The Heir of the Dragon Emperor and his Bride Corps Translation

12. The History of the Other World and the Plan From now on Coupled With Lizette’s Wish

[As I thought……I’m still embarrassed….]

I stare at the ceiling as I lie on the bed. Somehow, I can’t get to sleep.
Probably because I’m nervous……no, it’s because the conversation with Lizette and Haruka is pounding inside of me. It’s something like an after party.

[…..Sudden family… still doesn’t feel real.]

To be honest, I’m from different world. By taking taking care of me, I may cause unnecessary trouble to Lizette and Haruka. That’s why…….I want to repay this debt as much as possible. So in order to achieve this…..

[I need to learn more about this world……]

Just now during the meal, Lizette an I discussed this chaotic world. 
As I lay on the bed, I recalled what I heard. Lizette being a descendant of the “Dragon Emperor”, she was privy to the detailed history of this world.

A few hundred years ago, there were only a few country in this world and they kept fighting each other. The one who stopped it was the “Dark Flame Emperor”. He used solid laws and dark magic to build a strong army and conquer one country after the other. But, over using “dark magic” lead to an outbreak of monsters and threatened his territory. During this time, the “Dark Flame Emperor” mobilized his men and erected a giant wall at the north side of the empire.

After that, the “Dark Flame Emperor” declared, “My magic has peaked and I am immortal.”  He passed away after that. Once his successor took control, rebellions immediately sprung up all over the country. In the end, the “Dark Flame Emperor’s” empire perished. The one who united the continent after this was the “Dragon Emperor”. In other words, Lizette’s ancestor.

The “Dragon Emperor” used his purification power to eliminate the monsters and create a peaceful country. He made a rule that allowed for humans and aijin to live as equals. He also banned the usage of “dark magic”.

But after the death of the “Dragon Emperor”, as time went by, the persecution of aijin began. Furthermore, the power of Dragon Emperor’s descendants slowly waned and now they rarely show themselves in the public.  The emperor of this generation very much follows the trend.  The sages beside him are whom hold the actual power.

They’re using the emperor’s authority to do whatever they want. As a result, the monsters returned which lead to the formation of a cult with the same ideals as the “Dark Flame Emperor”.

Some local lords have even given up on this country, “Alicia,” and decided to break away. They ignore all the commands of the central government.

[…….No matter which world, problems always arise…..]

A similar situation happened in my world too. A great king founded a great empire. After he died, the empire declined and fell apart. No matter where I am, human history won’t change much.

[My policy will be to “defend the village”. That is enough.]

I have no interest in expanding the village’s territory. Lizette hopes for the peace in the world while Haruka has no intention of ruling over the world. In short, I will just use my skills to protect this village from enemies and that’s it.

I’ve already graduated from my Chuunibyo. Now I’m “Former Chuunibyo with reality processing power”. I considered meeting the other summoned, but I think I should I focus on my “reality processing power” instead.

My direction is already set.


Somehow, I still feel tired. I slept a while ago, but as I thought, I’m still tired. I lie on the bed and look out window. I can see the moon. It’s a normal crescent moon. Seems like this part also does not differ much from my world.

Lizette and Haruka are still talking. I’m still hesitant about letting them take care of me, but right now, I don’t have anyone else I can rely on. I’ll just do whatever I can to help. Since we’ve become siblings…….. I at least have to do that much.

Speaking of which, Lizette mentioned something about the Dragon Emperor’s “Naming Bless”. I wonder what that is?
As a former Chuunibyo, I’m very interested in it due to its cool sounding name.

[…..For example, could I give another name to Lizette……?]


I became sleepy while thinking… I closed my eye. It’s then a translucent window appears at the edge of my periphery…..but I’m too sleepy so I ignore it.

Character naming: insufficient level.
Item naming: Possible.

I forget those mystery words that appear on the window as I head into my dream.

—-Lizette’s View—-

[Is Shoma-dono—–nii-sama asleep?]
[Yeah, he looks exhausted.]

After Shoma-nii sama went to bed, Lizette and Haruka continued the tea party.

[I’m glad we became siblings, Lizu-nee.]

Haruka gives Lizette a smile while holding her teacup.

[Because Lizu-nee always wanted to be family with the “Dragon Blood” successor.]
[It’s not like that, Haruka.]

Lizette shakes her head. Lizette does not want her imouto, Haruka, to misunderstand Lizette’s intention.

[Lizette wanted to become siblings with Shoma-nii-sama because Lizette felt [justice] from him.]
[Lizette asked Shoma-nii-sama to “help the Emperor and restore peace to the world”.]
[Oh, I see……That’s a bit sudden.]

Haruka gives a bitter smile.

[We just met each other, right? We still don’t know anything about Nii-sama.]
[…..Please don’t say that.]

My cheeks burn whenever I think about it. As I thought, my heart is soaring.

[How do you think Shoma-nii-sama answered?]
[….I can’t imagine it.]
[That person said this. “I will disappear from this world one day so I can’t do anything irresponsible.” In exchange, he would lend Lizette his power and protect the village.]

Lizette started to “believe” in Shoma-nii-sama at the moment. Shoma-nii-sama can even use Lizette if he wants to do so.

The function of the “Dragon Temple” is to select the Dragon Emperor’s successor. Also, Lizette already called Shoma-nii-sama as the “Dragon Emperor-sama”. If Shoma-nii-sama was a bad guy, he would’ve said, “Okay, obey the orders of the Dragon Emperor,” and ordered Lizette to do things.
Shoma-nii-sama was summoned to this world by mistake. That’s why for survival, even if he did that, he can’t be blamed for it. Also, it should’ve been like that…….

[But, Shoma-nii-sama told me everything.]

About him being summoned to this world by mistake, the possibility of returning of his world, and if helping the emperor depended on him, he might give up his mission halfway through.

[And other than that, he said he will help Lizette.]
[That’s why I wanted to become siblings with him. In this world, to have a tie with him by becoming his family and to repay his “justice”. That’s why the responsible of restoring peace to this chaotic world shall be done by Lizette.]

For an unknown reason, Haruka releases a deep sigh.

[As I thought, are you still held by your mother’s words? Lizu-nee, succeeding the blood of the “Dragon Emperor” is not your responsibility. There is no need to be so caught up in her words that you become obligated to fulfill your role as a descendant of “Dragon Emperor”.]
[…..Even so.]
[Even so…?]
[Yes, because the one who made the decision is Lizette herself.]
[The story was when you’re still small right? What will Aniue-sama think? After hearing ideals like “fighting the world” or “changing this helpless world”, I’m sure he will be surprised.]
[Maybe…..maybe he will be amazed.]
[…….Ah, I’m sorry. I take back what I said, Lizu-nee.]

Haruka lifts her face and makes a bitterly smile.

[Lizu-nee has changed after meeting Aniue-sama.]
[Because you’ve been just talking about Aniue-sama, right?]
[Is…Is that so?]
[Maybe…Shoma-dono…aniue-sama is changing Lizu-nee. He wanted to release you from the responsibility of saving the world, or the burden of being the descendant of the Dragon Emperor.]

I do not understand very well, but the dragon blood flowing through Lizette’s body is the only thing Lizette can rely for this. Lizette doesn’t even know who my father is, after all. It is Lizette’s proof of existence.

[Of course in the end, our purpose is to protect the village. That’s it.]
[You’re right, the adult are already moving. They are preparing to attack the base of the monsters in the jungle.]
[Yes, if that place is removed, then Shoma-nii-sama can live with peace of mind.]
[See, you’re talking about aniue-sama again.]

Hey Haruka, why are you making that “ya—i ya—i” expression?
Please stop it. We are Shoma-nii-sama’s imouto. We’ll be laughed at if we do these childish things.

[I will follow Aniue-sama and Lizu-nee.]

Haruka says such as she puts down her empty teacup. She caresses her pearl grey horn as a bashful smile spreads across her face.

[This, Haruka Carmilia, hereby swears to help Aniue-sama and Lizu-nee on their mission until her life ends. As the youngest imouto, realizing the dreams of my Aniue-sama and Lizu-nee is my duty.]
[Well, I’ll go home now. After the adults return, the 3 of us can move into the chief’s house and live together. I’ll get everyone’s permission.]

Haruka smiles with those words.
Lizette also laughs.
That would be a very happy future.

Then, Haruka waves as she hoists her wooden rod over her shoulder and returns home.
Well, Lizette shall rest in another room since the villagers brought some blankets.

Lizette will wash the dishes after the sun rises and wake up Shoma-nii-sama.
After that…..

Lizette will go check out the situation of the adult’s battle. This is for Shoma-nii-sama and us to have a more comfortable life.

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