Only I can Return After the Class Transfer Translation

10. Difference

「… So, it’s also evening here,?」

Right now, I’m in Japan. As the sun has set and the color of the night deepens, I look around the area near the school building. I never imagined a day would come where I would find the sound of a car’s engine pleasant.

While thinking so, I walk home along my school route. I was in another world just earlier, but the differences are extreme. I’ve done it many times already, but I still haven’t quite gotten used to it.

Since it’s also evening here, it looks like the flow of time is the same.

Okay, what should I do now?

I want to help Shigenobu and Hiyama-san to the extent where they wouldn’t sense anything strange. Speaking of what I can do, I can at least bring something from Japan. Chocolates and sweets again, I guess? Everyone will be satisfied even with that stuff after all.

… For now, let’s go to the supermarket.


I passed by some kids on my way to the supermarket. I can see the park. Shigenobu and I played together there a lot when we were in grade school.

… It’s so peaceful.

Maybe nothing really happen and I’m just hallucinating? Nothing having changed here that it makes me think that way.

「Oh, Hanebashi!」

While I was lost within thoughts near the traffic light, a friend I played with during my middle school years called me. I remember this guy, he’s Marui.

During middle school, he, Shigenobu, and I did a lot of things together. He went to another school for high school so I haven’t seen him that much lately. Once in a while, I hear about him from Shigenobu so I think they’ve been in contact with each other.

「Sup? What are you up to these days?」
「About that…」

‘I want to help Shigenobu and everyone trying to survive in another world,’ he won’t believe me if I say that. If a friend of mine says the same thing, even I wouldn’t believe him.

「… I’m the only one in my class right now, what do you think of that?」
「Only one in your class?」
「There’s only one desk in the classroom and I have no other classmates.」
「Aah, that’s strange now that you mentioned it. But haven’t you said it before? Uhm… What was it? Special class?」

That again. Those in the class next to mine, the teachers, and even my parents have the same reaction. Probably, anyone I ask will have the same reaction. If I think about it normally, the situation is very strange, but their reactions are light.

「So, what’s the matter?」
「No, it’s nothing.」
「Is that so? Anyway, let’s call everyone and get something to eat soon.」
「Okay, I’ll call Shigenobu.」
「Shigenobu? Who’s that?」
「… Never mind.」

As expected, looks like it turned to something where everyone didn’t exist. Maybe I’m also treated this way when I’m not here? Still, I’m fine with that.

Even though there isn’t a trace of Shigenobu to begin with, he’s receiving leftovers and living in peace there right now. Just, I hate that I have to pretend as though Shigenobu and the others never existed. It’s not that I’m in love with him, but still, losing an important friend… It’s painful.

「All right, see you.」
「Yeah, later.」

With that, I parted with a friend. Until now, I had Shigenobu next to me and my friends would always talk to him more than me. That sadness brings me to reality.


After that, I go to the nearby supermarket. Despite my troubles, I browse the aisles. I should be looking for something everyone needs, but… This is difficult. First, it can’t be something strange for me to have.

Meat and fish are out. Even if I had those, I will be asked where I got them. I could say that it came from hunting, but it’s impossible for me to go into the forest with the combat group always watching. Also, carrying around processed meat or fish would certainly be suspicious. If I had it from the start… Two weeks have passed and yet the meat and fish are fresh?

For the same reason, bentou is also no good. In that case, I should settle with sweets.


Next is I can’t buy anything too expensive. I’m not particularly stingy, but it’s because of financial difficulties. I’m not even a university student, so I don’t have much in my wallet. Even if I try to work hard, four digits is my limit.1

Doing a part-time job… It’s not that I haven’t considered it, but… It won’t solve the root of the problem. I can probably ask for cash from everyone, but what would I do with that money? They would ask. Without a doubt, I should just settle with preserved sweets…

Well, everyone will still be happy with that though.

Still, I want to do something about that place.

「Thank you very much!」

In the end, I bought simple pastries and went home. Upon returning, I sit on the sofa in the living room and think. The news is broadcasted on the television, but there’s nothing about a group disappearance. I wasn’t able to confirm it until now but, as expected, it seems everyone didn’t exist from the start.

I don’t know how it works, but it looks like it happens when I cross worlds. Things seem to adjust to become consistent with each other though, I’m sure of that. In fact, I should be aware that I’m someone who doesn’t exist in that place at this moment.

However, after I have just confirmed it, this adjustment is quite sloppy. I guess that my classroom in school is a good example. It doesn’t even look like I attend classes. This is the same for the other world, I’m not there when I’m in Japan. I know there are moments when I don’t exist. Among all of us, I should be the one adjusting. Anyway, since I can stay for a long time in the other world, there should be no problem.

「Yukinari, take a bath before dinner.」

Being told by my mom, I step into the bath while thinking. It’s warm and clean… I shifted my attention to the bath that even has bathing powder in it.

… A bathtub, huh? Though not quite, there’s also bath over there, but it’s shoddy compared to the one here in Japan. That wooden bathtub is setup to resemble a large, public bath, house. It feels like everyone is maintaining the bath together.

The combat group has the priority to use it. It’s always dirty by the time it’s the base group’s turn. That’s because after Taniizumi enters, it won’t be heated again. However, that doesn’t mean that base group will also be contented with that. Naturally, hot water is added to the bathwater.

… Thinking about Shigenobu and Himeno-san, I feel guilty for taking a bath in my house. Having said that, I’ve never stopped using my convenient ability. If the situation allows it, I should let others use it.

「I need to do something…」

It’s not just a bathtub. For everyone to find delight with just chocolates and sweets, everyone is being driven into a corner. The everyday meals are cooked from the remains of unknown creatures. Nothing changes even if there is a plant type creature. At best, there are also berries, I guess?

There’s nothing else to do but rely on the combat group judgment to harvest wild vegetables. At least they know that mushrooms are risky and avoid them. The person with the cooking ability is working hard, but what’s made is far more inferior to what can be eaten in Japan. Furthermore, Taniizumi monopolizes everything for himself. The base group receives only the bare minimum, nothing even close enough for a meal. Well… I’m fine with one meal a day, but…

I want to do something about the food supply, but I don’t know what will happen if my ability is exposed so I can’t do anything carelessly. Some time ago, I was ridiculed as 『backwards compatible』 by someone I’ve given sweets to before. She’s even a member of the base group.

… I should think of a reason for why I can somehow bring things from here .


After I stepped out of the bath and ate dinner, I lay down on the bed in my room. With how the delicious the meal is compared to the food over there, I don’t have any complaints.

It’s a bed so it’s incomparable to sleeping on hard wood.

It’s a house so it won’t be cold since there won’t be any cold air.

… It’s completely incomparable.

There’s too much of a difference. I can’t understand how Taniizumi and his group are having fun like that. They can use powers like in those games, so it’s fun. We are exploring for those guys who can’t fight so we should have an enjoyable other world adventure, right?

In my case, I’m not happy even if I can use a teleportation ability.

Still… These differences in food, bath, and also sleep, I wonder what’s so fun about them?


Is it because they seem to be having so much fun?

Somebody once asked Taniizumi if he wants to return to Japan. Taniizumi said something like returning to Japan is stupid. Although being transported to another world is a man’s romance, I think it’s amazing that he can say that even after personally experiencing it.

I don’t respect Taniizumi though.

Based on what I found on the internet and in bookstores, it’s a type of mentality that appears in response to extreme situations. With that said, among those in that situation, I would be the most strange… I think.

I was called 『mature』Hiyama-san and Himeno-san.

Still, this composure is from me being able to cross over between the other world and Japan. If I wasn’t able to cross over, I think I would probably just be complaining all the time and lose my temper.

… Actually, I’m not mature at all.

If really was mature, even if I had the means to return, I would be living together with Shigenobu and everyone and think of at least one good plan.

I, who can’t do that, am mature?

AN: It will be fighting monsters part after 1 or 2 chapters.

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