Only I can Return After the Class Transfer Translation

6. The Combat Group

One week has passed since the class teleportation.

The day following my return to Japan, I went and checked my classroom just to be sure. In there, only my desk was placed in the classroom. Likewise, only my name was written in the class register. When I asked a teacher who happened to pass by about how I was the only one in my class, I was told something like that isn’t strange.

“The number is certainly odd, but it’s been like that from the start so…. Is there a problem?”

I have been wondering about that. I might have been able to uncover something if I prodded hard enough, but I held back since it would probably turn vague again after my next teleportation. Or rather, I should say that the situation is so creepy that I can’t point it out.

“Okay, let’s go hunting.”

Taniizumi, still cocky as usual, recruits members to explore other areas and exterminate monsters. He happily has Shigenobu make weapons and armor for him.

In this first week, a combat group and base group were established. The combat group is literally those who possess combat-oriented abilities. We discovered that a party function exists within the categories of the status window. Apparently, experience and points can be shared with those in the same party.

An environment with a combat-oriented group capable of deploying and quickly attacking an enemy, while also taking the initiative to go hunting… It completely feels like a game.

“Taniizumi-kun! Everyone can’t keep up with the situation. We should discuss before setting off like you suggest.”

The teacher warns Taniizumi who is acting excessively rash.

“Ah? You’re still acting like a teacher even though you were chased away by small monsters? Perfect timing, let me teach you how different we are from each other!”
“Eh? Taniizumi… Gu, Uuuh… Ah! P, please stop! Uh…”

Saying so, Taniizumi uses his ability on the teacher to beat him up. He casually lifts him using superhuman strength and scorches him with fire as if trying show who is the strongest here.

“What are you doing?! Stop!”

Shigenobu steps in yelling, but Taniizumi continues with the torture. He’s completely getting carried away. Shigenobu then grabs Taniizumi and makes him stop.

In the end, those with good sense like Shigenobu tried to stop Taniizumi, but those of Taniizumi’s faction are experienced in fighting. Therefore, even if people charge at them, the chargers are at a disadvantage… It’s the situation called handing a knife to a madman.

“What are you getting so worked up for? I’m just pointing out the truth.”
“Don’t mess around! This is a crime!”
“Hah! The one disturbing our circle of coordination should be the criminal in this situation. This guy tried to disturb our circle.”

Even Shigenobu is struck with a truly stunned expression. Common sense just isn’t getting through to Taniizumi.

The teacher’s torture eventually ended due to Shigenobu’s interference, but the damage to his mind and body was done. He couldn’t no longer oppose Taniizumi. He was originally someone who had faith in humanity, but now… adults warning Taniizumi has become impossible.

Taniizumi wouldn’t listen unless you hold him down by force. However, there is nobody here able to do so. Not only are those who know martial arts in the combat group, they seem to believe Taniizumi’s words reasonable.

“There you have it, I’ll make anyone with complaints suffer the same way this guy did, got it?”

Taniizumi says while pointing at the teacher.

Naturally, Shigenobu complains, and yet… Taniizumi doesn’t use his flame ability against Shigenobu. I don’t understand right now, but I’ll find out the reason later.

“Tsk… Okay, base group. Do your job properly!”

He says in an arrogant manner and leaves.  

Despite our dissatisfaction towards the combat group, they head off to hunt monsters. Regardless, what they do is necessary for the procurement of food and materials.

“Anyway, let’s do what we need to do.”

And so, the base group also starts moving. The base group is literally a collective term for those of us who possess abilities useful at the base. I’m also categorized here.

It doesn’t mean we’re defending the base, but this open spot where we woke up has become our residence. Several houses have been built. They started appearing when someone with an ability called construction, different from smithing, built them using timber.

The combat group supplied the timber, had the houses built, and started living there. They practically push aside the base group that made them.

“We are fighting for you guys. So we have the priority and right to enter the houses.”

Although Taniizumi insisted such, you aren’t fighting for us but for your selves, right? That they are only confirming how far they can travel and hunting monsters is clear. Well… if they’re cutting the trees in the forest and carrying them back, the lumber will turn to houses one way or another, so that’s fine.

I’m who transports felled trees using my teleportation. I didn’t have any complaints about that at the start, but my irritation towards Taniizumi piles up day by day.

By around the third day, Otsuka changed from being hysterical to lamenting. What might have speed up this change is her ability. Since it seems to be combat-related, she has been being sent out to fight.

Taniizumi is also doing well.

In regard to Shigenbou’s intimacy with the combat group, back when I was knocked away, they seem to have realized her possesses courage or rather spirit.1

Anyway, on the second day, Otsuka made Hiyama and I test if she could return home if we use our abilities together. Being able to combine out abilities like in a manga would be nice.

We didn’t know how it would work, so we put our hands together and matched our thoughts…  We imagined sending Otsuka to our original world… It failed. As a result, Otsuka acted violently again and both Hiyama-san and I were hurt.

I will properly ensure to pay her back.

“What is it, Hanebashi-kun?”
“Can’t you teleport back to our original world? Specifically, forget everything else and just feel yourself returning.”
“Eh? Hmm… Let me try.”

I casually try to have Hiyama-san experiment with my return method, but…

“Hmm… Looks like I can’t.”
“I see, sorry for asking something strange.”
“No, it’s okay. Every experiment is valuable.”

It fails in a sense. Apparently, Hiyama-san can’t do it.

Also, someone in the base group has the ability called barrier formation. It creates a sealed area that blocks out everything other than those who are allowed in. Thanks to that person ensuring monsters can’t enter our campsite, we reached a point where night watch is no longer necessary, and everyone can rest at night.

Well… I can go home with teleportation and enjoy a warm meal, bed, and bath, though.

On another issue, the time it takes for Taniizumi and his group to return keeps getting later. They seem to be traveling farther each time.

The sun set by the time I finish transporting the timber assigned to me. It’s around that time Taniizumi returns. He will surely say something annoying again.

“Going back and forth is starting to get troublesome.”

Taniizumi stares at Hiyama-san as soon as he returns and bluntly states.

See. I’m sure he’s up to no good. He’s obviously thinking that the monsters that appear around the base have become small fries and no longer have value in hunting.

“Hiyama will be coming us tomorrow.”
“It’s fine, but…”
“What? Are you disagreeing with my plan? Then give me a good plan. If you’re only objecting then it’s pointless, okay?”
“That’s not what I meant.”

Unlike me, Hiyama-san is now part of the combat group. She will also be able to increase her Lv. Although, I’m sure he’s only bringing along Hiyama-san so they can return more easily regardless of how far they go.

Yet while Taniizumi treats Hiyama-san as a transportation device, he doesn’t even spare me a glance. Although if that’s the case, it’s easier for me to move on the sidelines.

By the way, Hiyama-san herself is apologetic to us. She has a notable characteristic of particularly paying attention to me.
… You’re backward compatible so don’t worry about it, that’s what you’re thinking, right?

Since she’s a woman of character, she’s a dependable person as long as she doesn’t undergo a sudden change. If anything, I feel sorry that she is now being made to go with Taniizumi every day. I would like to help if there’s a chance.

“Killing monsters to grow stronger feels great, as it should. I am the strongest!”

Taniizumi has been caught up in this feeling the whole time. This guy might be enjoying this different world the most.
And so, if I were to speak of what I am doing…

“Haah… I’m hungry.”

This morning, after Taniizumi and the battle group left, I approached and spoke to my hungry and sighing classmates.

“Here, eat this?”

I showed some sweets I brought from Japan using teleportation. My classmate’s expression jumped.

“Is, is that okay?”
“Hanebashi-kun, thank you!”
“Ah, but, can you keep this a secret from everyone?”

My classmate vigorously noded and started eating the sweets in a way so nobody around would notice.

In this way, I secretly distribute food to my classmates… So I won’t look suspicious. As such, I’m being ignored by Taniizumi and the combat group, but am not belittled by the base group.

What I’m doing feels small, but I have no choice. I haven’t announced that I can return to Japan so I can’t really bring anything back. As a result, there’s a limit to what I can do. If a good idea or something comes to mind…

While I contemplate such thoughts, the combat group that Taniizumi leads is also changing.

“Hey, you guys serve me. I’m protecting you guys after all.”

Taniizumi started making highhanded remarks. If anything, after he declared himself the strongest, he started eyeing the girls of the class. Some of them even show hints of being attracted to him. Maybe this is what refers to people who’ve reached their limits.

“What are you saying, Taniizumi? Those who lead and decide all their plans through majority decision are civilized people, right?”

The class representative answers Taniizumi while showing discomfort. Although what he is saying is reasonable, I think he’s outclassed. I personally agree with his opinion, but no one will nod their head in this situation.

“Hah? What are you saying? This isn’t Japan, majority decision? The strongest decides. If you have any complaints, say it after you win against me.”

Naturally, Taniizumi displays his superiority and says it bluntly. I mean, isn’t he threatening the class representative by grabbing his collar?

I can complain but, for Taniizumi, my ability is backward compatible with Hiyama-san. I will basically only be ignored even if I speak. He probably thinks that I have no value.

“You shouldn’t resort to violence!”

The class representative, despite showing fear towards Taniizumi’s actions, speaks those words. I think that he’s a fairly mentally tough class representative. In that sense, I respect him.

“… That’s right. It’s better if you put an end to this.”

Over there… Shigenobu warns the upset Taniizumi. Among the members of the base group, the lifeline to the combat group is Shigenobu. Currently, among the members of the base group, Shigenobu is in a position where he can criticize the combat group.

They can’t fight with monsters as long as they are unarmed, so if they offend Shigenobu who makes the equipment for them using the monster remains and materials they bring back, even Taniizumi knows what will happen. 

That’s why he didn’t burn Shigenobu who was complaining.

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  1. 茂信と親しい戦闘組の話だと、俺を殴り飛ばした時に度胸というか戦える気概があるのを見ていたらしい。