I was Killed by my Classmates and Became God’s Gofer Translation

Prologue: His End

The sword that pierced my chest.
The sense of accomplishment in my classmates faces.
I’ve always had a feeling that it would turn out this way.

To begin with, I’m not particularly smart. Nor do I have a strong ability.
Even with the power that I obtained, there’s no way for me to resist the strength of a whole nation.

Still, the pain of a sword stabbed through my chest is not something I can bear.
I screamed that it’s painful.
I screamed for help with all my might.
In the end, all I got was the laughter of my classmates.
“You got what you deserved. Even if you die, we won’t feel a damn thing.”

Could I consider it a small bit of a revenge if I were to not take those words to heart?
Or maybe I could look back at them with a fearless smile.

However, they all seemed pleased with all the screams that came out of my mouth.
I can’t help it, it hurts so much, it’s so painful, and it’s so scary.
Even though I am already prepared for it, dying is still scary.

I screamed and screamed until no more words can leave out of my mouth.
Still, no one comes for me.

As I lose my consciousness, I start to see a beautiful blond woman.
She appeared before my eyes with an evil smile.
Then my mind just helplessly fades into the darkness.

Author note:

I wrote the story to be a bit choppy.
It would appreciated if you can fix any typos in the story.
The story before the reincarnation is dark so be prepared.

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