A Thousand Years of Separation~ Today, I Shall be the Villainess~ Translation

10. Fate of the Engagement (4)

William stared at Amelia with a serious look.

“Lady Amelia, will you marry me?”

Amelia responded with a smile.

“Yes, if I’m good enough for you—then I shall.”

—the evening ball resumed.

Amelia and William were dancing a waltz.

The commotion was contained the moment William’s father—Robert, and Amelia’s father— Richard, firmly shook hand in hopes for the prosperity of both families.

Thus, Amelia and William were formally engaged.

Robert and Richard discussed their businesses while their wives about preparing the events until marriage. It was inevitable for William and Amelia to be left alone together.

William had never seen Amelia’s dance before. Due to her infamous reputation, everyone avoided her—much else offering her a dance. Not like Amelia wished for it, either. She always turned everyone down and willingly became a wallflower.

—but it was as Lewis said.

As expected of a girl whom once perfected everything when she was still eight years old, Amelia’s form was exceptional.

William had pondered a little, and ended up asking Amelia for a dance.

He thought he would be refused, but Amelia smiled gently and took William’s left hand.

—that was how they ended up dancing together.

At the center of the floor, they held hands and took their steps gracefully. Spun around, combine multiple steps, repeat—according to the triple beat of waltz. Their breathes were in rhythm, and their elegance plus stability made it seemed like they have been dancing together since forever.

Their steps weren’t only difficult, but also intricate. Their arches were full and elegant.

Above all was Amelia’s ability to keep up with William’s movements—as if she had predicted everything.

William stared at Amelia’s face—which was right in front of him, and got absorbed. There was no way he could keep an eye on his surroundings now, he thought.

“…Your dancing is remarkable.”

William purposefully tightened his grip on Amelia’s hand.

Amelia didn’t only notice that, but also William’s clouded expression.

“Compared to William-sama, my skill is just subpar.”

“How humble, very unlike your usual self, Lady Amelia. You aren’t really doing me a favor, are you? Let’s see, I’m in doubt about that.”

Corners of his mouth rose, forming a grin—but Amelia didn’t falter. A smile returned to her face once again.

“Ara… well, right back at you.”

—Amelia’s words made William freeze.

“I was right, this is just outwardly suspicious—all of the sudden, you agreed to my proposal. Why is that? What tempted you?”

“Now that’s a weird question. I just want to, hence I accepted. No other reason.”

Their dance, however, continued to last.

“But, don’t you dislike me?”

“Ara, Lewis told you so?”


Again, William’s expression clouded over—Amelia didn’t miss it.

“That was surprising, even for me. So you told Lewis to spy on me.”


William’s following words were stuck in his throat.

He didn’t know Amelia knew about Lewis. He also didn’t know Lewis had spied on Amelia.

Nonetheless, Amelia managed to find out about it.

…Did she base her acceptance on that?

“Well, aren’t you an honest person.” Amelia muttered.

At the same time, silence descended upon the hall. The song had ended. It was the time to swap dance partners.

Amelia released her left hand, which was entangled on William’s right arm. William also let go of Amelia’s back, and retreated half a step.

Judging by William’s expression, Amelia was convinced that attending this ball wasn’t a mistake. There was no Lewis, and her presence became a surprise for William.

“William-sama, would you like to enjoy the night breeze with me? I’m starting to feel cramped here.”

Amelia’s words erased William’s smile, while doubt and suspicion settled on his eyes.

“…Yes. That does sound pleasant. Let’s go, then.”

William’s respond earned a smile of satisfaction from Amelia and the two headed towards the empty terrace.

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