I, a Witch, am Requested by My Crush to Make Him Love Potion Translation

16.2 The Witch and The Promised Love Potion (2)


Astonished because the customer is opening the door without permission, Roze gapes.

Of course she was aware that a customer is coming. The ringing of the bell told her so. Even more so after checking through the window herself.

It was her who refused to believe so—until reality shows her the Customer getting off the boat and coming to her dwelling.

She firmly believed he would have never appear within such a store ever again.

“Sorry for the disturbance.”

—yet, as if nothing is out of the ordinary, Harij casually walks in.

His expression is unreadable.

“…uh, okay?”

But, I’ve given him the Love Potion…

Which means Roze and Harij are no longer witch and customer.

“…Did you, perhaps, encounter any problems with the potion? Are there any shortcomings?”

“It’s quite the opposite. The potion’s efficacy is unquestionable—besides, it’s no longer in my hands. When or where it’ll be used is none of my concern.”

Towards the anxious Roze, Harij shakes his head.

“That said, I paid a lot of attention to the usage method, effect, and also the kind of behavior it incites …last time.

Harij’s sharp gaze makes Roze curl within her robe.

he is going to make me relive THAT moment all over again…!?

The way they said each other’s names; the way they stared at each other; the way their intermittent breathes overlapped with each other—Roze remembers them clearly…right as she’s about to forget them all. After all, she isn’t planning on meeting Harij again in the future—

—what’s the point of turning the knob of a music box that no longer produces sound?

However, Roze isn’t someone who can answer that. She never even expected this sort kind of development.

In the future, reliving those memories would suffice for her happiness—

—and yet, that girl who confidently proclaimed so, Roze can no longer recall her.

“It’ll do me a great service if you forget about that test’s …incident. The effect of the potion on me has long gone.”

Of course, there are still aftereffects, but what she just said doesn’t count as a lie. Thus, Roze insists once and for all.

The potion-induced feelings vanished into thin air, yet of course, it’s still a sore spot to be prodded. The whole incident is now akin to a bad dream for her. She wants no discussion of it in the future.

“The potion’s effect—“

“—it’s gone. Completely gone.”

Roze deflects Harij’s question. Seeing that this talk will probably lead to something undesirable, Roze turns her back towards him.

On his first visit, Harij looked terribly grumpy—however, it makes sense now.

Only after that incident with the villagers did it hit her—of the extent of this place’s terribleness. It’s such that no one would dare visit this suspicious, stinky, rotten place.

It’s evidenced by the fact that he’s still wearing his travel cloak to conceal his identity.

He has no reason to visit this place.

“What else do you need?”

Roze asks with conviction, looking back at Harij. Although it is a shame that he doesn’t reply right away.

Harij isn’t even looking at Roze.

It’s as if time has stopped. In an instant, breathing becomes easier.

Following his gaze, Roze figures that Harij is staring at the table set near the window.

Whether he feels Roze’s gaze or not, he stares back at her.

Cold ultramarine blue eyes send chills down Roze’s spine.


Her name is called. Her body grows hot immediately. Her chest constricts painfully, all she wants to do is cry.

She also never thought …that he’d call her name again—

—and how can such a simple thing stir her heart so?

Surprise, joy, and regret mix into one—her body almost explodes.

“That time, I told you to call my name under the effect of the potion!!”

That’s why, don’t call my name ever again—!

Roze almost pleads to him, yet she manages to shut her mouth. She earnestly hopes calm will return to her burning mind.

The cold stare in front of Roze pierces her with blame—

“Did you get rid of the tablecloth?”

Roze is petrified. She feels like a herbivore being cornered by a carnivore.

“I never thought it was important. I’ll return it to you right away.”

“That’s not what I mean.”

The man grimaces. He brings a large basket as usual. Once she calms down, she notices the fragrance of a persimmon wafting.

It seems that he has brought food—for Roze.

“I, I thought you would no longer visit me, so…”

“I’m not doing this for myself. It’s important for you to take care of yourself.”

After sighing, Harij hands her the basket—

—to which she bows deeply.

“All this time, I’ve received an enormous amount of care from you. To receive more from this point would make me…—“

—pardon me.

Her incapableness of lying makes her wants to cry within her robe.

‘To receive more from this point would make me want you more.’ Is what she was about to say.

Tomorrow, the next day, and the day after that; when the sun rises and sets, she’ll be awaiting his next visit for sure. Just imagining it terrifies her.

The potion’s completion was convenient for her, since it clearly spelled the end of her sweet and fun period with him.

Since she was able to end that one-sided love that started without permission. Even better was that the will stemmed from her own heart.

Because if her feeling were somehow to be revealed to him, she would no longer be able to look back at these times and see them as a hidden, gentle love—

—but a plain unrequited love. Such terrifies her a great deal.

“…if so—“

Harij, who is staring silently at Roze, finally opens his mouth.

His tone is calm, but the tense atmosphere makes her feels like she’s walking on a tightrope.

“I want to request another Love Potion.”

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