Translation We Dwell at the Base of the Dragon’s Peak

35. Glossy Skin

Priscilla-chan has a smooth, flat chest.

Good, even though I’m seeing Priscilla-chan’s naked body, I don’t feel anything. No doubt, I’m a healthy boy. I’m not a pervert!

Ruiseine, in contrast to Priscilla-chan, is a woman. Her body is much more slender than I believed. Her usual shrine maiden clothes give a spacious feeling, giving me the impression she’d be more on the stout side.

Still, she is a war shrine maiden. Even if she looks slender, she is actually well-trained. She doesn’t have any useless extra meat. Her tight waist creates the beautiful figure of a woman.

As for her breasts, they’re so much more than I thought they would be. They’re like a beautiful pair of firm mounds culminating with pink tips. Swaying, drooping breasts like Serisu-sama’s are fantastic, but breasts I can cup with my hands like Ruiseine’s are also wonderful.

….stop that!


Ruiseine’s face turns bright red as she covers her important parts, screams, and squats down. She then clings to Priscilla-chan who’s over there.

Priscilla-chan says, “Kya, kkya, Ruiseine’s skin is very slippery.”

I can’t see Ruiseine’s naked body anymore. All I can see now is Priscilla-chan’s smooth flat body.

“What happened!?”

Upon hearing Ruiseine’s scream, Mistral becomes confused and also emerges from the dressing room.

Oh, what a day this turned out to be.

This time, I see Mistral’s naked body. It’s even more woman-like than Ruiseine’s. She has a tight waist coupled with long, slender arms. It’s just, her chest is smaller than Ruiseine’s.

Fumu, just as expected, this one here has bigger breasts while her’s are small.

“Mistral has small breasts, nyan!”


Nymia appears beside Mistral’s feet and reads my heart.

“They’re even smaller than Ruiseine’s, nyan!”


Mistral’s lips quiver and her body trembles at Nymia’s words.

Ahhh, Nymia, why did you say that? Topics about breasts are a taboo for Mistral!

“Ah, it seems like “small breasts” are taboo words, nyan.” 


Nymia innocently speaks everything she reads from my mind.


Mistral excludes an aura thirsting for blood as she approaches me. Although, I can also see a tint of embarrassment from me having seen her naked body.

“Uwahh, you’re mistaken. I didn’t think such things.”

I hurry and make an excuse, but it has no effect.

Mistral passes Ruiseine who’s still trying to make herself disappear by squatting down and holding Priscilla-chan. She then reaches me at the edge of the bed where I am moving about in a fluster.

Wahhh, what should I do?

Even though Mistral isn’t holding any sort of blunt weapon in her hand, she can easily send me flying like those giants she smacked earlier in the day!

Ruiseine looks this way despite her bright red face.

“Mistral-san, please kill him.”

The girl over there, you’re saying something super unreasonable!

Mistral gives a silent nod and raises her right hand overhead.

Right now, this is a life death situation. What should I do!?

Even though Mistral holds her fist overhead, since she came out of the bath in a hurry, her entire body is dripping wet.  There’s a fascinating beauty to it.

Thus, I embrace Mistral right away.


Mistral’s breath gets caught.

I’ll die if she sends me flying. Therefore, to avoid being sent flying, I hold her tight. Still, I’m prepared to be hit.

I squeeze my eyes shut and hug he with all my strength.

She smells of soap. Her skin is wet, but it’s smooth and springy. Both of my arms are tightly wrapped around her slender body. I can even feel the faint soft touch of her breasts.

Although, thinking about how I’m going to be hit stiffens my body. I squeeze Mistral with all my might.

Yet, no matter how much time passes, she doesn’t swing down her fist.

I timidly open my eyes and see that not just Mistral’s face, but her entire body is bright red. She has gone completely ridged.

“Mist’s head is all white, nyan. It’s rare that I can read her, nyan.”

Nymia looks up at us from our feet while swinging her long tail.

“H-how adacious….”

Ruiseine is lost for words.

Nnntto, Priscilla will also do it!”

Priscilla-chan breaks away from Ruiseine and clings to Mistral.

Etto, you completely fail at reading things like the situation, mood, and atmosphere, don’t you?

Etto, Mistral-san…..”

Mistral doesn’t react. She remains ridged. I didn’t hug her too tightly, did I?

“She turned stiff from embarrassment, nya!”

Nymia tells me.

Mistral’s unexpected reaction leaves me bewildered. Why did she remain calm when I saw her naked body, but get so embarrassed she stiffened up when I hugged her?

While I have those thoughts, I’m delighted at being able to embrace Mistral. So, women are this soft when you hug them. She smells even better than usual.

“E-Ernea-kun, you should probably let her go…”

Without me knowing it, Ruiseine had already put on a jacket.

Whoops, I was having such a pleasant time that I didn’t even notice time passing.

I gently release Mistral, but she doesn’t move.

Ruiseine drapes a coat around her.

Etto. I feel a bit chilly, so I’ll be entering the bath once more.”

With those words, Ruiseine leads Mistral and Priscilla-chan back to the bathroom. Ruiseine then peeks her head out from the dressing room.

“Please prepare yourself for when we get out of the bath.”

Ruiseine’s strained smile gives me an ominous feeling….

“You’ll be taking responsible for this, nyan.”

Nymia remains by my feet.


Nyan~ Because you’ve seen her skin, you must accept the responsibility, nyan. That’s how Ruiseine feels.”

Nymia, just what kind of thought did you just read!? Even though I already have the amazing Mistral, I’ll have to take Ruiseine as my wife too…?

Ruiseine’s family is quite strict. For generations, they seem to have all been shrine maidens. They always speak and act with integrity. Therefore, even though I saw a shrine maiden’s skin by accident, I must take responsibility for it?.

Should I be happy or dread it? 

Although, thinking about Mistral, there’s no way I’ll be able to apologize enough for this..

A lot of rich people, royalty, and also heroes like Ristia usually have a polygamy, but for commoners like me, they’re nothing more than dreams. They’re impossible in reality. More than that, Ristia’s polygamy works because it resulted from love. My situation is special. Mistral and I ended up engaged due to old Sleigstar insisting how it would be convenient for the both of us.

Although, even disregarding the advantages of our engagement, I think Mistral favors me. She’s always kind to me. There are times when she feels more like an older sister. It’s like the affection older people give to the younger ones. She did give me a light kiss back when we were by the spirit tree, but that was all that happened.

More than anything, I’ve failed to show Mistral my manly side. She always helps me. I’ve yet to take the lead on anything yet.

Members of the dragon human tribe has always been brave, huh. I wonder if Mistral, someone who grew up in such an environment, even finds a weak person like me interesting?

As for Ruiseine, I haven’t had enough time to grow closer to her. To begin with, our relationship was that of classmates who sometimes spoke to each other. Then, after those cursed swords appeared during that night of training at the ruins, we started getting closer.

Ruiseine is surprisingly assertive. She usually acts with her fellow shrine maidens, Kiri and Inea, but whenever they are with Ristia, she often seeks me out.

Even though she only comes to talk, that’s enough to make me happy. Since I’m considered a foolish child at school, the girls are apathetic towards me. Regardless, Ruiseine talks to me without giving me any strange look. I think that’s why I favor her considerably. If not because of Mistral, I get the feeling I’d have completely falling in love with her.

Will that kind and unexpectedly assertive Ruiseine become my wife solely because I saw her naked body? In the end, I can’t claim that this resulted from her liking me.

No matter how I look at it, that makes the most sense.

So, what should I do now? No, before that…

“I must escape.”

Mistral went into the bath to thaw. I won’t be able to stand against her after she returns. I’m seriously pathetic. Still, my life is in crisis. For the time being, I’ll step out for until she calms down.

As I hurriedly sneak out of the room, Nymia stays beside my feet.

“Won’t Nymia go back into the bath?”


Nymia shakes her body, sending droplets of water everywhere before jumping onto my shoulder. She’s still a bit damp, so that wetness spreads over my shoulder. Well, I guess that’s alright.

“I’m dizzy, nyan.”

I see, so she can’t handle long baths.

I secretly grab Nymia’s outfit from the dressing room and, after wiping her dry, puts it on her. In order to go out together, she needs the disguise to keep others from having her true identity discovered.

That I saw their discarded underwear is a secret.

Thus, Nymia and I leave the room. Once outside, I lock the room just in case. I then walk down into the corridor and leave the inn without pause.

The sun has already set and the sky has become dark.

Many inns and restaurants of various sizes are around us. Also, even though night has already fallen, the highway is quite crowded. There is very little difference to traveling speed when by foot. Therefore, everyone who left the capital city early in the morning will more or less stay at the same lodgings.

I realize that I recognize a couple a face from earlier today among a group of people.

Come to think of it, priority is given to inn searchers who haven’t yet eaten dinner. Although, since our inn doesn’t have a dining room, we’ll be eating out afterwards.

I wonder if their anger has settled down….

I mean, I may be a scoundrel, but the main reason any of that happened was because of Priscilla-chan. If she hadn’t air jumped out of the bathroom and spring towards me, I’m pretty sure none of that would have happened. Then again, I wouldn’t have been able to see a blessed sight either.

I can’t tell if that was good or bad. For now, I’ll stop thinking about it. If I keep thinking about it, my head is going to hurt.

I walk around in search of a dining room we can all go to later. That’s when a man riding a horse from before starts coming closer. Being on a horse gives him a high vantage point. He can see much further away from up there.

The man continues my way, using the light provided by the surrounding buildings to look over those who pass by.

Is he searching for someone? While I wonder that, a disagreeable bunch appear around the horse.  Damn, that man knows everything happening around him without having to look down!

The people pulling the horse and coming towards me are the patrolling soldiers.

Does that mean, the one they’re looking for is……

“Hey, we finally found you.”

The man who rides the horse says so while looking down at me.

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