Translation We Dwell at the Base of the Dragon’s Peak

26. The Future of the Great Sage

We go with the of the members of Long Eared Tribe and arrive at the village square. Maybe it’s because outsiders and round-eared people are rare, but the various members of Long Eared Tribe take turns escorting us.

Etto, I wonder who exactly the exclusive tribe is here. The Long Eared Tribe members are very kind. They shake my hands and talk to me with friendliness.

Fufufu, Ernea sure is very popular.”

Mistral looks over me with mirth. The villagers are just as welcoming with her.

“Why am I this popular…?”

Whatever the circumstances may be, I am attracting too much attention. The greetings from the tribe members never end. Even though they said there was a festival already occurring, I wonder if the festival is to welcome me. As I jokingly think that, the members of the Long Eared Tribe all disperse. While I wonder what happened, a granny with a cane approaches.

“She is the elder, Yuuri-sama.”

After being informed by Mistral, I bow. That’s when I realize that the members of Long Eared Tribe do not have the etiquette of bowing.

“A pleasure to meet you, young boy of the human tribe. Thank you for coming to the festival of my birthday.”

I see, so today is the elder’s birthday.

“Nice to meet you. My name is Ernea Isu. It is my honor to be able to come here.”

“Fufufu, you’re too humble. Aren’t you the husband of the Dragon Princess? I welcome you with all of my heart.”

I see. So it’s because I am Mistral’s future husband. That’s why they’ve been giving me such an unbelievable welcome.

I feel relief now that I know my position.

Nevertheless, to make even the Long Eared Tribe pay respect, the title of Dragon Princess is amazing.

“Even though our place is meager, please enjoy it to your heart’s content.”

The granny with the cane smiles kindly, making me and the people around us feel healed. We all naturally start smiling too.

“Now then, elder, please have a seat.”

The granny takes a pretty woman’s hand and follows her to the center of the village square.

I guess that place is the center of the village. The center is elevated higher than its surroundings, decorated with grand flowers. The granny and some other elders sit together on chairs that have been placed at its center.

Many tribe members gather at the square, each carrying a cup of liquor. Many seats have been prepared while tables are lined with various dishes I never have seen before.

Mistral and I also get cups of liquor from a nearby man.

“Now then, since the noble visitors are now present, let’s begin.”

The young man who stands across the elder raises his cup. His long moustache looks pretty cool.

“We congratulate the great elder’s 1321-year-of birth!”

Everyone cheers ‘Kanpai!’ as they raise their cups.

The grand celebration begins. A massive clamor erupts as everyone drinks and sings. The cups of fruit juice and the dishes we are given are all very delicious.

The elder granny looks very happy as receives everyone’s blessings.
Mistral is surrounded by a group of women who give her their blessings for her marriage with someone from the human tribe. She looks very embarrassed. The entire time, her face glows bright red.

I am also surrounded by a group of men.

“You, how dare you to snatch our Miss Mistral!”

“Tell us about the beginning of your love story!”

“I will absolutely not accept it!!”

I can only give their emotional resentments a strained laugh. They chase me through various areas of the village. At some point, my running becomes an event to catch me. A reward is even prepared.

“Well, if someone is able to catch the future husband of Miss Mistral, they will receive a reward from the great elder!”

The members of Long Eared Tribe cheer when the young man selected to represent the tribe in giving the elder their blessings speaks such.

P-Please leave me alone…

Shouldn’t the Long Eared Tribe have great wisdom and act like refined tribe? Seeing them loud and excited like human the tribe makes me feel a great affinity with them, but I politely decline getting caught and squashed down.

I quickly run away in desperation.

Even though I wish for Mistral to come and save me, she is talking cheerfully with the elder granny since who knows when. I wonder what they are talking about… No, this is not the time to think of that kind of thing. I have to run away.

I try hiding behind a thicket and under the roof, but hiding from the Long Eared Tribe is impossible. They are too familiar with the village. Whenever they get close to finding me hiding place, I run away.

Fufufu, you won’t be able to catch me. I have confidence in my running. A demon beast always used to chase me after all!

I use my dragon spirit to enhance my physical ability and escape. It’s then I hear someone admire my ability to run away. The person says something like ‘As expected from the husband of Mistral-dono!

Err, are you praising me for running around? Or are you praising me for using dragon spirit? How dubious…

I hide inside one of the houses at the edge of the village. Now that I’ve separated from the people chasing after me, I wonder if I can take a break for an hour. I keep watch of my surroundings while regaining control of my rigid breathing.

“Seriously, today is the elder granny’s birthday. Why am I being chased around like this?”

I complain to myself.

Uh huh. Even though this is a celebration for great grandma.”

“Yes, yes. That’s why, they should celebrate granny’s birthday, not chase me around.”

“But, the village became really lively and great grandma looks like very happy.”

Ehehe, is that so?”


Who in the world am I talking to with? After realizing that, I look around.

No one is there, or so I think when I feel something pulling my trousers.

I drop my gaze.

Nn, hello!”

Since who knows when, a little girl stands at my feet.


My eyes pop wide open in surprise.

Even though I lost everyone and found an empty place, I end up getting caught by a little girl before I realized it.

The little girl has a big smile.

How cuteee!

Not only is her hair is fluffy and soft, it’s the same chestnut color as mine. Her eyes are similar to cat’s and her lips are slightly pink. From a crevice in her hair appears her long ears.

She has a ‘small-animal’-like feeling around her and looks to be around 5 years old.

Arere, since when did you catch me?”

“I caught you now!”

The little girl clutches at my trousers. She doesn’t look like she’ll let me go.

“C-Can you let me go this time?”

Nuh uh!”

The little girl shakes her head.


I feel like I really want to hug her. This is my first time meeting a child this cute.

“What is your name?”

I give up and I let myself be caught by this little girl.

I crouch down to match the little girl’s line of sight.

Nn… Priscilla!”

Priscilla-chan greets me energetically. It lets those nearby find us.

“So, you hide in this kind of place?”

Even though they discover my hiding spot, I was already got caught by Priscilla-chan. As such, I obediently reveal myself.

“I already got caught by Priscilla.”

“What, so you already got caught, eh? Then it can’t be helped…”

The adults see Priscilla-chan t gripping at my trousers and have no choice but to give up.

“Then, let’s go back to the public square.”

They return while shrugging their shoulders in disappointment. It looks like they all really wanted to catch me…

The disappointment of the adults frightens me.

By the way, I don’t see many kids around here… why is that?

I hold Priscilla-chan’s hand as we return to the public square. At the same time, I take note of everyone who’s walking with us. Most of them are adults. Younger ones like Mistral and me are very few. I don’t see any children of Priscilla-chan’s age, though.

“Does Priscilla-chan have friends of the same age?”

Nn, Priscilla is the youngest. Everyone else is already older.”

Priscilla-chan raises her head towards me and tells me so.

That’s right, I heard in the stories that since members of Long Eared Tribe have long lifespans, having children is hard for them.

“Is that so…”

Then, does she have no friend to play together with? When I think of such things, we finally arrived at the public square.

Once we return, everyone praises Priscilla-chan. Receiving those praises make her very happy. Her cheeks turn red and she clings to me.

How cute…

I feel my cheeks loosen as Mistral approaches me.

Arere, her eyes look dangerous.

“So Ernea has this kind of hobby, huh?”

W-What does she mean with hobby. I don’t understand. I just can’t help but smile after looking at the cute Priscilla-chan, you know.

“You’re misunderstanding me.”

I wave my hands in denial, but Mistral only looks at me with cold eyes. Please trust me. I’m not a pervert…

When my eyes start to become teary, Mistral burst out laughing.

“I’m sorry. I teased you too much, eh.”

“H-How cruel, Mistral.”

Mistral strokes my head to comfort me and those around us jeer at our exchange.

This time, Mistral and I both feel embarrassed.

“Oh my, so Priscilla caught Ernea-kun, eh?”

The elder granny approaches us. Priscilla-chan, who still clings to me, happily nods.

Nn! I caught him there.”

Priscilla cutely points at the location, making everyone smile.

“Then, I will give you a gift, okay?”

Nn! Priscilla want this onii-chan!”

Priscilla hugs me even tighter after saying that.

“Oh my…”

Mistral makes a bitter smile, and everyone of Long Eared Tribe is surprised.

I’m also very surprised. What’s so good about me?

“Then, it can’t be helped.”

And the granny readily agrees just like that.


Everyone except the granny and Priscilla-chan shout in surprise.

“G-Granny. You shouldn’t say those kinds of things so easily. Little children might believe it.

Despite my fluster, she doesn’t hear my words at all. She just returns to her rest area while muttering something like it can’t be helped.

“E-Ernea, what were you doing with her, exactly?”

Mistral looks baffled. Err, I also don’t know anything about this. I didn’t hear anything about this from Priscilla.

I make a troubled face, one that everyone of Long Eared Tribe matches.

Priscilla-chan alone shouts out and dances in joy.

“The great elder always does something unexpected, huh.”

“As expected from the great-great-grandchild of the great elder. Priscilla also always surprises me.”

“A-Anyway, let’s just drink.”

The members of Long Eared Tribe disperse as they scatter around to do their things.

Eeeehhh, why won’t all of you treat this more seriously? The great-great-grandchild of the Long Eared Tribe will be taken by a human tribe’s not-very-young boy, you know!

Where are her parents?

What the heck is happening here?!

Only Mistral and I are left in bafflement.

“Ernea, please go and talk to the elder for a bit. I will stay with Priscilla here.”

Mistral says while sighing.

Un, I understand. I’m about to go to the granny’s place, but Priscilla-chan continues to hugs me with no intention of letting go.

“Priscilla, can you stay with onee-chan for a little bit?”

Mistral leans over to request from Priscilla.

Nuh uh!”

But Priscilla-chan hugs me tighter.

“It can’t be helped, eh. Then I will go together with her to the granny’s place.”

“That’s right. Then, take care.”

I exchanged a wry smile with Mistral. After that, Mistral returns to the group of girls while I take Priscilla-chan’s hand and head towards granny.

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