A Thousand Years of Separation~ Today, I Shall be the Villainess~ Translation

14. Carla’s Melancholy (2)

“Hey, Carla, do you know who Amelia is?”

Carla looked alternately between Edward and Bryan. Their expressions were full of meaning.

“Well, if you ask me… a bit?”

“That girl is… how do I say this, ‘famous’.”

“Huh…? Famous for what?”

Certainly, from her appearance alone, Amelia being famous was understandable.

“She’s very beautiful, alright…” Carla muttered.

Hearing that, her brothers were disconcerted.

“Beautiful…? Well yes, that too, but—so you really don’t know, huh…”

“According to a rumor—no, it’s already an established fact…”

Edward and Bryan seemed like they were recalling something. Thus, Carla inquired to them.

“What rumor, exactly?”

Judging from their expressions, the rumor didn’t seem to be a good one…

But what could it be? Carla had difficulty imagining—even more so because she had only learned of Amelia since last night.

“Umm… some things are better unknown, I guess?” Edward exchanged a meaningful look with Bryan.

“Y-yes… at least from your vibes about last night’s party, everything went well… that’s all that matters, right?”


Why are they suddenly becoming secretive!?

Carla became slightly irritated of their withholding attitude.

“Besides, I also can’t say that William is a good judge of woman…”

“Yeah, I’m confused as hell, man—whether he prefers a passionate girl, or a cold girl…”

“Hey, do you remember back when we were still in boarding school? You sent a high-class prostitute to William’s room when he was alone at night.”

“I still do—and what a waste of a good 200 lux it was… he didn’t even touch her.”

“In less than a minute, the whore got kicked out—and who did she decide to take it out on? She mistook me for you, screamed and hit me in the face—you …bastard!!”

“Pffft, my bad~”

“Don’t laugh, say sorry, dammit!! That’s the first time I got beaten by someone that isn’t my father!!”

geez, what are these two fussing about…

Listening to Edward and Bryan’s conversation, Carla’s face gradually turned red.

When Carla was about to interject, suddenly, a voice was heard.

“My, so that’s what you guys had been doing in such a sacred learning place”

When the three turned to the voice, there stood the figure of their eldest brother. Standing at the entrance of the room with his arms crossed and excluding an aura of a true noble. Not only that, he wore a uniform of someone who worked for the royal family.

He squinted sharply at Edward and Bryan in a way that made them curl.

“B-Brother Chris!” “S-Sup’!”

Chris’ unexpected entrance made Edward and Bryan stand upright.

“No, no, Brother, it’s just a mere talk about the past…”

“Y-yes, indeed… it’s already been four years since we graduated, and I’m confident to say that we’ve grown into proper lads…”

The two tried to sway Chris with their prudent smiles—though to no avail.

“—bunch of imbeciles! Both of you risk tarnishing the Spencer Family’s name—have you no shame!? Learn from William a little!!” Chris continued. “—and what did you guys do last night? Neither of you were seen nor heard in last night’s party!” His eyes were blazing with fury.

Edward and Bryan tried to make some excuses.

“Well, you see, Father was already there, wasn’t he? With Father as the host, plus mother and brother at his side, isn’t it fine if we didn’t attend? Right, Bryan—”

“—I was really going to attend—!! Honest—!! But Edward told me against it—!!”

“Haa?! Oi, Bryan, you’re selling me out!?”

“—I’m saying the truth, Brother Chris, the truth—!!”


“Both of you, stop making excuses!!” After going through such dispute, Chris reached his last straw, and approached both of them.

“William got engaged last night! Don’t you guys at least have the decency to show your faces!?” Chris admonished them in a clear tone—however, the one who responded wasn’t Edward, nor Bryan—

“—Brother Chris, please, tell me everything you know about William’s spouse—Amelia!”

Carla begged Chris.

“Edward and Bryan said something about bad rumors floating around Amelia, but they won’t tell me about them. Brother Chris, do you know something?”

“Even if I tell you, what’s the good in knowing it? Will you advise William?”

“Well… it depends on the rumors, of course…”

Carla muttered, and casted her eyes down. Chris glanced at his younger sister.

“Carla, you’re sixteen already. Don’t do anything childish—”


“—refrain from doing anything that’ll compromise your dignity. You mustn’t let something as transient as love misguide your life.”


After hearing such cold words, Carla couldn’t protest anymore and stayed silent.

Edward and Bryan couldn’t bear seeing their sister looking so sad and glared at Chris, as if shielding her.

“Brother Chris, don’t say it like that…”

“Yeah, you’re being too harsh, y’know…”

Chris chided them. “—and what about both of you, huh? In the first place, if you didn’t pamper Carla so much, then she would’ve been able to think for herself and forget William! Well, I expected no less than you two incompetents!”

“Wha—!! There are some things that you absolutely mustn’t say, you know—!?”

“Say any more than that and we’ll never forgive you!!!”

Hearing that, Chris only laughed mockingly.

“Say that again after you’ve become independent.”


Edward and Bryan could only contain their anger…

…after a while, they noticed a man leaning against the wall behind Chris with a relaxed expression. The man deliberately smiled while saying—

“You never change, Chris.”

Chris turned toward the owner of the voice. After realizing the identity of the man, his expression become clouded.

“…Your Highness Prince Arthur, you’re here…”


Yes, the man is none other than the first prince of Etania Kingdom—Arthur. Arthur turned his deep amethyst eyes from Chris, towards Edward and Bryan.

“Right, both of you were called Edward and Bryan…”

They seemed to be muttering, ‘Nice timing! We’re saved!’

Arthur looked at Chris again. “I told you to call me ‘Arthur’, didn’t I?”

“Yes, I do recall…”

Arthur smiled faintly at Chris, whom was trying to regain his composure.

“You are being dishonest, Chris.” Arthur said again. “I overheard you say it earlier…’—I’ll never hand my precious little sister to William!!!’


Blood drained from Chris’ face as his expression turned awkward.

“Now, you’re looking scary. Cherishing your family isn’t something to be ashamed of—more importantly…” Arthur walked towards the four. Each one of his steps caused his shining silver hair to sway behind him.

Arthur stopped right in front of Carla, and stared directly into her tearful eyes.

“Is it true? Lady Carla has a crush on my best friend William? And William is engaged?”

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