Only Sense Online WN 116


Are they finished with my disguise?  Looks like I feel asleep for a bit.  According to a clock hanging on the wall, the school festival is just about to begin.  It gives the classroom a sense of tranquility.

I look around and the three girls who disguised me stiffen.  They stare at me with wide eyes.

I say, “Hey, something wrong?”

“Th- this… what a dreadful blessing.”

Her hand trembles as she stares at the clutched makeup tool. 

I guess she’s finished?  My disguise must be more than enough for the haunted house.

I say, “So, am I good to go?”

“Hold it!  Put on this costume and wig.”

I’m given a slightly dark wafuku1 and a wig with somewhat long bangs.  In all, the wig’s hair is a bit longer than Yun’s, my game avatar.2

Judging from the bangs, I’m probably playing the role of a villager’s ghost.  In that case, the costume I was given—

I say, “What’s with those hopeful stares?”

“Don’t mind us.”

“Yeah, we’re not even here.  We can’t see a thing.”

“A man in girl’s skin… gulp.”

No, as far as I can tell, you three are completely suspicious. 

I try waving them out of the classroom and they leave with displeased expressions.  Once alone, I takeoff my uniform and slide my arms through the sleeves of the wafuku.  The outfit is simpler than the real thing, allowing me to change quickly. 

There’s no time until the school festival starts.

I put on the wig last and adjust the bangs.  Afterwards, I show off to my fellow students waiting outside the classroom.

I say, “I’ll be heading to class like this.”

“Obviously.  Everyone’s gonna be in for a shock.” 

If he’s going to make a declaration that confident, then my makeup must be amazing.  Although, speaking of haunted wafuku, am I the spirit of a villager? 

Walking in this outfit is hard, but I should be fine as long as I keep my strides small.  Also, the obi around my waist is too tight.  It both hurts and straightens my back. 

“How is it?  Am I ghostly?  Are there any flaws?”  I spin on the spot as a test and nothing comes loose.  No problems.  “Good, with this I should be nice and scary.”

“Yeah, I doubt anyone will notice as long as you stay quiet.”

I’m being praised.  For some reason or another, that makes me happy.

I say, “Well, I should still stop by the classroom….”

“Yeah, but seriously, be careful.  We ourselves won’t be staying long.”

I’m seen off with those words.  I give the male classmate watching the door a smile and he freezes.  Wow, I really am terrifying. 

I say, “Although, it’s refreshing being on the scaring side.  As a ghost, would keeping my expression blank be scarier?  Or should I smile?”

Walking is a bit hard, so I hold up the lower hem of my wafuku with my right hand while pressing down against my chest with my left hand.  Walk is still difficult, but it gives me a light floating feeling.

I get the feeling my current expression is blank.  Everyone I pass goes wide eyed and stops walking.  They don’t need to stare so hard though.  I shouldn’t be that scary in a well lite place like this.

“I see, I’m so scary people want to run away.  I better avoid looking into mirrors.”  I do not want to scream just by seeing my own face.

Reaching my classroom only takes a moment.  I need to talk to Endo-san and show her my disguise. 

“Endo-san, is she here?”

I open the door, walk inside, and say that to a classmate.  Everyone turns towards me and freezes. 

Their reactions surprise me some, but I guess that means I really am scary. 

“Shun-kun, it’s late.  Why are you…?”

Endo-san trails off as she turns to face me.

Etto… I came so you could see my disguise.”

“Hold on, Shun-kun!  What!?”

Endo-san grabs my shoulders.  Her grip is so strong, I wince.

“…Ow, too hard.”

“Ah, sorry.  But, Shun-kun, just why are you wearing makeup!?”

“Eh?  I heard that you gave permission for this.  That I need to disguise myself for the haunted house…”

Was I tricked?  I’m getting a bad feeling about this.

Endo-san releases me at my fragmented words.  With an expression revealing an understanding of the situation, she says, “…I’m so sorry.  This is my fault.”

“Huh?  What do you mean…?”

I’m not too familiar with the rules, but costumes are permitted.  If wearing the same uniform from the first day is too annoying, then as long as permission is granted, we’re free to wear our own costumes.

Also, the BL clique of the literary club is going crazy.  At the moment, they’re making trouble for various factions behind the scenes.  Countermeasure are being created to prevent others from getting swallowed up by their actions. 

Our café is cooperating with the haunted house run by the class next door.  It’s the reason I can hide out there by helping them.  Their classroom is too small for the haunted house, storing their belongings and equipment, and getting changed.  Therefore, we agreed to share some of our space with them as long as they get refreshments from us.

My situation was created by forcibly combining those three circumstances.  No lies were told, but the truth was obscured.  This is more commonly known as fraud.  That said, the BL clique of the literary club is a current menace.

Endo-san says, “…That’s what I suspect… just, what now?”

“No, it’s pretty simple.  All I need to do is get changed.  This outfit doesn’t fit with the atmosphere of our café.”

Yet, despite my desires, disagreement is voiced from all over the class. 

“That’s sacrilegious!” “Even after we waited this long.”  “Are we really letting go of our ultimate weapon just like that?”

That’s what most of them are saying.  Just what is going on here…?  

I say, “Could I have an objective evaluation of my appearance?”

Endo-san says, “Sure.  You’re so much like a girl that it’s terrifying.  It’s actually making me losing confidence as a woman.”

She secretly passes me a hand mirror.  I finally see my reflection and discover that only a minimal amount of makeup has been applied to my face.  My natural features were taken advantage of in order to emphasis my detestable feminine features. 

This is terrifying and dreadful in its own way.

I say, “This is not a ghost!”

Endo-san says, “There’s absolutely nothing ghostly about you.  If anything, you’re a fair skinned bishoujo.  Then again, from another perspective, that’s ghostly…”

“I’m not doing this.  I’m getting changed and washing this makeup off immediately.”

I turn around to leave the classroom, but it’s already too late.

Endo-san says, “That’s no good.  It’s time for your shift.  I think we’ll need to make a small sacrifice for the greater good.”

I say, “Greater good as in the cultural festival’s success and the small sacrifice me?”

“Don’t worry.  I think you’ll bring us a lot of momentum.”

“Our momentum was already good enough.  We just need to keep doing the same as yesterday…”

Even if everyone knows “Shun” is in this class, there won’t be any problems as long as I’m not directly introduced.  Just like in the game, I need to role play.  No problem. 

My role is that of a clerk at a café.  That’s my part for today.  As long as my secret doesn’t get out, there’ll be no problem.  There’s also my classmates.  They’re wearing fun costumes.  I don’t stand out at all with this setting.

I say, “Then, I just need to last until the break.”

“Please do so.  Meanwhile, I’m going to find that fool who troubled you with this.  I’ll give him a piece of my mind.  This will only increase your burden, but please watch over the café until I return, Chief.”

We all get work at those words. 

While Endo-san leaves the classroom in a huff, my classmates and I fine-tune the details of our arrangements. 

I say, “So, how are we doing this?”

“To begin, do you need an apron?  What about your wig?  Since the hair will get in the way, would you like a hairpin to hold it in place?”

“You think I should?”

Although, putting on an apron over a wafuku after all the trouble of wearing it is too wasteful.  As it’s already decided that I’ll be wearing this, I’m going to see it through.  I’ll never live it down if I’m exposed because I was halfhearted.

My hair is parted left and right and held in place with a flower patterned hairpin.  I fold the apron in half and wear it so that it only covers my waist. 

How’s this?  Don’t I look a clerk at a café specializing in Japanese sweets? 

Voices of admiration rise from around me. 

The café has already opened for business and our guests are gradually increasing.  With everyone hurrying about, I’ve ended up monopolizing the stares of all the guests. 

Well, although I’m not being polished into something like a lovely high school girl, I don’t want to be seen as a man.  The less manly I come off, the better.  But all these stares are making me really uncomfortable.  They’re putting me under a lot of pressure.

My classmates help by nonchalantly blocking those eyes with a high degree of coordination and dexterity, but it’s not enough.  Their gazes never break away.  I can safely declare that men and women of all ages are transfixed on me.

Some people are even trying to stay longer by lengthening the time it takes to finish their drinks.  This is creating a terrible turnover rate for us.  It isn’t a problem right now, but it’s a source of anxiety.

I say, “What should we do?”

“Shouldn’t it be that?  Even though I only part-time at a restaurant…”

A classmate whispers into my ear. 

I see, this is a good method for trying to boost store efficiency.  I trade my position for one in customer service, clear my throat, and adjust my voice.

“This cup is empty. May I clear it away?” 

“Huh, yes.  This, about coffee, extra.”

 The male visitor acts a bit odd as he answers me.

I say, “In that case, would you also care for some cake?  Today’s section isn’t the same as yesterday.”


“Our options are chocolate cake and strawberry cake.  Would you care for a set?”

“Then, chocolate.”


My calm attitude ensures that our entire exchange proceeds without a hitch.  At the same time I go offer refills, I recommend our new cakes.  It’s the same as being offered a side of fries at a burger shop.

After that, as long as you follow the manual, it’s hook, line, and sinker.  Guys are such idiots.  All they need is some sham bait to be reeled in.  They’ll make an order and then…

“Are men really that simple!?”

From what I can see, the pace of yesterday’s cake sales can’t compare.  This makes me happy, but in regards to the simple creature known as man whom can be deceived with such a trick… I’d rather not say anything.

Someone says, “No, no, you’re the same, Chief.”

“…don’t say that.”

I was tricked into wearing woman’s clothing.  No doubt, my situation is pretty similar.

I say, “Well, I wonder if I’ll have free time soon.”

“This is just the start.”

The murmur from my heart is shattered by reality.  Still, I have fun providing courteous service to our guests as I chat with them.

The children brought along with their families sticky up their little hands as they stuff their faces with cake.  As I speak with the families, I provide a bit of help and clean them with moist tissues and paper napkins. 

Several pairs of children say things along the lines of, “Yaa, onee-chan,” as I stroke their heads and have them promise to be good and not trouble their parents.  As they seem me off with smiling faces, I mutter in my heart, “Sorry, I’m an Onii-chan.”

Another situation arises with a photographer Ojii-san.  He’s hosting an exhibit of pictures depicting the years gone by in the corner dedicated to the local culture.  He says to me, “Is it possible for my granddaughter to blossom into a lady as beautiful as yourself?”

Sorry, Ojii-san, I’m a man.  Instead, live long enough to photograph your granddaughter once she becomes a lovely lady. 

Looks like this works.  I give agreeable remarks to the rest of our guests as I speak with them.

My classmates attend to the visiting students of this school.  The guests I focus on are those from outside of the school.  Didn’t I say the right person for the right job? 

“Be gentle and carry yourself with courtesy.”  That is the advice I’m given.  Without anyone noticing, I become a character who’s popular with children and is well received by the elderly.  “You’ve somehow created the atmosphere of a nursery school teacher for yourself.”

Someone eventually says, “Hey, it’s about time to change shifts.”


A long, drawn out, sigh escapes me.  I can finally get changed and wash off this makeup.  Although, there’s still one last job to do.  I need [to make a delivery next door].

T/N: I believe this is the moment we’ve all been waiting for.  Shun has finally become Yun in real!!

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  1. A type of kimono.
  2. Yun has shoulder length hair in the WN