The Heir of the Dragon Emperor and his Bride Corps Translation

13. The Tribe With Wings and the Awakening of the Third Ability

The following morning, I think about the future while laying on the bed.

If I listen, I can hear some noise from outside. Seems like Lizette already woke up.

[Should I check my skill first?]

The skill I’m using now is “Awakening of the Dragon’s kin”, “Awakening of the Oni”, and the storage skill “King’s Vessel”. I’m also examining those I received from the “Dragon Temple”, “Naming Bless”, and “dragon pulse”.
These 5 abilities, if it’s just protecting the village then “Awakening of the Dragon’s Kin” and “Awakening of the Oni” will be enough. But…..

[Even if I become stronger, there’s still a limit….]

It happened in my world. Increased work raised my abilities which allowed me to allocate more time to individual units. As such, my workload increased and since others couldn’t do keep up, the pattern kept repeating until I eventually reached my limit.

[I was really angry back then.]

I don’t want that to repeat itself. I desire to do things happily this time. 
I affirm the location of this village and forest in my mind. This village is in the remote region and is very susceptible to attacks from demons, probably because of the lack of civilization. Therefore, in order to have an easier time, my best approach it to raise the defense of the village. For example, a stronger enemy requires a stronger weapon to defeat. The long sword I received from the goddess broke in the battle against a monster. Battling against monsters will wear down our weapons. If only there were a skill capable of strengthen others…….

[That’s “Naming Bless”, isn’t it?]

But this skill, what should I do to activate it?  …..Let’s experiment for a bit.

I take out the long sword from the “King’s Vessel.” It’s snapped down to 2/3 of its original length. My task is to strengthen it.

[“Naming Bless”, “Long sword, increase sharpness.”.]

….There’s no response. Just in case, I lay my sleeves on the sword. It doesn’t cut through, the blade is dull. Did I use the wrong method?

[Then, “Oh Long Sword, your name shall be Excalibur. The sharpness of the sacred sword is here.]

……There’s no response with this either. When I came to this world, I somehow became able to feel the mana around me. Hence, I can tell that “Naming Bless” is not working on the long sword.

[I thought “Naming” means giving names.]

Seems I was wrong. Can’t help it….I need to look for someone to ask. If this is a skill given by the Dragon Emperor, then learning about the Dragon Emperor himself should give me a hint. Therefore, I decide to go out.

[Ah, Shoma-onii-chan!]
[Good morning, Shoma-sama.]

The children are gathered around the village square. Haruka is in the middle of them. She’s stretching while taking deep breaths in a white pyjama.

She closes her eyes, breaths, and then she look towards my direction.

[Good morning, Aniue-sama.]
[Good morning, Haruka.]

That’s right, I became siblings with Haruka yesterday. Her way of calling me is, Aniue-sama. It’s so embarrassing.

[You’re up so early, Haruka. Lizette, too.]
[Because I had things to do with everybody.]
[And Lizette?]
[Lizu-nee wanted to watch the sleeping face of Aniue-sama.]


Water can be heard splashing behind the house.
Lizette….what were you doing while I was asleep…….

[It’s natural that an imouto watches her ani’s sleeping face. It’s a rule of this world.]
[…..Is that so?]

……If it’s a rule of this world then it can’t be helped. Somehow, her gleeful smile makes me feel like I’m being tricked though.

[So, what are you guys doing?]
[This is an exercise to absorb mana.]

Haruka places her hands against her waist and stretched her large breasts. The children around mimic her. They look like good friends.

[Even though we Oni have strong power, or mana capacity is small. Hence, every morning, we absorb the mana from the atmosphere and the ground. Our regeneration ability also increases if we continue this practice.]

While saying this, Haruka holds out her finger. It’s the same finger that was cut during yesterday’s ceremony. Not a scar remains.

[By increase in regeneration ability, you mean like that?]
[Yes, you can try it too, Aniue-sama.]
[Ok, please teach me how to do it.]

My “Ryushukakusei”, consumes mana. Learning a way to recover mana is for the best.

[First, raise your hands and become aware of the soles of your feet.]
[Like this?]
[Yes, then just close your eyes and breathe. Feel that you can blend yourself with the world.]

….Yup, something is entering me. My hands and feet become gradually warmer. I remember doing similar acts back in my original world. The effect was quite different, though. Am I able to feel like this because this world is full of mana?

[Shoma-nii-chan, amazing!] [Mana tafu-tafu…]

Haruka’s stare at me with bulging eyes.

[…..Aniue-sama’s mana absorption ability is unbelievable. You even sucked away the mana we accumulate within our bodies in an instant.  Look, your fingertips are glowing…..]

……Speaking of which, the goddess did mentioned this in the letter. The mana in my world is very weak, yet I persisted with mana absorption training there. I did some training exercises, absorbed the mana around me, and awakened this skill.

This world on the other hand is full of mana. My previous training sensitized my body to mana. Simply stated, my training was the equivalent of highland training with low oxygen and then return to a lower elevation.

[Using “Ryushukakusei” would be impossible otherwise.]

That’s when I recalled my other skills.

[I almost forgot. I have something to ask you, Haruka.]
[Sure, what do you want to ask?]
[It’s about the Dragon Emperor.]
[Yes, I know a lot about him. He was a man who treated aijin without any discrimination. All the children of this village are told stories of the Dragon Emperor as a folktales, right?]

Haruka and the children clap their hands. Well, this conversation should be quick.

[Then, can you tell be about the Dragon Emperor’s “power of naming”?]
[It is the power to assign a property to the land or an object by naming it.]

Haruka sits in a nearby chair, and “pata pata” pats the chair beside her. Seems like she’s telling me to sit.


I sit down and Haruka moves closer to my shoulder. She opens her white palm and use her finger to draw. It seems to be writing the characters for river, castle, etc. Still, she’s really close. She just finished exercising and she’s smells of sweat. Her upper part of her pyjamas is wide opened and I can see her chest from here…..and that’s like poison to me…..

[Are you listening, Aniue-sama?]
[Ah, I’m sorry. What was it again?]

Ah yes. I’m Haruka’s brother. If so, it would be rude to care about it.

[The Dragon Emperor gave the dried out river a name, right?]
[Yes, the Dragon Emperor gave the river a name that means “full of water.” Conversely, the land which was full of water was granted a name that means, “dry”. As a result, the dried out river started flowing with water and the land that was full of water became dry and suitable for habitation.]

Is that the power of “naming bless”? The essence of that was the same as what I tried earlier. Did it fail because my level was not high enough? Or was my method wrong?

……Well, I know how to grant abilities by naming, but…  Once I calm down, I’ll try with own way later.

[—The adult Oni were discovered?]
[—The black knight is attacking them?]

While I’m thinking about those words, I hear a voice over head. A bird like shadow passes over me and the children.


When I look up—–I see girls with wings flying around the sky.

[—Because the Harpy wake up with the dawn.]
[—Looking over the world.]
[—The Oni just sleep unawares.]
[[—they also don’t know their companions are in danger—-fufuu.]]

The girls with wings look down at us while singing with high pitch voices.


I hear a voice. I look back and see Lizette running over with a bucket.

[Erm, were you in the middle of pumping water?]
[It doesn’t matter. Right now, the call of Harpy –]
[Harpy? These children names are called Harpy?]
[Yes, they are one of the aijin kin from the mountains.]

Lizette answers my question. Speaking of Harpy, in my world they were a symbol of monsters. In this world, they are a kind of aijin.

The Harpy’s wings aren’t growing from their backs, but from their arms. Their arms transform into wings just like that. Other than that, they look just like human children. Their clothes are almost transparent. With brown hair, the Harpy happily fly in circles above the village.

Speaking of that, Lizette did say the village men had gone out the village. I didn’t have much time to think about it yesterday…

[The Harpy said the adults of Oni tribe are being attacked, right?]

Lizette nods.

[Deep within the forest is an old castle occupied by monsters.]

People lived in it long ago, but is now abandoned.

Monsters live inside the forest, far away from the village. Traveling out to them and back is not easy. Several months ago, a powerful monster called “Black Knight” took residence there.

The “Black knight” came to attack the forest and the village with his subordinates, the “black soldiers”. Originally, there were few monsters around the village, but after the appearance of the Black Knight, the number increased and they began to act more violently.

They villagers asked for help from the human lords. but were ignored. Hence, the adults of this village took their own countermeasures against the monsters.

[I didn’t want worry Shoma-sama… I didn’t say anything.]

With those words, Lizette lowers her head in shame.

[The day before yesterday, the adults went out to capture the “abandoned castle”. Their plan is to launch a full scaled assault on their following venture. For now, they intend to create a base between the castle and village. Today was their expected return…..]
[The children went to catch fish… as a present for when they return?]

Lizette nods.

We have no way of knowing what happened to the villagers who went out a few days ago. The winged Harpy, however, can easily see what’s happening. The question is whether their information is true or not.

[I will listen as the guardian of this village. Is that story real?]

Haruka looks up and yells.

[Who knows…..][Who knows….]

kusukusu, kusukusu.
The harpy laugh while looking down at Haruka.

[…..Are they telling the truth?]
[The Harpy like to make pranks and always tell lies.]

Certainly, the Harpy come off as naughty children. They are laughing at us while talking to each other and pointing. Somehow… I feel upset.

[Hear me again. Is what you say the truth? If it’s true, we need to go help them. Answer me!]
[—I don’t know–]
[—I won’t say what is real or false–]

The Harpy laugh in the face of Haruka’s question.

[The Oni set up pitfalls to defeat the “Black knight”.]
[But it was discovered by the guards at midnight.]
[[–Was it really a fight?–]]

The Harpy are totally enjoying themselves. If we threaten them, they could instantly escape.

[Yes, Shoma-sama.]
[I’m also a guard of this village. Can I think that?]
[Eh? Ah, yes of course.]
[Then, can I talk with them?]

Lizette is surprised by my words, but she doesn’t deny them. She nods and gives my back a gentle push.
Okay then, let’s talk to them as adults.

[Listen, Harpy.]
[If your message is real, then we need to help the villagers, immediately. If not, this village will be in danger.]
[I don’t know–][It’s not our problem—]
[You guys are also aijin, right? Won’t those monsters cause you trouble?]

I am being laughed at, but whatever. I continue.

[If this village disappears, the presence of aijin will weaken while the influence of monsters grows stronger. Won’t you guys be troubled by that?]
[–Never mind—][—The Harpy have wings–]
[We can just escape.][We can fly wherever we want.]
[[–Wingless inferior species, don’t talk so proudly–]]

–“Inferior Species”….
Are you looking down on us? …Me and the people of the village? The village which will possibly become my home?

[….So having wings makes you superior?]

I stare at the Harpy up above. I spot two little ones laughing. Understood.

There are aijin with wings flying in this world. Checked and confirmed. It’s like the time when confirming the existence of Oni and dragon.

Okay then, it’s an emergency right now. Only once, I’ll try pretending who I was back then and make them listen to me.



[“The Aberrant Overlord, In the name of Kiryou Shouma”—“ShouShukakusei!”.] (Flying species awaken)

In an instant, I step off the ground.

[…….How long are you planning to look down at your king?]

In a blink of an eye, I fly above the Harpy. My back feels really weird. It’s as if a hand has grown out from my scapula. My wings are pure white. They are big, a few times larger than those of the Harpy.


The skill activated after confirming and being convinced to the existence of people and aijin flying in sky. I can use the wings of aijin, demons, and angels.

This is the fourth skill of “Kiryouou Shouma”. The effect is ability to fly in sky. As long as I have mana, I can continue to fly. My flying ability is higher than those of the Harpy, probably.

[Using those weak wings to fly, you dare laugh at me, the overlord!]

That’s why, first of all, just laugh at them.

[If you wish to look down at the Aberrant Overlord, then you must be able to pierce through the clouds.]

Even though I’m just exaggerating.

[—K-King?][—-Was there something like that? But—-]
[Holders of those weak wings. Land and tell us what you know.]
[If you don’t want to say it, then go back. But don’t forget you laughed at the king and looked down on him today.]

This is a critical time. Therefore, I need to use “Kiryouou Shoma mode” to get information out of the Harpy.


The harpy lower their heads and honestly land on the ground. I keep up my “Kiryouou Shoma” persona and stand before them.

[Y,Yes. Aniue-sama!]
[Speak to these people. I don’t think they will lie anymore.]
[U, Understood!]

Haruka looks at me before then turning towards to the Harpy.

[Is it true that the adults were discovered by the enemies?]
[It’s real.][We won’t lie in front of that person.]

The Harpy answer while looking in my direction.

[Just now][While going for our breakfast]
[We saw the Oni tribe][And the “black soldiers” who were chasing them]
[The Oni wanted to fight and stopped][And got hurt]
[[If you want to help, then you should go now.]]

[Thank you for the information.]

I went forward and bowed to the Harpy.

[Sonna Sonna.][People with strong wings are as great as Harpy.]
[You don’t need to be so formal][Touch our wings.]
[[Hope we can fly faster.]]

[Like this?]

I touch the wings of the Harpy with my fingertips. There’s probably a nerve point on that spot as the Harpy act as though they are being tickled.

[[Thank you!]]
[Thanks for the valuable information. Sorry for getting angry.]

After saying this, I looked towards Lizette. Both she and Haruka nod with serious expressions.

From here on, I will await the decision of those girls familiar with the village and forest. In the meantime, I’ll do what I can to help.

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