The Heir of the Dragon Emperor and his Bride Corps Translation

17.2 Dwelling Within the Fist of the Overlord is a Blade Formed from Incantations

….Is this what happens to high-class monster when they die?


The voices of Lizette and Haruka come from opposite side of the forest. The sound of battle vanished at some point too. Seems like the monster were annihilated.



[Hold? Lizette… what’s wrong?]
[Are you alright? Are you hurt!? Are you still alive?]
[I’m still alive, what’s wrong?]
[Where’s “Black Knight Mestrat”?]
[Looks like Aniue-sama defeated it, Liz-nee.]

Haruka holds the “crystal” that fell to the ground. Is touching that safe?

[Only “Black Knight Mestrat” could have an “evil crystal” of that size. Your power are terrifying…..Aniue-sama.]
[As I thought, Shoma-sama is incredible. How did you defeat the “Black Knight”?]
[With “Holy Sword”.]
[[“Holy Sword”?]]

Lizette and Haruka tilt their head. Looks like this this world doesn’t have anything like that. I see.

[I have heard that the current Emperor, His Majesty “Houryutei”-sama has all sorts of sacrd swords and armours in his treasure vault….. This “Holyed Sword”… is it something that can oppose the power of “Black Monsters” and “black magic”?]
[It’s something like that, Lizette.]
Lizette holds her chest, seemingly moved. […Shouma-sama.]

Haruka also blushes and sighs.
[You possess such strong power….. This Haruka Carmilia admires you.]

[….I can’t do anything with power alone.] 
In truth, right now I’m just a “soldier with a few small tricks”. If I were to compare this to a workplace, then I’m something like “a new employee completely whom is clueless about his tasks and duties, but is good with computers.”
[This time, the enemy just happened to not know about me. That’s why I was able beat him.]

[So later, I want you to tell me more about this world in detail.]

My goal is to find a place to survive until this chaotic period subsides. For that sake, I’ll do what I can to keep the place around me in safe. Luckily, Lizette and the others of “Hazama Village” have come to accept me. Lizette, Haruka, and I, the three of use have the same objective. We desire for the village to be in peace.

  [….fighting against the world. I quit doing that more than 10 years ago.]

Same for finding the world’s enemy. And for using my abilities to change the world. What I can do is maintain the peace of my surroundings.

[All of the villagers are also safe. It’s all because of Aniue-sama.]

Haruka waves towards the forest. From there gather the Oni who were fighting the monsters. Even though they’re all tattered, no one is suffering a major injury. With their weapons in head, they are smiling. Looks like my “naming bless” was helpful.

[…Looks like it’s time to start removing the enchantments on the weapons.]

The “King’s” mana gauge is almost full.

While the enchantments of “super hard long sword”, and “metal like konbou” didn’t consume too much of my mana, “holy sword from truth fist” consume a lot due to the high power. I practically ran myself dry.

[I thought that if every villager had a holy blade, then protecting the village would be very easy….Seems like it’s not that simple?]

Regulating the mana usage for the skill I got from the Dragon Emperor-san is a bit difficulty. It makes me wonder how the original Dragon Emperor-san was able to maintain his reserves.

[Thank you very much, Mr. guest!]


Suddenly, a male Oni male grabs my hand.

[I’m Haruka’s uncle, Garunga. I’m grateful to you for helping us out when we are in great danger. That skill of yours with which you defeated “Black Knight Mestrat” will become a legend of us Oni.]

[That was just luck.]
I’ll be troubled if they expect this of me every time something happens.

[Putting that aside, is everyone fine? I saw someone’s arm bleeding.]
[We’re Oni. We’re confident in our regeneration ability.]

[I’ve told you before, Garunga-san.]
Lizette rebukes him.
[Everyone is exhausted after battling since dawn. Also, some are no longer able to fight. It’s better for some to remain behind while everyone else returns to the village…. Is how Lizette feels.]

[I also agree with Liz-nee idea.]
Haruka follows up on Lizette’s words.
[The Black Knight has been defeated. Only some small fry black goblins remain. Me and Liz-nee can do something about them. Still, I’d be happy if Garunga-oji-san and another came with us.]


Garunga-san and another Oni enthusiastically raise their hands as fearless smiles cross their faces. They’re quite determined. They look happy with their work.

[But… there anything left?] The enemy was defeated and their boss has been brought down. The only thing left—  [Speaking of that, didn’t you say that the enemy stronghold is ahead.]

[Yes, the abandoned castle deep within this forest had become a nest for the black monster.] Lizette replies. [Lizette still needs to go and confirm if there are any monsters remaining.]
[…I see.]

I feel like Lizette’s voice was trembling. When we first met at the “Dragon Temple”, she said she’s “afraid of fighting.” Is this why she’s shaking?

….My remaining mana is…

My “King” and “Fly” mana are already depleted. I still have about 30 percent of my “Oni” and “Dragon” mana left. They should all recover after some walking. “Demon” hasn’t awakened yet, but it should be available soon.

[Would you mind if I come too?]
[Are you fine with that, Shoma-sama?]

Lizette stares at me in shock.

[Don’t mind me. I’m interested in what the monster stronghold is like.]
[Thank you very much!]

Lizette gives a vigorous nod.

To be honest, cooperating with strangers is tiresome. My only acquaintances from “Hazama Village” are Lizette, Haruka, and the rest of the children. Waiting at Lizette’s house for her and Haruka to return would be uncomfortable while talking with the good villagers would be a bit tiring. Going with Lizette and Haruka here seems like it would be better.

The Harpy call out from above.
[King-sama–][We should be going back.]
[Oh, thanks. You were a big help.]
[No, no–][Being able to help you is an honor.]

The Harpy laugh as they flap their wings.
[What happened here][will be told to the villagers.]
[[We will be greeting you again soon.]]

With those words, the Harpy soar away.

After that, we see everyone off back to the village. Lizette, Haruka, and the others wave their hands behind them. I take a breath as I wave as well and start to recover my mana.

All preparations are finished after a bit. Then we decide to depart for the other side of the forest.

E/N: looks like this story is getting a ln adaption.

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