I, a Witch, am Requested by My Crush to Make Him Love Potion Translation

15.2 The Witch and the Promised Love Potion

w, what kind of question is that?!

—how could he!?

This is unbelievable!

He knows I don’t lie, and yet still, he asks that—!!

—this man is the worst! He’s even worse than that annoying deer from before!

Thinking the potion’s effect is the cause and it isn’t going to last, anyway, he asks so casually.

Such isn’t the case for Roze. It’s the same as admitting the secret she has kept for many years—

Yet, no matter how many curses she spews in her heart, in the end, Roze gives her only answer;

—these feelings she has been harboring for him.


In a pathetic tone unworthy of representing her seven years’ worth of feelings.

Her weak voice seems to dissipate in the silence.

However, it seems that her dispassionate answer—suppressing all her love and regret—reaches Harij.

She feels his breath stops.

…he’s the one who asked such a stupid question, why is he surprised now?


The effect’s degree must be important for Harij. That’s why, he has to figure it out no matter what.

It’s understandable—

—nevertheless, Roze still wants to shout, ‘you scummy, shitty fellow!’ at him.

After a moment of silence, Harij softly calls out.

“Can I touch you?”

Although it isn’t too loud of a question, Roze still raises her head like deer in headlights. Gooseflesh erupts in her skin—that question sends her thought flying

…she wants to be touched by him.

Upon confirming Roze’s answer, Harij touches Roze’s arm as careful as he would a princess from a kingdom. He gently leads Roze towards the chair.

While Roze is still at loss, both of her hands, which are still holding the edges of the hood, are gently removed.

The places he touches are getting so numbed she thinks she’s paralyzed.

Her throat is strangely parched, and she unconsciously licks her lips with the tip of her tongue. She’s holding both of her arms tightly to the point of trembling.

“Forgive me. Does taking this potion cause a burden to your body?”

Harij realizes the trembling of her arms.

“…I’m alright, it’s just… painful.”

“Why are you in pain?”

Coming from him, it’s the gentlest voice she has ever heard—full of love, like comforting a crying child; like humoring a little sister…

Her back trembles. The sweet pleasure flows into it.

Both joy and stubbornness pierce Roze. With so much burdening her at once, Roze tears up.

“—it’s because you like someone else.”

The fact she has been enduring, along with her tears, spill out at once.

This isn’t good. She knows it will already be too late for her the moment a single tear slides down. She’ll sob for sure.

However, along with the falling tears, is also the love she has been harboring.

Like the tears, it overflows—

aah, I like him, I like him so much it hurts…

Harij rushes to take out his handkerchief.

“What make you think so?”

“Isn’t that why you requested the Love Potion?”

Just to stare back at him, she has to exert her utmost effort. Because she’s crying, her voice becomes nasal. She truly sounds like a mess.

I don’t want him to see me like this…

She bites her lips. A sore voice leaks through the gap between her lips.

Harij wipes her tears with the handkerchief.

She wants to be embraced by his gentle arms. She wants to just surrender herself to her instincts and hug him, to fill every gap between them.

I want you to touch me,

Hold me,

–kiss me…

“Stop it. Don’t be kind to me. Stop giving me false hope!”

“—what?! I am not—besides, this potion is for…—“—He abruptly stops. Momentarily after, he clenches his teeth. He balls his fist, as if enduring something, and stares at Roze with a serious expression.

“I want you to understand this; I’m not the one who’ll use this potion.”

Surprised, Roze lifts her face. Her cheeks, which are redder than apple, can now be seen. Her tearful eyes, which confine her burning love, feel as if they could melt anyone who stares into them.

Harij, who becomes the target of said fervent, yearning gaze, finds his breath stuck in his throat.

“Is that… true?” Tears flow from her round eyes.

Harij, who is reflected on Roze’s teary eyes, laughs.

“It is.”

Harij nods strongly to reassure Roze. He then caress her cheeks—unfortunately, with the hand that doesn’t hold the handkerchief.

The place where his palm touches starts burning. Tickling her noise is the unfamiliar fragrance of Harij. The inner part of Roze’s chest is aching.

Harij’s thick and supple thumb wipes the tears falling down from Roze’s eye.

An unspeakable joy rushes to Roze like a big wave.

“…I’m glad.” As she stares back at Harij, Roze laughs. Both her cheeks are dyed red.

She leans her face on Harij’s palm, before grabbing it and drawing it closer to her lips. Her overabundance of joy causes her to nibble on it gently.

Her lips aren’t only soft and warm, but also moistened with tears. The dripping of saliva accompanies as the inside of her lips savor the hand of Harij. Then, she lightly grazes the back of Harij’s hand with her teeth. Something inside Roze’ trembles, feeling a little satisfied.

After toying with his hand, Roze returns her gaze to Harij once again. She looks up at him with her moist eyes, fingertips still gently stroking his hand.

Harij is looking at her, somewhat stunned.

Harij.” She utters his name.

He tenses up.

“Please, just once, call me, ‘Roze’.”

She loves the coarseness of his hand, the proof of his many years of training. Roze pleads while firmly grasping his hand.

Her voice is incredibly sweet and mellow, even Roze herself is surprised—it’s probably because she is no longer hiding her intentions.

“Is it okay for me to call you…?”

Harij’s gulps.

As she desired, Roze nods. Her confirmation is transmitted to Harij’s hand.





Her smile is breathtaking. Her eyes are truly burning now.

As Roze, full of ecstasy, looks at him, Harij moves suddenly.

With the hand that once was in Roze’s firm grasp, he lifts her face. When he caresses her cheek, Roze exhales from joy.

Within the sweet feeling, Roze sees Harij’s face slowly approaching.

His face inches closer, causing their breaths to overlap.

Their lips are about to overlap, as well.

“—is the potion’s effect to your satisfaction?”

—that’s when Roze covers Harij’s lips with her palm.

Roze’s cool voice, with her usual expressionless face, reverberates.

The last remaining grain in the hourglass gently falls down.

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