Translation Yankee wa Isekai de Seirei ni Aisaremasu.

9. Somehow, it’s all my fault.

I explain as we eat dinner in the cave.  Gusu-oyake earnestly listens to me.  Isn’t this what would have happened if she straight up listened to me in the first place? 

She says, “I see, various things make sense now.”

“You believe me?”

“I do.  Zero-san, your wear a peculiar attire, have terrifying eyes, show ignorance towards magic, show ignorance towards spirits, and have terrifying eyes.  Occasionally, you also speak with people who aren’t there.  I had absolutely thought you an unstable person.”

“Bastard, what’s with that…?  Or actually, didn’t you just say my eyes are scary, twice!?  Arghh!?”

Hii!  I beg you, please do not look at me like that!”

Damn it…  I’m happy she believes me and all, but that just ticks me off. 

She says, “Well, in conclusion, I believe Zero-san’s words.  Therefore, to be able to see spirits…  That’s very likely to be a skill.”

“A skill?  Hold up, that sounds like a new word.”

“Allow me to explain.  A skill is something like a peculiar characteristic.  For example, my hair is red and fire magic is my forte.  With that being the case, [wielding fire magic] is my skill.”

Ehh—  That’s how you wanted it?”

“Skills are beyond our ability to control.”

Huh?  Hold up?  Doesn’t that mean my friendship with the chibi…?

I say, “My friendship with the chibi is all cause of a skill like that?  No way, I seriously thought I finally met guys who got me…”

“Actually, it’s more like the opposite.”

“The opposite?”

Gusu-oyake reassures me with a gentle voice.  Somehow, this is the first time I’ve ever thought her dependable.

She says, “Murderers, for example, do not develop skills like [heart of justice].  In the end, skills are influenced by the person’s disposition.  In my opinion, being able to see spirits differs from befriending them.”

“Put short, we’ve become buds not because of my skill, but cause I had the quality to be buds with them?”

“I believe so.”

Allll riiiighhhhhht!!  Safe!  Hearing that much is plenty!  Not bad, it’s great!  Right now, I can do anything!  My tension is spiking!

Gusu-oyake says, “Therefore…”

Ah?  I’m feeling great right now, don’t douse me just yet.”

“That’s not it.  I believe it most prudent to keep your skill concealed.”

Hearing her say something different from what I expected is nice, but her face is dead serious.  There’s probably a reason for it.

She says, “I have mentioned this before, but spirits cannot be seen.  If others learned you have the ability to see spirits, there would be no end to those trying to use you.”

“Use me?  Like as a specialist?”

“No, Zero-san, they would use you as a way to make contracts with spirits.  Even if they force a contract to occur, those people would be able greatly strengthen their power.”

Aughhhhhhhhh!?  They’d force the chibi!?  I’ll kill them!!  Where are they!?  Who wants to die!?”

“Wait, wait, wait, please!  That was merely an example!?  Although, such people certainly do exist!”

“…Che, don’t mess with me.”

Spirits are more amazing than I thought.  Using them… huh?

I say, “Eh?  These chibi are spirits?”

“I cannot see them, but from your descriptions, I believe so?”

“Although, they’re nowhere near as flashy as you said.”

“Perhaps, the truth was exaggerated…  From how you described them, Zero-san, they sound pretty cute.  I too anticipated them to possess a majestic aura, after all.”

How bothersome.  Being majestic is great and all, but how could anyone complain when they’re this cute?  Well, me and the chibi ain’t need anything to do with people like that.

Gusu-oyake says, “Haa, at any rate, I am still at a loss.”

“You mean you don’t know what you want to do?”

“No, my wish is to make a contract with a spirit.  I am clueless as to the method.”

“You want to get along with these guys, right?  I could ask them.  I mean, that should be fine since they’re not being forced, right?”

Something seems to be troubling Gusu-oyake.  Was it my suggestion?

She says, “However, that would be your power, would it not, Zero-san?  Likewise, I need to discover a way to connect with them through my own abilities.  I would not be able to accept contracting with a spirit because you asked.  Saying something like that is not very cute though?”

“Gusu-oyake, you’re pretty decent.”

“You say that now!?  I believe I have been an extremely good person since the start!”

“No, you were more like a willful idiot with no plan.”


Hahaa, even the chibi are laughing.  I might not fully get it, but Gusu-oyake should be able to contract with the chibi.  There isn’t anything more I can do to help.

She say, “For now, how about we rest here for today?  I’ll do my best and contract with a spirit tomorrow.”

“Yeah, and if you need a hand, just say something.  I’ll do what I can.”


And with that, we go to sleep.  There are a lot of chibi here, so this should all be over in a flash.

— — That’s what I thought would happen, anyway.  It’s already past noon and there hasn’t been any progress what so ever.

“Spirit-sa—n, come here plea—se.  Will you not be friends with me—?”

Gusu-oyake aimlessly walks around while on the verge of tears.  To anyone watching from the side, what she’s doing will appear super fishy.  However, I won’t say anything cause I can tell she’s doing her best.

She’s aimlessly wandering around, more aimless wandering…

Ah, she crumpled down.

I say, “O- oh yeah, for now, how about we start preparing something to eat.  It’ll take a bit, but how does a meal sound?”


Gusu-oyake sniffles tears as she eats her rice.  She’ll burst in wails any second now.

I can’t stand seeing her like this.  There’s gotta be something I can do.

I say, “Say, want me to ask what those guys what they like or something?  Is there any sort of chibi you looking to contract with?”

Uugh, I’d like to contract with a fire spirit.  Would you ask them what they are interested in for me?”

That’s what I understand through her tears.  Listening to this is unbearable, but it’s a question for those match like chibi, right?”

I say, “Hey, is there anything you like?  Mind telling me what it is?”

Huh?  It’s drawing something with its hand… a circle?  Etto…  Ah, is it a fire?

“You trying to say you like fire?  You are a fire spirit after all.”

Ah, it’s nodding its head.  I must be right.

Gusu-oyake says, “Did you figure something out…?”

“Yeah, so quit weeping.  Seems like they like fire.”

“Fire!?  Understood!  I’ll give them fire!”

“Yeah, that’s the spirit!”

Gusu-oyake then generates fire, creates a bonfire, and even launches fire… etc.  In the end, it’s all for nothing.  The chibi did have a lot of fun though.

Night time arrives.  Since it can’t be helped, we make an open air fire and call it a day.

Gusu-oyake says, “I am useless, a failure.  I will never become independent.  I am worthless.”

She’s been utterly overwhelmed.  I can’t take this anymore.

I say, “Alright, hey, you guys, do you all hate Gusu-oyake?”

Hm?  That’s not it?  Is there a reason?

Etto, then, is there a reason you’re not contracting with her?”

If they’re not doing it for no reason, then why? 
Arh?  Me?  What are they pointing at me for?  Is there something on me?

“Is it something I did?”

Ahre, they’re all nodding at the same time.  Eh?  It’s my fault?

“Zero-san, did you learn something?”

“Aaah, somehow it’s all my fault.”




Stop, calm down, Gusu-oyake.  I ain’t getting it either so quit glaring at me like that.

At the same time I have those thoughts, I spot a guy making way towards the camp fire. 

“Hey, Gusu-oyake, a new fire spirit is being drawn towards the fire!  Ain’t this your chance!?”

“For real!?  Where!?  Should I dive headfirst into the fire!?”

“Wait, cut that out.  This guy, right here.”

I pick up the chibi and show the guy to Gusu-oyake.

“I can’t see…”

“Oh, right…”

She starts sniffling again.  Okay, I’ve reached my limit.  Should I just try relying on the new chibi?

“He-hey, that red head over there is Gusu-oyake.  She isn’t a bad person. Ya mind making friends with her?”

As I make the request, I stroke the chibi’s head, just like I always do.

Oh, great.  He’s nodding up and down.

“Really?  Thanks a bunch!”

I then, just like always, ready my hand so we can press our fingertips together.  Gusu-oyake notices and says, “Zero-san, what are you doing?”

Ah?  It’s nothing, just something like a trick for getting along with these guys.  First I stroke their heads and then we press our fingertips together.”

“Thaaaaaat!  That’s it!”

Eh?  What is?  Am I not supposed to do this?  Then what?

“Pressing your fingertips together is how you contract with spirits!  Thaaaaaat’s why I could contract with anyoooooone!”

“In other words…?”

“Zero-san, you already made a contract with them!  If they contract with me, wouldn’t that be creating a second contract!?” 

Ah— Is that how it goes?  First come, first serve…?

Afterwards, the new fire spirit becomes visible to Gusu-oyake due to forming a contract with her.  She’s extremely delighted.

Finally, with this, she’s more or less achieved her goal.  She told me not to use my power, but it all worked out, somehow.

Gusu-oyake, tired from the day’s events, goes to sleep.  With all of this, I now got nothing to do.  What should I do next?  I’ll just sleep for now.  Me and Gusu-oyake can probably talk about it tomorrow.


Manai Zero
Skill:    The Person Loved by Spirits
Special Feature: Intimidating Eyes
Items:   Stone Ax
              (Mithril) Pipe
              Light Armor
Objective: Assist Gusu-Oyake [Complete]

T/N: Finally, this took much longer than I thought it would.  But it’s out now, so enjoy.

~Gandire Alea

<<8. Seems like you get it, I guess.
10. Arh? Pretty sure the first strike wins in a brawl.>>