Isekai Mahou ha Okureteru! Translation

155. The Magician, Hydemary Alzbine

Hydemary trembles with fury as she approaches Suimei and the others.  Hatsumi, having met Hydemary once or twice before, recognizes her.  “Ah!” 

Hydemary speaks with a shrill screech.  Her tone is reminiscent of a hysteric woman who uncovered an affair.  “So you’ve finally returned!  Well, just where have you been strolling about until now!?  And what’s this!?  You’re strutting around a group girls!?  Aren’t you going to say anything!?  What the hell are you up to!?” 

Suimei raises his hands in surrender underneath Hydemary’s glare.  He says, “I want to say one thing first.  I didn’t do anything wrong.  I’m a victim.”

“The heck do you mean, victim?  You up and left without a word to anyone.  Suimei-kun, you are disqualified as a high grand class magician.”

“That’s harsh.”

“Abandoning your disciple for who knows where is inexcusable.  Or am I wrong?  Am I[1] saying anything strange?”

Hydemary unleashes her grievances from having been left behind without restraint.  She lists them one after another in rapid succession. 

She is expressionless, but Suimei’s relationship with her lets him pick up on the full extent of her anger.  These must be her pent up feeling that gathered after being neglected for so long.

Despite that, there is one thing he first needs to confirm with her above all else.  He says, “Mary, there’s something I want to ask first.  How long has it been since you last heard from me?”

“Half a year!  Half!  Half!  A!  Year!  Suimei-kun, you’ve been gone for six months and thirteen days!”

“So that’s how it is.”

I see, the time spent over there was the same.  I don’t know the specific number of days, but the margin of error is in a range where it doesn’t matter.  What a relief.

Hydemary picks up on the subtleties of Suimei’s heart.  She says, “What are you getting relieved all on your own for?  Is it really necessary here?  Sure, some issues I wouldn’t call small popped up here and there, but—”

“I get it, I get it.”

“Do you?  Do you truly get ‘it’?  All I see is a stupid look on your face.” 

Her mouth is still as impudent as ever.

On the other hand, the other four, Felmenia, Lefille, Lilliana, and Hatsumi, are shocked by the exchange.  Both the pressure Hydemary gives off and the sight of Suimei being one-sidedly reproached befuddles them. 

Regardless of how they feel, the situation continues.

Suimei says, “Mary, what sort of impression did Leader-dono have?”

“His impression as in his reaction towards your disappearance?  Even though he almost always has the same impression towards any other member of the association?”

“If you would?”

“Leader-sama said, ‘Well, seems like him too.  Magicians absconding from the world for ten to twenty or so years are quite common.  Yep.  Nothing to worry about.’  As for Nicolas, he said, ‘I expect he’s been wrapped up in another interesting little incident.  This is Suimei-kun, after all.’

A sigh escapes Suimei on reflex.  “……Haa.”

Not worried in the slightest.  Should I see that as a good thing or a bad one?  I suppose it’s a way of saying that I’m trusted, but I just can’t bring myself to accept that.”

Hydemary says, “Naturally, chairman-san was furious.”

“That person would be.”

The chairman mentioned by Hydemary is the oldest member of the association.  Of the three executives, he’s the only serious member. 

He would be ticked if I suddenly broke off of all contact. 

Although Suimei was suspected to have been caught up in some sort of incident, he still has a position to maintain.

That’s when Hydemary brings her face up to his.  She’s about to cross-examine him, but he isn’t too frightened.  Because it’s the lovely face of a young girl?

She says, “So, where the heck have you been up until now?”

Ahh, I went to another world for a bit.”

Hydemary’s gaze freezes over with a Siberian midwinter’s chill at the straightforward response.  “…Suimei-kun, it seems you’ve finally become a regrettable person.  You’ve read so many light novels and manga that you’ve confused yourself with a protagonist.  How pitiable….”

“I’m serious.  If you doubt me, then examine that spell.  Isn’t it interesting?”

“That?  …Fuun.  …!?  …!?!?!?”

Hydemary doesn’t refuse to display emotions, she unable.  She isn’t not excited.  Her face is always expressionless by default.  Her eyes opening wide in amazement proves that the current situation blows past mere novelty.

Suimei says, “Hou, so that’s your reaction.”

“What’s this?  Passing beyond the world’s shell… impossible.  Coordinates were determined ahead of time!  What is this!?”

The magic circle used to return to that world was completed at the same time Suimei and the others arrived.  It would be so much more convenient if the tunnel reopened.

Hydemary says, “This, is for real?  Suimei-kun, this isn’t a large scale mechanism you’re utilizing to cover your fallings, is it?”

“It’s not.”

Uwaa, this, it’s amazing.  Won’t this set some people off in a frenzy?  They’ll run off trying to solve the Fermi paradox or Drake equation with it.[2]

“You think?”

“This, what exactly happened?”

“I was summoned to another world and even though I had to face an unbelievable amount of difficulty, returned home.  Since you’re a genius, you somehow or another understand with that, right?”

“Yes, in short, Suimei-kun, you carelessly let yourself get caught up in another person’s summoning.” 

“Quit being so unreasonable.  A divine power was involved.  It couldn’t be helped.”

“You’re claiming that an impossible being who denied the world’s termination and dispersed this world’s divine lost to something like that?  Such a statement from someone whose phenomenal achievements will absolutely result with his name being carved into the history of magic doesn’t seem very plausible.  Master Suimei, become more human if you’re going to make such statements.”

“Are you making fun of me?”

Hydemary says, “Not in particular.  My making fun of you wasn’t my intention.”  Then, while remaining expressionless, purposely allows for the following long sigh to be overheard.

Is she trying to show her exasperation?

Suimei says, “I’ve troubled you with my absence, sorry.”

“You very much did.  I’ve gone around the globe searching here and there three times already.  Do you understand what I’m saying?  Three times.  You returning today barely saved me from exploring the Antarctic.”

You went that far in search of me?

Suimei says, “…My bad, I’ll buy you some sweets later.”

“That you will.”  With those words, Hydemary releases all of her built up resentment from her chest.  Suimei’s attitude is usually a bit awful, but right now is overly apologetic.  She can’t even get irritated at him anymore.[3] 

Lefille clears her throat during that opening between Suimei and Hydemary.  She says, “…Suimei-kun, is everything working out just fine?”

“—Ah!  My bad.”

Hydemary rebukes Suimei with her eyes as she says, “Honestly, advancing your own circumstances without any consideration towards others is not a good quality.”

“You, each and every single thing…”

She sticks out her tongue “Beh—

Hurling abusive langue out of nowhere like that is so childish… Then again, she actually is still a child.  I guess something like this can’t be helped?

Hydemary says, “Speaking of whom, these people… another other world, you said?  They accompanied you from there?  Although, I recognize Hatsumi-chan.”

Hatsumi never running into Hydemary would have been impossible.  As such, Hydemary, upon moving in and being asked about, was introduced as Suimei’s friend from abroad.

The two draw closer to each other.  As they match stares, Hatsumi says, “It’s been a while, hasn’t it?”

“Yes, long time no see.”

Suimei adopts the role of a host and says, “For starters, let’s have an introduction.”  He then does as Lefille did and clears his throat.  Hydemary steps forward during that pause and he adds, “This person is Hydemary • Alzbayne.  The association— A magic organization I belong to has temporarily transferred her to me.  She’s my disciple.”

She twirls her walking stick as she grabs hold of her mantle and tips her hat in greeting.  Her behavior is just like a stage magician stepping up to give a performance.  “Hydemary • Alzbayne.  I’m presently Suimei-kun’s disciple.  Think of me as a genius magician.”

Still, she called herself a genius without a drop of hesitation.

Lefille and Felmenia are troubled by the way Hydemary openly acknowledges herself as a genius.

Lefille says, “A- A genius?”

Felmenia says, “A self-proclaimed one…”

“I’m extremely, extre-mely, reluctant to say, but this person isn’t kidding.  She’s a true genius.”

Hydemary puffs out her chest at Suimei’s confirmation and adds, “I’m amazing, fufun.”

Suimei then says, “Also, this person isn’t human.”

Felmenia says, “…? Suimei-dono, do you mean to say she is a magician?”

“Incorrect, she flat out isn’t human.  Mary is an artificial lifeform— better called a homunculus.”

Neither Felmenia nor Lefille are able to conceal their discomfort towards the term homunculus.

Felmenia says, “A homunculus?”

Lefille says, “Artificial you say… in other words, a living being that was created by people?”

Suimei finds their reactions natural. The topic about people creating people tends to be avoided historically, humanly, and verbally.  As such, the unease of the other worlders grows after hearing a brief explanation about homunculus. 

“Even so, it feels hazy.”

“That’s, well, life is a blessing of god.  It’s the consequence of humans reproducing with each other.  To claim life is a result human hands, well, not much more needs to be said about that.”[4]

Is that to say her existence is blasphemous?

Hydemary, however, refuses to have any of it.  She says, “For me, it’s nothing more than a difference of coming from a womb and a test tube.  At any rate, we’re all people who move by our own intentions.  In the end, isn’t there no difference?[5]

“I see, so a perspective like that also exists…”

“As you said, ‘a perspective like that’, in regards to your thoughts, also exists in this world.  Just, those are the teaching of the church.  If you affirm the scientific method, [everything that has been taught in regards to God up until now] would be denied.  To make such a blasphemous desecration of their faith their official stance would be their ideal—”

“Hey, hey, you’re getting off topic here.” Suimei shakes Hydemary’s shoulder before she can get too excited.  She’ll prattle on forever over philosophical discussions revolving around life.

Hydemary says, “But,”

“I know what you want to say.  For now, just contain yourself for a bit, will you?”

What she said so far isn’t enough. “Muu…”

No surprise.  To her, this isn’t just a minor debate.  It’s a grave discussion revolving around [her identity].  A difference in opinion towards humans creating people may as well be denying her existence.

She is without a doubt a created being.  Regardless, she continues to press forward, to reflect, and live.  Even though she can be called an existence that ought to be shunned due to being created through such a technique, she isn’t unbearable.

Well, for now, let’s start with… Suimei glances towards Felmenia.

She says, “I am called Felmenia•Stingray.  At present, I am receiving instruction from Suimei-dono as his disciple.”

Hydemary’s voice jumps with excitement at the introduction.  All the dissatisfaction she had been harboring up until then evaporates.  “Eh?  Hurray!  That means you’re my younger sister disciple!”

With a hop in her gait, she draws closer to her fellow disciple.  Felmenia is unable to hide her confusion as she’s left at a loss by the development.

Lefille watches Hydemary with interest from the side.  She draws closer to Suimei and speaks into his ear.  “Suimei-kun, she seems quite… childish.”

“Well, she is a child despite appearances.”


I’ll should give a proper explanation later.  No need to hurry explaining it all now.

“I’m, Liliana Zandyke.  Like Felmenia, I come from the other world and became, Suimei’s disciple.”

Hydemary stares at Liliana’s face from a hunched position.  “This child as well?”

Liliana, unaccustomed to contact with others much less such an unreserved gaze, steps back.  Hydemary, in turn, steps forward into the space that was created.  The pattern repeats itself and the two gradually end up traveling around the yard.

Liliana eventually comes to a stop and Hydemary examines her from various angles.

Liliana says, “A- ano… this…”

Hydemary acts like a photographer, returning to reexamine Liliana from previously checked angles.  “There’s no need for unease.  Everything is fine.”  In the end, she even lifts the violet twin tails to ascertain her hair.


Suimei says, “Discover something unexpected?”

Hydemary says. “Yes, looking at Liliana-chan stirs up my creative urges.”

Ah… I see, it was about that.”

Liliana’s appearance does have a lot of attributes.  She’s a little girl, follows the Lolita fashion style of a different world, has twin tails, and even wears an eye patch.  For someone like Hydemary who makes dolls as a hobby, she’s an amazing source of inspiration.

Suimei then rebukes Hydemary while pulling her away by the arm.  He forces her study of Liliana to end.

“I’m Lefille•Graphis.  Since I’m not a magician, I’m not Suimei-kun’s disciple.  I’m more like his companion?”

Hydemary’s response differs from her previous ones.  As she stares, she gives an adorable tilt of her head.  “……?”  She then walks up to Lefille and pokes her body with an index finger.


Hydemary’s action is rude, but her young and innocent demeanor makes rebuking her difficult.

That said, her actions— No, any magician of this world would obviously show enormous interest in Lefille.

Suimei says, “You noticed?”

“More than notice, Lefille-san is…”

Lefille resolves Hydemary’s confusion.  She says, “A spirit.  In this world, I’d be called something like a summoned spirit.  Strictly speaking though, I’m only half of one.”

Hydemary’s expression doesn’t change, but her voice jumps with admiration.  “The other world is amazing.  It’s myth level.”

Lefille’s eyebrows furrow at her tone.  “Is this really something that impressive?  Well, no, even in our world this is a peculiar situation…”

“You’re asking why the existence of a spirit is so significant?  It’s because none have been witness across this world in over one hundred years.”

“Really, but doesn’t this world have summoning techniques?  If you utilize them, then such entities shouldn’t be so unusual.”

“Spirits themselves, no.  What astonishes me is the way spirits exist.  Summoned spirits are only temporary while you, Lefille-san, don’t appear so?  Since you don’t require a sacrifice or magical power to remain here, you can’t be banished…that’s to say you exist as half a human.”  Hydemary’s voice continues to bounce as she adds, “It’s amazing.  My, interest towards your world is suddenly overflowing.”

“Th-that, what should I say… thank you?”

Suimei watches Lefille get overwhelmed by Hydemary’s excitement and releases a sigh in order to dampen his own curiosity.[6]  

He say, “Never the less, magic…”

“What’s with that expression?  Are you perhaps regretful?”

“That reminds me, Felmenia, can you use it here?”

“Please give me a moment… Yes, everything seems fine!”

“I see, then just a bit, but do here what you did earlier.”

Hatsumi overhears Suimei’s urgings and loses herself.  Her composure is like someone who ate foam.  She says, “Hold on, you want her to use magic here!?”

“Yeah, but this is my house so everything will be fine.  Don’t worry.” 

“Magic used here won’t get exposed?”

“Not at all.  Or perhaps I should say, it’s more likely to be exposed if preformed in front of you?”[7]

“…Maybe I should hold questionable ceremonies, day after day, in front of your house.”

“Don’t say you want to see a cult gathering.  Tsk, that’s the job of us magicians.”

Felmenia speaks with a light tone as she brandishes her magic.  Since she only needs to use a small amount of magic, she shortens her chant into a simple phrase.  A magic circle does not appear.  “Eeto… I’ll start now— Truth Flare!”  It is the magic she used in the other world before Suimei taught her magic.

White flames with a hotter than average temperature blaze about, illuminating the yard of the Yakagi household.  The flowers hidden by the night once more reveal their beautiful, vibrant, colors.

A normal human witnessing such a situation would interpret it as a mysterious, yet beautiful, spectacle.  They might even go as far as to release a sigh laced with marvel.  Hydemary’s sigh, however, carries more of a sinking tone.  She says, “…yeah, something like this, the feeling is quite subtle, but is that outside interference I’m sensing?”

Suimei says, “It’s called Element, a phenomenon that’s… weaker than spirit class.  It’s a disruptive technique.”

“A phenomenon?”

“You disagree?  It is one, just, based off the theory of a parallel world’s laws.”

Ahre?  Since a separate world is governed by different laws, connecting the other world with this world will allow phenomenon from over there to come about here.  What an absurd theory.”

“Yes, completely.  But speaking of Elements, the theory, ‘this world generates different phenomena law’ is correct.  Elements are a different law from those of this world.”

“That’s incredible.  Well, to begin with, being an armchair theory, it was claimed ‘impossible due to other worlds being unobservable’.”

“This proves that it can actually be done.”

“You’ve distinguished yourself, Suimei-kun.”

“Don’t over exert your praise and collapse.  Weren’t you just searching around everywhere for me to no avail?”

Suimei returns Hydemary’s jab with a one of his own, but soon returns to his explanation.  He says, “Nevertheless, the influence of this law is quite limited.  Perhaps the divine who influenced the other world’s original laws post-installed the foreign hardware (Element Law).”

“Is that currently the mainstream magic of that world?”

“Correct, that seems to be what they call spellcasting[8].”

Hatsumi tilts her head at Suimei’s words.  She says, “Hey, Suimei, when you said, ‘what they call’, does that mean there’s a difference between magic and spellcasting?”

“The nuances are different.  In regards to magic, it refers to utilizing techniques for manipulating mysteries.  Spellcasting entails identifying mysterious laws.  Well, in the end, the term [mysteries] serves as a fundamental and comprehensive term which regardless—”

The term mystery encompasses everything that is generally referred to as mysterious.  Within Japan, it’s like the similarity between monster and ayakashi.  Magic isn’t restricted to either magical power or laws.  It encompasses everything that can be considered a mystery. 

Suimei says, “All that said, it was much weaker here.”

“…That’s true, now that you mention it, it wasn’t as strong as usual.” 

The white flames generated by Felmenia were as strong as the magical power utilized. —That’s to say, the amount of heat yielded was reduced.

Suimei considers the possible reason and, just like back then, can this be the same as what happened to me? 

He was unable to demonstrate his full power on the opposite world either.  Being on the opposite world and [utilizing magic with this world’s laws] results with a diminished outcome.  In the same vein, being on this world and [utilizing magic with the other world’s laws] results with a diminished outcome.

In short, it’s comparable to a distance too great for radio waves to cross.  The poor communication conditions results in the specs of the receiver being unable to be fully displayed.

Suimei says, “Now, with the magic you are learning from me.”

“—White(Truth) Flame(Flare)!”

This time, coinciding with her key word, light from magical power emits from the magic circle that appears underneath her feet.  It gives off a white electric current as it spins and expands.  A matching magic circle is soon born in the air.  That’s when dazzling beams of light shoot towards the heavens.

White lights tear across the black, dark, sky.  Their tails leave a burning sound behind themselves.  The residue of the white, magical light seems to rain down as they disappear.  The wondrous sight is like watching powdered snow fall during the middle of the night.

Felmenia says, “Oh wow, this one’s quite different.  I have conjured flames using that magical formula in the past, but here, even though I’m faithfully adhering to it, I’m met with interference and the flames burst out.[9]

The magic of the other world is based off the elements.  As those elements are used as a medium for spellcasting, the results manifest within fixed forms.  In regards to Felmenia’s, “Truth Flare,” its medium is fire.  Should her opponent employ [measures against fire], the medium would be snuffed out and she would be left powerless.

Spells that aren’t based off elements or phenomenon, but magical formula— in other words, spells conceived semantically, aren’t as easily dealt with.  As long as a spell’s source is a magical formula, it becomes impossible to destroy without first comprehending its system of magic.  For example, even if Felmenia’s spell were to be doused in water, it would weaken, but it wouldn’t be extinguished.

Hydemary says, “One more thing, your magical formula was quite clean.”

Felmenia tries to maintain her usual composure at the praise, but is unable to conceal the grin spreading across her face.  “Thank you very much.”

Hatsumi and Lefille, not being users of magical formulas, aren’t able to understand.

Hatsumi tilts her head and says, “I don’t really get it, but is that great?”

Suimei says, “More than calling it great, she has a solid mental image.”

“Saying something like that, I suppose various others do it like this too, then?[10]

Lefille says, “Suimei-kun, I believe you once said, ‘Magical formulas cannot be used without following the proper procedure.’  Is that not the case?”

Suimei says, “It’s something like a picture.  Suppose there are two people, one cares about the minute details and the other doesn’t.  Both of them draw the same picture.  The finished products look the same from a distance, but when seen from up close, the rough edges of the careless guy’s creation will come into view.  The well-made picture remains flawless.

“In regards to magical formulas, if you allow such rough edges be, they’ll be incorporated into the spell work.  That’s why, the more attention given to a magical formula’s details, the better the result.”

It’ll become incorporated.  As was pointed out through the picture example, a good evaluation of the resulting spell will not be possible.

That’s when Liliana tugs on Suimei’s sleeve.  She says, “Suimei, conversely, your magical formulas seem, to be getting stronger here.”

“That’s because I utilized the laws of this world.  It’s a natural outcome.”

Lefille notices something at Suimei’s response.  She says, “Hold it, Suimei-kun, do those words also include you?”

“Well, I’m just returning to my original strength.”

Suimei, even in times of peace, is not negligent in preparing himself.  He is always strengthening himself with magic.  As such, he couldn’t help but be weakened in the other world.  Conversely, being on his world returns him to full strength. 

That’s when everyone’s expression, save Hydemary’s who was familiar with Suimei’s true strength, become full of doubt.  They aren’t condemning him, but they feel as though they’ve been interacting with a scammer.





“What’s with you four?”

Hatsumi steps forwards as a representative to [the group rebuking Suimei for not being honest] and says, “Suimei, haven’t you exceeded the realm of monsters?”

“You… don’t denounce people as monsters at your own whim.”

Liliana speaks a remark laced with venom with the ease of breathing.  “That’s what, someone whose been caught, lying up till now, would say.”

Hydemary says, “In regards to Suimei-kun’s true ability, I will gladly go into depth about it.  However, I too wish to observe this weakened Suimei-kun who now holds his head.  I want to know about the Suimei-kun who loses his cool, about the Suimei-kun who shouts out, and about the Suimei-kun who gets trampled upon.”

Her interest hits too close to home for Suimei to bare.  His time at the Aster kingdom’s royal castle, Camellia, is a particular severe memory for him.  He’s very self-conscious about the way he lost his composure.  “Guh…”

Felmenia says, “Hydemary-jou, what would happen if you came to our world?  Would something similar befall upon you?”

“Me?  Such a situation would be irrelevant to myself.”

“…?  Suimei-dono, how could that be?  I thought there was no way for magicians of this world to avoid having their magical formulas weakened.  Was I mistaken?”

Suimei says, “Mary’s techniques are based off herself.  As she is the source, it becomes a situation where she always has the required means for implementing her magical formulas.”

Hydemary’s use of magical formulas classifies as [origin magic].  It does not belong to any system of magic.  Instead, it is a system of laws she brought forth herself.  As such, the necessary mediums and phenomenon for her magical formulas exist as her heart desires.  She says, “Everything I require already happens to be in the ‘room’.”

Felmenia and Liliana both stare at Hydemary in astonishment.

Felmenia says, “Th- th- th- that means….”

Liliana says, “The founder, that’s to say, is you?”

“Yep, I am.”

Hydemary is the founder to a new system of magical formulas, but her position isn’t that rare of a story.  Magicians capable of creating origin magic appear once every few decades, but whether their creations can survive the culling is a different story.  The magical formulas that are famous are those that have continued to survive.

That’s when Suimei notices Hatsumi is fidgeting. 

He says, “Hatsumi?”

“No, returning home is just making me…”

She can’t calm down after being away for so long.  For magicians like me, this is normal.  Although uncle and his wife won’t get worried if I vanish, it’s different for Hatsumi.  Their worries will build up, feed off each other, and spike their anxiety.

Suimei says, “Let’s go together.  Just, we can’t bring everyone along.  Felmenia, Lefille, and Liliana can wait in my house.  As for you three… Mary, I’m entrusting them to you.”

“No problem, I think it’s a good idea too.”

Felmenia says, “I get the feeling we are not being allowed to move on our own.”

Lefille says, “This world seems full of wonders, I’d like to receive an explanation about it all.”

Liliana says, “We need to, learn the customs, of this world.”

Remaining cautious about an unknown world is natural.  Even just traveling to a different country requires taking precaution towards the area’s customs and culture.  Coming to a different world goes as far as introducing new laws of physics.  They’ll need to first receive an explanation of this world before they can adapt to life here.

At the same time, Suimei signals to Hydemary with his eyes.  She turns to him and says, “Suimei-kun, what is your impression to the other world’s level of civilization?”

“The time period falls between the middle ages and the early modern period.  Furthermore, due to the existence of mysteries being common knowledge, some places date even further back.”

Uwa… aren’t they all going to be overwhelmed by culture shock?”

“They’ll be fine.  I gave them an explanation about this place in advance.”

“Either way, coming here should be quite astonishing.”

“Yeah, a bit.”

Still, my explanation isn’t the same as seeing and experiencing the real thing.  My descriptions are nothing more than fantasy talk until they do.  They’ll only truly understand after seeing, hearing, and feeling it all for themselves

Suimei heads for the back door of the Yakagi household while saying, “For the time being, let’s go inside.  Hatsumi can call her home from there.”  The automatic traps remain silent as he opens the door.  They recognize him as both the landlord and house head. 

He takes off his shoes, invites the other three to enter, and then proceeds into the living room.  Unfamiliar dolls furnish his antique styled furniture.  They are everywhere; on top of the cabinets, the table, and the sofa. 

Suimei does not have a hobby of decorating with dolls.  The one who was watching his house remains indifferent, but the culprit is obvious.

He directs an accusative glare at the principal offender, Hydemary.  “…Hey, Mary, my house.”

“It can’t be help, Suimei-kun, you were gone.  I had lots of free time while I was here waiting for you.”

Even if that’s true, what reason did you have to turn another man’s house into a doll house like it were some sort of side job?

Suimei says, “To be more precise, should I consider this trespassing?”

“Not in particular.  Isn’t it fine since I’m your disciple?  Besides, doesn’t Hatsumi-chan enter whenever she wants?”

Suimei turns towards Hatsumi while saying, “That’s right.”

Hatsumi, however, has her eye wide open from surprise.  “…Amazing, so many dolls.”

Felmenia, Lefille, and Liliana act the same way.  They pick up random dolls to examine them in detail only to then awe in wonder.

Felmenia says, “Umu, this is amazing.”

Lefille says, “This level of attention… is considerably high.”

Liliana says, “Very, cute.”

Hydemary says, “At any rate, it’s because I’m a genius.”

Suimei makes a doubtful scoff at her boastful words.  “Is this a curse or something?”

“Do not speak such of my children.[11]

“As if you have any right to speak!  What about that?  That!?”

Hydemary pulls out a stuffed toy from nowhere while saying, “That?  Ah, my Suimei-kun doll?”  She presents a deformed youth with black hair and dressed in a black suit.  Its figure greatly resembles someone else’s.  “Tada, my Suimei-kun doll ver. 3.”

“Wh— you made more!?”

“Well, yeah.”

“— —Quit sounding so proud about that!  Dispose of it at once!”

Suimei moves to grab the stuffed toy, but Hydemary twist away.  Her swift movement hoists the doll away from his hands.

That is when Felmenia shows an unusual interest in the doll.  She says, “Eetto, just what is this!?  A stuffed doll of Suimei-dono without his usual impatience!?”

“That it is.  This is a god item that can have Suimei-kun move as desired.” 

Everyone gathers around Hydemary the moment she unveils her Suimei-kun doll.

Felmenia says, “— —!?”

Lefille says, “I am interested!!”

Liliana says, “Certainly, certainly, I wish, to touch, it.”

Hatsumi says, “Fu-n, I’m a bit interested.”

They freely move to satisfy their own curiosity, but for Suimei, that free will is unbearable. 

Suimei says, “Stop, cut it out!  Absolutely don’t let any of them touch it!  And same to you!  Don’t touch it!”

“— —Then, I’ll lend it to you first.”

Among the group, Lefille is a step ahead and thus, Hydemary passes her the Suimei-kun doll.   

Lefille says, “Great.”

Suimei says, “Le- Lefi…”

An ominous smile spreads across Lefille’s face, “Fufufu…”  She then surrenders the doll to Suimei.

Hydemary says, “Ah, Lefille-san.”

“Something like this can’t be ethical?  People shouldn’t be manipulated, after all.”


Suimei says, “Th- thanks, Lefi…”

Lefille says, “There’s no way I could regard something like this as unrelated to me.”

Suimei is moved to tears by Lefille’s benevolent act.  “Uuh, Lefi is my only friend.”

The others also have their own reactions.

Felmania says, “Kuh, just a bit more and I would have been able to make Suimei-dono my plaything!”

Liliana says, “I ne, never intended, to make Suimei, my plaything, but…”

“You all… 

Suimei, with drooping shoulders, goes to the phone in order to contact Hatsumi’s house.  On the phone stand isn’t a nostalgic, black, rotary-phone of days gone by, but an antique telephone nonetheless.  He speaks into it.  “—Ah, it’s me, it’s Suimei.  What do you mean?  You haven’t heard from me in a long time…”

The other worlders watch Suimei use the phone from behind. 

Lefille says, “So, that’s, a demonstration of the other world’s technology for distant communication technique.”

Hatsumi says, “Yep, that’s it.  Does it confuse you?”

Liliana says, “Suimei had, a [cel fone] and Hatsumi a [smart fone][12].  So we were, able to receive, an explanation before coming.”

Felmenia says, “I had already heard about them to an extent.  Regardless, seeing the real thing is quite strange.  Even without magic power, people are able to converse with those far away…”

As Suimei continues to talk, Hatsumi nervously inquires about situation.  She says, “…Hey, does everything seem alright?”

“Yeah, you can take over now… It’s fine, here.”

Hatsumi receives the phone and she pauses for a moment, lost towards what to say.  Her mind blanks.  Over the handset comes two, then three, words.  Those allow her to finally make words with her thoughts.  She says, “Ah, okaa-san?  Yes, me.  Sorry for worrying you… No, I’m not hurt.  I’m fine, I’ll return soon.”

Hatsumi soon hangs up the phone.  The long, heavy, sigh she releases signifies that she finished a difficult task. 

“And with this, I’m finally at peace.  Except now that I’ve finally come home, for some reason, I’m feeling somewhat guilty.”

Her guilt stems from her Japanese mindset.

….Suimei and Hatsumi leave Felmenia, Lefille, and Liliana with Hydemary in the Yakagi residence and proceed next door to the Kuchiba residency.

T/N: This chapter was super hard and super long.  It literally took me over a month to finish translating it.  I’m so done that I don’t have anything to say right now.

~Gandire Alea

[1] Hydemary uses “Boku” and refers to Suimei with “kimi”
[2] 「わぁーこれ、すごいね。一部の人が発狂するんじゃない? フェルミのパラドックスとか、ドレイクの方程式に助走付けて殴りかかってるよこれ?」
[3] 普段は小憎たらしい態度だが、いまはあまりに申し訳なさ過ぎて、苛立ちさえ涌いてこない
[4] それを人の手で行うと言うのは、やはり
[5] いずれにせよ、人が自らの意思で作ろうと思って作ってるんだから、結局は変わらないんじゃないの?
[6] その興奮に水を差すように悩ましげな息を吐いた。
[7] 「そうそう。っていうかそうじゃなかったら、もっと前にお前にバレてるだろ?」
[8] So, this may have been something prevalent during the entirety of the novel, just that it wasn’t brought to attention the same way magician and spellcaster/mage was.  The kanji for both of them read as magic, but the difference in readings is exactly the same as magician and spellcaster.
[9] さっきは炎に術式を当て込んでたけど、こっちはちゃんと術式で炎を発生させてから、干渉が来てる
[10] こういうの、おざなりにしちゃう人が沢山いるんだよね
[12] Her pronunciation is a bit off, hence the strange spelling

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