Translation We Dwell at the Base of the Dragon’s Peak

29. Nyan

The fake kitten doesn’t change into a small mountain like Old Sleigstar, but even so, it’s appearance right now is still a gigantic pterosaur. Its size is approximately three times bigger than a flying dragon.

After the fake kitten grows and become gigantic, it purrs and meows cutely.


Priscilla-chan’s eyes gleam as she jumps at the gigantic fake kitten. With no time to warn her, she quickly does an air jump and straddles the fake kitten’s back.

“O-Old man, what is actually going on here?”

Mistral looks unusually flustered. She is completely shaken up.

Fufun, this young girl is actually the child of snow dragon.”
“Snow dragon?”

Even if the tip of its hair was pink, the overall color of its body was white. Therefore, I already thought that if it were a dragon, then it’d be a white dragon. So, as I predicted, it was a dragon, eh? Well, after seeing at its horns and wings, I noticed it vaguely resembled one. I’m sure everyone except Priscilla-chan would sooner or later realize it.

“Correct, this young girl is a snow dragon. They are the white dragons whom have protected the tree spirit of the snow field since ancient times. There are twelve layers surrounding the ancient capital, and the snow dragons are the protector dragons to one of those areas. They are naturally an ancient species.”

Ancient capital? Protector dragon? I tilt my head to the side, taking in all the terms I’ve never heard of before. It seems like Mistral also doesn’t know about these things. Over both of our heads float a pair of question marks.

Kakaka, in short, this young girl is an ancient dragon tribe member hailing from a faraway place.”

“S-So, she is from the ancient dragon tribe like Old Sleigstar, right?”
“You can say it like that.”

I still don’t understand half of the things regarding this situation, but for now, we know the true identity of the fake kitten.

Priscilla-chan continues to squeal from the back of the fake kitten. The fake kitten doesn’t look like she hates it either. As I look at Priscilla-chan, the fake kitten’s turn its face towards me. Our gazes meet.

“Good afternyan, meowsterious onii-chan~”
“Wahhh, nyanko is talking!”

I’m so surprised at the fake kitten suddenly speaking that I fall on my butt. When I look up and wondering if Mistral wasn’t surprised, she gives me a wry smile.

“Mistral isn’t surprised with what happened just now?”
“Yes, if she is from the ancient dragon tribe, then she definitely can speak with the human language.”

Uahhh, is that so? I didn’t know about that.

“Fake kitten-chan, good afternoon.”

I collect my spirits and greet at her.


And then she replies by squinting her eyes and purrs happily.

“My name is Nymia, nyan~”
“Nymia-nyan, nyan?”
“Yes, nyan nyan~”

After Priscilla-chan calls the fake kitten by name, she hops around in delight. So her name is Nymia-chan.
Etto, she hops around cutely, but is currently at the gigantic size three times that of a flying dragon, you know. The ground is shaking so much right now…

So, maybe I shouldn’t add ‘chan’ to her name. Anyhow, she has a larger build than me.

“You can use ‘chan’ in my name, nyan~”

Ohhh, so she can also read my mind. I’m surprised.

Watching Nymia-chan run around the moss-covered plaza and Priscilla-chan squealing in delight as she straddles her back calms my nerves.

By the way, if Nymia-chan keeps running around the plaza square like this, won’t the moss fall off? Is this okay?

“There is no problem for something of this level. My nasal mucus is also omnipotent towards the moss.”

Ah, I see. So you will cure them with nasal mucus, eh? Uhh…

“Anyway, we already know her true identity and name, but why was she in the dragon forest?”

“Hrm, you should ask that of the one in question.”


Nymia-chan rushes over after being called by Old Sleigstar. She runs with such force that she creates an earthquake. Then, she makes an abrupt halt.

To say it directly, no matter how cute her appearance is, that large build makes her very scary. As I thought, adding ‘-chan’ in her name is impossible.

“Uhhh, how cruel, nyan~”

Nymia looks at me with teary eyes, making me feel a little sympathy towards her.

Nmmtto, don’t make nyan cry!”

Priscilla-chan appears from Nymia’s head and scolds me. This is bad, their combination is too cute, too dangerous.

“Now then, young daughter of the snow dragon. Why did you come to my forest?”

Old Sleigstar, whom has even larger build than Nymia, starts to question her.

Etto, I’m currently running away from my home, nyan. When I was flying around with empty belly, I smelled something delicious. So I came here, nyan~”
Fuhahaha, running away from home, eh? What a courageous girl.”

Old Sleigstar laughs and Nymia purrs in delight.

Uhh, is this something pleasant? Isn’t it serious that an ancient dragon tribe member ran away from home?

“Your mother had an unprecedented daughter. So, her daughter happens to be you, huh?”

Old Sleigstar seems to also know Nymia’s mother from his way of speaking. Maybe they met before?

“Since it can’t be helped, this one will allow you to stay here until you’re satisfied. But, you aren’t to harm the forest, and are to protect the spirit tree from all who approach. If you can’t do that, then this one won’t grant you any mercy.”

Old Sleigstar informs her and roars.

The moss-covered plaza trembles. The old trees and the branches of spirit tree sway in the distance.

Surprised by his intimidating roar, Nymia tumbles over as her eyes widen in shock. Priscilla-chan is frightened and starts to cry.

Uwaaahhh, great grandpa is scary.”
“Old man, why are you scaring a young child?”

Just where did his dignity go? After being scolded by Mistral, Old Sleigstar looks downhearted.

I hug Priscilla-chan who returned to my side with air jump and try to sooth her.

“N-No, this is…”
“Stop making excuses. Please, apologize now.”
“I-I’m sorry, nyan…”

Facing Mistral’s wrath, Old Sleigstar can only be dispirited. He does it every time, but he really likes to reap what he sows, eh?

Also, Old Sleigstar’s way of talking by adding ‘-nyan’ is not cute at all.

“Ernea, you are so cold.”
“I’m a supporter of cuteness.”

After I stroke Priscilla-chan’s head, she finally stops crying. Nymia also changes back into her small form and flies towards Priscilla-chan. Even though they’ve only known each other for a short while, they are surprisingly on very good terms.

“By the way, how old is Nymia?”

Old Sleigstar called her as a young girl, but I can’t really determine an ancient dragon’s age from appearance.

“I don’t know, nya~”
“Eh, you don’t know?”
“Fufu. Children of the dragon tribe doesn’t really care about their age. Not even as children. I’m certain that other than their parents, no one will know their age.”
“Heee, is that so?”
“This one thinks that you should be around a hundred years old.”
“Uwaah, she’s unexpectedly amazing.”

A hundred years still counts as a kid? For the human tribe, that’s an age where one does their best to stay alive.

“So, your real appearance is the big one?”
“Nyaa, since my mother will find me if I stay in my large form, I usually remain in this smaller form, nyan. But the real one is the big one, nyan.”
Nmmtto, smaller is cuter!”
“So, the big one is not cute, nyan?”
“Nuh uh. Cute!”
“Fufu, and then, how old is Priscilla?”

That’s right, how old is she exactly? Her appearance looks like she is five years old, but she is the future head chief of the Long Eared Tribe. What if her actual age is a hundred years old too?

Priscilla-chan starts to count with her small fingers.

Nmmtto, eight years old?”

Why is she asking us? But I’m glad that her age isn’t far from her appearance.

“Priscilla isn’t good with numbers, huh?
Nmmtto, I don’t know…”

I see. She is still a child after all. If she has to guess her own age after counting, then she would be confused by numbers.

“Then, if you want to stay with Ernea from now on, please study well.”
“Awww. Onee-chan is so mean~”

After being teased by Mistral, Priscilla-chan buries her face in my clothes.

“By the way, what should we to with Priscilla-chan?”

I completely forgot about that matter due to Nymia.

“Hmm, explain.”

Prompted by Old Sleigstar, I explain about Priscilla-chan to him.

Etto, Priscilla-chan is a special Long Eared Tribe member who can use the soul of the spirit tree. It looks like within my spirit tree wooden sword is a soul, so to be able to connect with it, she will stay with me, or something like that.”
“Hooo, soul of a spirit tree, eh?”

Old Sleigstar looks like he is very interested and he stares at Priscilla-chan who is still in my embrace.

“This one was certain you brought her along as your third bride, one in line with your preference.”
“W-W-W-W-What are you talking about? I’m absolutely not a pervert. And what do you mean by third, who is even the second one?!”
“Well, that girl that you saved before. Her name is Reisene if I’m not wrong… isn’t she?”
“Heee… Ernea is having fun outside the forest, huh?”

Ahhhhh! Mistral’s cold stare really hurts!!!

“I-It’s not like that. W-Well, it’s true that we are quite friendly in the school, but! Grandpa, what are you saying? Didn’t you just make Mistral distrust me now?”
“Fuhahaha. There won’t be smoke without fire.”

This heinous dragon, he just keeps adding the oil to the fire.

Mistral takes out her blunt weapon.

“You’re misunderstanding, Mistral.”

I try to stop her in a fluster.

Since I’m still holding Priscilla-chan in my embrace, I lose my balance and fall towards Mistral.
Since I fell down so suddenly, Mistral and I, along with Priscilla-chan, collapse onto the ground.


I instantly cling to Mistral as I fall. Once I regain my calm from that fall, I feel something soft against my face. There’s also a very nice smell. I take a deep breath. Even though Mistral wields a heavy, blunt weapon, she doesn’t have large muscles. She also feels very nice to hug.

…That’s not the problem here!!

I quickly get up in a fluster.

It appears that the soft feeling from before was Mistral’s chest.

“It’s a shame that they are small, huh?”

Old Sleigstar again says something ridiculous with a grin.

“No, you’re wrong, I didn’t think that at all!”
“Mistral is small!”
“So, you rather have them bigger, nyan?”

Everyone, what are you saying?

Well, it’s true that ones at the level of Serisu-sama’s that can shake around are amazing, but Mistral has just the right size. I think hers are great.

“Hoho, so big ones that can shake around are amazing, huh?”

Waaahhh, Old Sleigstar is so mean!!!

“I-I’m sure that from now on I will…”
“This one thinks that not possible. Your mother, grandmother, everyone, none of them possesses large breasts.”

Towards old Sleigstar’s words, Mistral covers her face as she sits down.

“Grandpa, what are you saying now?”
“The main culprit is you!”

Mistral swings her blunt weapon at me as I’m trying to comfort her. I avoid it and stare at her in confusion.

Ah, that was dangerous. Getting hit would absolutely hurt.

“Just look, eventually… surely…”
“It’s impossible.”
“Stupid old man, stupid Ernea!!!”

Mistral shouts at us and runs into the old forest.

“…Grandpa, you overdid it.”
Funn, she cares about it more than what this one expected.”

We look at Mistral who disappears into the forest in a daze.

Ah, it’s already starting to become dark. A lot of things have been happening since I arrived at the moss-covered plaza. I completely forgot about the time.

What should I do? I should quickly return home now, but it’s not like I can leave Priscilla-chan and Nymia here alone.

“Mistral will come back soon. This one will accompany them until she returns, so you can quickly go back.”
Onii-chan won’t stay here?”
“I have to go home today, but I will come back again tomorrow afternoon.”

I pat Pricillia-chan and Nymia who look lonely.

“Then, this one will send you off.”

Old Sleigstar’s golden eyes start to glow as he speaks.
And then, I’m enveloped by light.
Tomorrow looks like it will be troubling. I smiled wryly as I disappear within the light.

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