was slightly speechless.

as expected… Lewis came.

Somehow, I had already guessed he would be the one to pick me up. I never expected him to arrive this fast, though. From where did his source of information come from? Or, did it have something to do with his power?

He might be planning to do something to me here, considering that he came alone.

The underlying question about why he was looking for me this entire time, I would get the answer today.

At the same time, the current situation was also beneficial for me. This way, I could talk privately with him without anyone else batting an eye…

I can’t speak, though.

While thinking about that, I took the pen and the notebook—I smiled at Lionel, intending to apologize.

“I’m sorry. I should’ve revealed it sooner. I just didn’t want to create a fuss, since I’m indeed the Count’s daughter.”

Seeing my letter, he looked a little embarrassed, but also happy.

“So, it’s the truth, huh… I’m really surprised.”

I wrote again.

“I truly wish that you would keep calling me Amelia.”

“—!” His eyes widened at my words. He stuttered at first, but his face soon was filled with smile again.

“Yes! That sounds good! You also mustn’t hesitate to call my name, Amelia!”

His bright expression, like the sun, warmed my heart.

I entered the guest room with Lionel.

My gaze met with Lewis almost immediately. When he confirmed my figure, he stood up from the sofa. He looked relieved.

…Is it genuine, or is it only acting on his part? Who knows?

“Amelia, I’m glad you’re safe.”

Lewis nodded and approached me with a reverent attitude. When he was right in front of me—who would’ve guessed?—he immediately kneeled before me.

“All this time, I couldn’t stop thinking about Amelia-sama… I couldn’t stare at these hands, which failed to save Amelia-sama… I truly regret it. I’ve already heard it from William-sama. Forgive my powerlessness… for you to be safe and standing in front of me like this, I really, truly… am glad.”

Lewis’ voice wavered as he spoke. He didn’t dare raise his face.

“—” I was truly amazed at his conduct.

What’s his intention behind this? I can’t guess at all.

Besides, I wasn’t his master. It didn’t matter even if I was William’s fiancée. He didn’t have any reason to do this. This was absolutely unnecessary—what is this? He’s being creepy…

Well. He probably wanted to show off his loyalty, and at the same time, the Marquis’ grandeur to me.

“…” I stared at Lewis, whom was still kneeling in front of me.

—well, if this was the way you wanted to do it, then sure. Two people could play this game. I could use this to my advantage.

With a tender smile on my face, I gently put my hand on Lewis’ trembling shoulders.

“Amelia-sama…” He slowly lifted his face. I stare straight to his eyes, and gently shook my head.

don’t make that kind of face, you’re not in the wrong—was what I wanted to convey.

He probably understood the meaning behind my gesture. I was surprised by my own heart—which was telling me that this was Lewis’ real feelings.

“Amelia-sama, but, your voice…?” Stunned, he muttered.

Oh? I didn’t expect him to be surprised. I smiled at him again.


His eyes shook. For just a moment, I caught a glimpse of his distorted face.

Lewis quickly turned away from me—in a mere second, his face reverted back to that of a considerate attendant once again. His eyes prevented me from seeing his true feelings.

Lewis stood up quietly, without saying anything. Finally, pretending to just noticed Lionel—whom was just standing beside me—he lowered his head.

“Lionel McLean. Thank you very much for rescuing Amelia-sama. No words could express my gratitude.”

“—no, it’s no problem at all. It’s nothing big. After all, it’s only natural to help those in need.”

Lionel was baffled by Lewis’ attitude.

—well, that was only natural. Regardless of whether or not I was his master, to kneel before me just like that in public…

“No, it’s certainly an amazing feat. By all means, my Master would like to thank you directly.”

Lionel became even more confused.

“Oh… yeah, who’s your Master, Lewis? I heard from the butler that you’re linked with the Count…”

Side glancing at both of them, I finally understood what Lewis wanted to do.

“I’m sorry for the late introduction. I’m the one serving the Marquis of Winchester. This lady is the daughter of Count Southwell, and also the fiancée of the Earl of Falmouth, William Cecile—the son of Marquis Winchester.”


That sure was a lot to be taken in at once. Lionel was unable to speak a word.

He probably never thought of me being the fiancée of the Marquis’ son. I was guessing that he was under pressure right now, with such powerful names being casually thrown at him. Marquis, Earl—they both had status that absolutely exceeded that of knights…

Lewis continued.

“Everything that happened until now was the result of my incompetence. If this were to become public, not only my neck, but Amelia-sama’s future would also be in jeopardy. I’m truly indebted to you.”

—yes, those powerful names, Lewis wanted to utilize them to silence everyone involved in this matter.

***T/N: W0T!? Amelia doesn’t react doki-doki-badumph-tedly and instead logically towards Lewis’ gallant move!? Lol even though Lionel appeared for like, 3 chapters, he already scored such a high point with Amelia and also me.

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