Only I can Return After the Class Transfer Translation

2. Abilities

“This is a status window!”

Came the high pitched and somewhat cheerful voice of Kazuki Taniizumi, a boy known for being the delinquent within the class. Well, it did appear to be a status window. Not just me, but anyone who’s ever played a game could realize that.

“Status? Is that when you care about how other people perceive you?”

“No way! It’s like status icons from games! You’re the class representative and you don’t even know that?”

“Have you never played a game before?”

Taniizumi and his followers mocked the class representative.

“Hmph…I enjoy games in moderation. Mostly, I stick to action or intellectual games such as shogi and Othello. But I’ve also had an obsession with minesweeper recently.”

Woah… While those were games, they were so different in style to what Taniizumi and the others were talking about. And he said it with no shame at all. I never realized such fossil-like people still existed. He talked rather normally on most subjects, so I had no idea.

“In any case, I have no time for this game. I don’t know who brought us here or why, but we should try and return to civilization as soon as possible.”

“That’s easy to say…”

Unlike Taniizumi and his optimistic friends, the rest of us looked at our surroundings.

There was no visible road leading out of the clearing through the forest. It was as if we had been dropped here, deep in the mountains, by a helicopter. There were no signs of human life anywhere.

Well…we were only seeing it from far away. There were a lot of birds flying. I squinted and looked…but it was too far away. Still, they seemed a little on the large side, but maybe it was just me?

“Do you know where we need to go in order to find a place inhabited by people?”

“Uh…I, I think it’s in times like these where we should calmly write a distress signal on the ground…and…”

Then the class representative started talking as if he were reading from the disaster manual. Weren’t you appointed as secretary to the student council? He was so proud about running in next term’s the election, but I’m starting to think he won’t be very reliable when the time comes.

“So, in other words, wait for a rescue? But you said we were going to go search for people.”

“Uh…in that case, we should look at the slope of the mountain and go down. We can look at the sun to check our position.”

Would he be reliable or not?

In any case, what he was saying was very text-book, so I guess it was trustworthy?

Of course, that was only if you could accept that the current situation was normal.

“Alright, then let’s search the area first. We won’t know what to do until we see what’s here. As the teacher, I will go and search through the forest. The rest of you stay within this area, which looks safe.”


Came the scattered replies. The students were bewildered but decided to search the place anyway. That being said…the area was much like our local baseball field, and it would not take long for an entire class to search through it. As for the results, the only things we discovered were the slab and a well…that’s it.

“Yukinari, do you know what’s going on?”

Shigenobu asked me.

“A lot of possibilities come to mind. But I’m really suspicious about what was happening to the blackboard before we woke up.”

“…Yeah. I think that’s the root of it as well. But…what was it?”

“Shigenobu, don’t you have an idea? Something you consider a possibility?”

I too had a vague idea about it. Still, in spite of everything, it felt like something that couldn’t possibly happen. I stared at Shigenobu and thought. Perhaps Taniizumi and his friends were so excited because they were considering this very possibility.

“Well, yeah.”

“Yes, like being summoned to another world… I just don’t know if such a dream-like scenario could actually happen.”

But considering all of the evidence, it was the first thing that would come to mind.

After all, we could now see our status and only we could see them. You could also select categories like skills etcetera. It was as if it were suggesting that we could fight at any time.

“I don’t think we should reject the possibility outright…but that might be my childish desires speaking.”

“Don’t say that…but…”

There were those in our class who thought that we had been abducted. The girls were especially anxious and irritable. Most of the boys had gone through a period where they had become familiar with the idea of being summoned to other worlds through stories and games, thus their hopes and wishes were evident. But the girls tended to lean towards the possibility that they were victims of some sort of crime…or so it appeared. Well, there were definitely some girls who were reacting much like Taniizumi.

“Maybe I should comfort them a little.”

“Yeah, go and do that, Handsome Shigenobu.”


Shigenobu looked a little irritated but laughed it off as he went to the girls. Well, it wasn’t exactly the best time to be cracking jokes, that was true. That being said, it also meant that some of us were calm enough to be doing just that.

“Are you alright? I don’t know what’s going on here, but let’s do our best, so we can all return home.”


Shigenobu was always popular within the class, and so the reactions to him were very positive.

“However…there really is nothing here.”

“I don’t get it.”

The boys were now looking around…most likely at their status windows.

They were chatting like that.

Well, I was quite absorbed by checking my status as well. I clicked the category called abilities… Ah, so the ability cursor activates with a click. Designate a target and…

It was right as I was half-heartedly playing around!


A scream came from the direction of the forest. Then was when our teacher dashed towards us at full speed… What was going on?!

Behind our teacher were rats the size of dogs…no, I wouldn’t call them rats, but creatures with horns.


The girls started to scream as well.

Shut up! Don’t you have anything better to do than scream! We’re being attacked by giant rats! I mean, what are they?

I concentrated as I glared at them.

Horn Rat.

The name of the rats appeared in my vision. This situation just screamed, ‘this is the tutorial for a game!’

“Leave it to me!”

It was Taniizumi who moved first. He conjured a ball of fire in his hand and launched it towards the horn rats at an incredible speed.


Our teacher just barely dodged the fireball.


It hit the horn rats who charged horns first at our teacher.


They burned up and let out a final scream.

“One more!”

“Hey, not fair! Let me try it!”

Taniizumi and his friends acted very foolishly as they attacked and killed the horn rats with fireballs and then wind blades.

Our teacher was crouching somewhere trying to protect his head. It looked quite pathetic, but given that it was the best posture to have when protecting yourself, I couldn’t mock him too much.

“Haha! Wow! It looks like we really did come to another world!”

Taniizumi and his friends were now picking up the horn rat carcasses and laughing.

I could understand them in a way, but it also felt wrong. Like, why were they so happy to be involved in such an accident? These were the type of people who whipped out their smartphones to take shots of the victims of car accidents.

“Th-those things… Taniizumi. What…did you…”

“What? …This is our ability, of course! I…I’ve received ultimate power!”

Taniizumi and his gang declared. It was as if they were very excited about this awakening.

Though, ultimate power was a bit of an exaggeration in my opinion.

“Power…you mean abilities?”

Shigenobu asked. He was defending his friends even now.

Actually, I was quite surprised that Shigenobu had moved to protect his friends at the moment…

“I do! We’ll have to consider and assess our situation again. I think…that we might have to survive out here?”

Even if he was right about our situation… He was considered a delinquent in the class. So why was he so gleefully acting like he was the strongest?

That’s totally a flag. Has he never read any manga? No, maybe he is acting like this because he has?

However…that would be some adaptability. Usually, in these situations, it’s the delinquent who starts to recklessly run wild and attempts to rule over the other students… So, how would this play out?

My rational side began to analyze the situation.


“Oh? Reinforcements! Everyone, let’s drive them back!”

And like that, Taniizumi and his gang began to fight the newly arrived horn rats.

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