Only Sense Online WN 110

“It’s the day before the school festival!  I’m so excited, Onii-chan!”

“Yeah, yeah, calm down before you hurt yourself.”

Honestly, I find this more of a pain than something to get worked up over.  Today is the day before the school festival.  It’s the day every class puts in the final burst for their preparations. 

Miu and her classmates are busy preparing their room, organizing their outfits, and coordinating their roles.  As middle schoolers, they are not granted accommodations by the school and inevitably, can’t help but miss out on night duty.  Club members and high schoolers, however, do have permission to remain overnight and preparations have been made for them.

My class, for the sake of ordering outside materials and cutting down on costs, lent almost everyone, except for a small group, to the executive committee.

“Fufufu, Onii-chan, make sure to visit to my class.”

“Yeah, yeah, I’ll find someone to fill in for me so I can stop by.”

“Although, it’s too bad Onee-chan can’t make it.”

“What did you expect?  A weekend trip would be a huge burden for Shizuka-anee.”

Making a round trip takes a lot of time, so she probably won’t come back until the New Year break?  We’ll just have to be patient and wait.

“And after all that effort in preparing Onii-chan’s maid…”

“Quit exaggerating.  It’s a normal, waiter’s, uniform.”

“Well, I’m being a maid.”

“As your older brother, that fills me with all types of worries…”

Not to mention, Miu’s maid outfit seems to have been prepared with the intention of attracting more customers.  If she wears something like that, I can’t help but feel she’s going to attract the attention of some no good people.

I say, “If anything happens, make sure to tell me.”

“K~ay.  Oh yeah, I want to stop by the arcade on my way home today …”

“Honestly, I’d prefer you go straight home.  I’ll be getting out late so I can’t go with you.”

“Not a problem.  Taku-san is going to participate in the event with me.”

“Event?  What do you mean?”

“The unveiling of the new VR game, [Psychic Dragon Arms].”

Usually, when I imagine people gathering for an event, I picture reports assembling in some sort of venue.

Miu says, “So, apparently this event is being organized by the Epson Corporation’s virtual world and they’re furbishing game centers nationwide with arcade VR sets for a limited time.  That’s why participation is being restricted to winners of a raffle held last month.”

“No way, you got a hit?”

“No, no, no, but even though we both missed, we’re thinking about going to watch.  Footage is gonna be displayed on a monitor.”

“Really?  If it’s interesting, make sure to tell me about it later.”

“Got it!  Why can’t school hurry up and end early today?”

So her excitement isn’t for the school festival’s preparations, but the unveiling of a new game at the arcade?  Same as always, she really loves games.

I make a wry smile at Miu’s plight as we cross the school gate.  A banner depicting the school festival’s slogan decorates the entrance.  From early morning, students have been busy with their preparations.  Many of them are running about doing things such as confirming the spaces for their open air stalls.  Just watching is enough to see how much trouble they are going through.

I say, “Anyway, even though you’ll be with Takumi, remember to be careful.”

“Alright already, you worry too much, Onii-chan.

With that, I see Miu off as she dashes away and then head to my classroom.

The door is already decorated while the inside is furnished with chairs and tables.  My classmates are gathered in their favorite places with brochures in hand.  Flowers bloom as they talk about whatever they want. 

I, meanwhile, join Takumi.  “Morning, Takumi.”

“Shun, morning.  Do your best and work hard for my share today.”

“I heard some talk about an event?  Pay me back by keeping an eye on Miu.”

Hey, did you hear me? 

Takumi, quick on the uptake, says, “Leave it to me.”

I keep laying it down on him.  “Also, everyone’s bringing out their best today.  Raise your spirit.”

“Chill, participating in an arcade event and helping out at a school festival is way easier than organizing a nationwide event.”

“No, just making that comparison is weird.”

I don’t have a clue to what I should even say to this guy.  Then again, I’d just be wasting my breath.

“Shun, since we’re both free on the third part of the first day and the second day, how about we go around together?”

“Sure, anything interesting to see?”

“The Sport Club has a pretty diverse program, so I’m thinking we stop there on a trip around the school.”

Takumi holds out his brochure and traces the course with a finger.  First, we’ll go around the food stalls and experience what’s being offered by the Athletics Department.  Then, we’ll enter the school building and check out the presentations by Cultural Department.  After that, we’ll finish by returning to our classroom.

Takumi says, “Sound good?  Or do you want to focus more on the cultural department instead of the gymnasium?”

“No, I’m pretty used to doing class plays, so I kinda find performances like the Athletic Department’s martial art demonstrations fun.”

This, the main part of Takumi’s route, fills our free time with what looks like something fun to watch. 

The class teacher then takes roll call. Afterwards, our school festival executive and class committee member, Endou-san, steps forward to assign our roles. 

Our assignments…

I say, “I’m… preparing cookies for tomorrow.”

“Most of my time is going to be used helping with the wrapping.  Until then, I’m free.”

“Oh, right.”

So, Takumi’s helping out with wrapping.  Either way, he’ll be free while I’m focusing on baking cookies.

I say, “Don’t snatch any.”

“I won’t.”


I finish my preparations while fooling around with Takumi. 

We were able to borrow six ovens for our use in the morning.  For the afternoon, since other classes also need them, we were only able to secure two.  I want to have half of what we need baked by then.

Once the cookie team goes through making a batch, they’ll be able to prepare more dough without any further instructions.  That will give me time to talk with Takumi while he waits for his wrapping duties to start.

“Hey, Shun.”

“What’s up?”

“How are you for next week’s PVP?”

“Still not ready yet.  You?”

“Well,” Takumi shows how troubled he is with a small stop of his hand.  “The PVP isn’t a problem, but lately I haven’t been able to do any field work or go dungeon diving.”

“What luxurious worries.”

I solo dungeons and do fieldwork so hearing this is seriously surprising.  Well, it’s Takumi, so he probably stops just before the boss.

Takumi says, “Instead, I’ve been communicating with players who follow their hobbies like members of the Fisherman’s guild or appraiser enthusiasts.”

“Are the appraisers losing it from another update?”

“Yep, they’re preforming group appraisals towards the application of trash and misrepresented senses.”

Trash and misrepresented senses, if their introductions deviate from their intended purposes, then they won’t be viewed with so much disgust.  I’m actually someone who started with a trash sense, [bow].  Its introduction doesn’t mention a thing about its difficult usability when starting out or about how its accuracy is dependent on the user’s DEX.  Furthermore, arrows come as a separate cost.

Misrepresented senses, on the other hand, include senses like [cooking] or [taming].  The cooking sense is a production sense that allows for the creation of consumables that will temporary raise a player’s stats.  The ingredients essential to creating those stat boosting consumables are poisonous.  In fact, very few ingredients don’t have any sort of poison in them.  Presently, being able to resist poison through a skill like [poison resistance] is required for anyone taking up the cooking sense.  Although the cooking sense was originally a trash sense, it out grew that status due to satiate being implemented during an update.

As for the taming sense, during the beta, everyone defeated mobs in their attempts to tame them.  It’s a method with a very low success rate.  Now that usage of the sense has become more common, each mob is being discovered to have its own appropriate method and suitable timing, for taming.  Some include challenging the mob to a duel, feeding it, overwhelming it with power to force it into submission, or entertaining it with music and dancing.  The method needed changes with the species of monster.

Well, due to the increase in tamers and said tamers then sharing their discoveries, the sense also escaped its misrepresented status.  Despite that, it still isn’t an easy sense to use.  Its lack of development • offshoots makes just raising it to level 30 difficult.  Since most replace it by that point, research beyond that point is lacking.

Alchemy and Synthesis were also entered into that category during the beta.


Takumi says, “An appraiser enthusiast cross crafter seems to have made a gargantuan production discovery.”

“What is it?”

“What’d that guy say?  Something about keeping it secret so it can be unveiled as a revolutionary production method at the next event.”

“…That’s the same as indirectly saying one isn’t known.”

“Yeah, that made me just as uneasy.”

That really is worrisome, but if Takumi doesn’t know anything, then there’s no point in asking about it. 

While I’m readjusting my thoughts, I hear, “If you don’t know, then answering is impossible.  Alright, I made cookie dough.”

Having nothing more to talk about with Takumi, I immerse myself into my work.  During that silence, I now and then pick up on the conversations of everyone else.

“Hey, did you get a reservation slip for next week’s launch?”  “Impossible, although my aniki’s friend was able to buy one…”  “Hey, hey, I’ll be advancing some with that last cancelation.  I’m interested in VR too.”  “I’m in the middle of training myself.”  “What for?”  “Well, aren’t avatars based off your actual body?  What do you think is better, a well-toned body or someone with an average build?”  “I suppose…”

The boys all appear to be talking about the new VR sets about to be released.  Although, working my body in real life just to make it look good in VR feels a bit off to me.

“Holding on, you’re talking about those forbidden goods here!?”  “Eh?  Behind the manga club’s…”  “‘Absolutely don’t but it’!?”  “Haa, so you can see it even with all those creative decorations.”  “Who is it this time?”  “The third year vice president and the Athletic departments…”  “Kyaa, I have to buy it.”

One section of the girls are completely unaffected by the mood.  Sometimes a passionate gaze shoots towards Takumi and me… 

They’re just having completely normal conversations.  Why can’t I have a normal conversation like them?

“Hey, want to go around the school festival with me?”  “Sorry, I’m going with my boyfriend.”  “Eh!?  You have a boyfriend!?”  “Ye- yeah.  He’s in the class next door…”  “Ugh, traitor.”  “Ah, but, his friends are also coming to the school festival, so…”  “Getting love to blossom from a solid setting like that won’t be hard for you at all!”  “That, ugaaa, stop getting so wrapped in jealousy!”  “Riajuu living the good life like you, I’m gonna squeeze you dry!”

The normal girls are going crazy over love.  Wait, what?  Where did my wish for a normal conversation go?

“What’s wrong, Shun?  You’re eyes look distant.”

“No, we have splendid classmates full of diverse interests.”

 “Yeah, those guys are loads of fun.  You can get sucked into a conversation over just about anything.”

You, I envy your positivity.

“At this time, something like that could happen during the school festival, and you two wouldn’t have clue to what’s going on.”

Taku says, “Hm?  Don’t put out strange narrations, Endo!”

I say, “No, you’d probably just continue as normal.  Anyway, Endo-san, aren’t you supposed to be helping the executive committee right now?”

“It’s about the parties related to the issue at hand.  Well, I need speak with the two harmed…”

Thus, without being informed of the details, we’re brought out into the hall.  We’re told we’re the victims, and even though it’s a painful thing to hear, judging from the circumstance, it doesn’t seem like we’ll be getting an apology.

“Etto…, Shun-kun and Takumi-kun, the manga research society knows about the two of you.”

Takumi says, “Well, with a name like Manga Love, I’m guessing they’re printing rubbish not meant for the public eye.”

That group?  I’m familiar with the manga club.  Wasn’t Manga Love originally a wholesome manga that delves into various hobbies so that they can be introduce to the readers?  Although, Endo-san’s overseeing of this affair roughly affirms that they’re not.

Just what the heck is this school’s manga club doing?

“And that’s what happened.  Well, we discovered that a portion of them appropriated funds meant for the school festival for an unrelated matter…”

“So, how does this relate to us?”

Even though I’m a victim, I’m not being told the full story.  I’m more used to crisp and clear discussions, so this is getting to me. 

Endo-san says, “…it… came out.  The two of you.”


“A manga, about the two of you, was released.”

“Hey, hey, doesn’t that ignore the rights we have towards the use of our likeness?”

Takumi releases a long, drawn out, sigh.

I, however, still don’t see how I’m involved. 

“What do you mean?”

“You two are the main characters.  Thus… it transformed into an unhealthy book.”

Hearing that connects various dots within my head as the blood drains from my face.

“…The other members… confirmed your identities, but we can’t arbitrary make such a decision towards the contents.  Therefore, we need the two of you to verify your identities…”

Takumi says, “Say, Endo, do you have a copy?”

She gently presents us with a paper bag. 

I don’t know how, but I later hear that my eyes gave the illusion of emitting an ominous violet aura.

Takumi takes out a thin book from the bag and skims through the pages.  He glances back at me with eyes full of worry before then returning the book into the bag.

Endo-san says, “Guilty • or • not guilty?”

“Guilty, I deem them guilty.”

“That concludes this business.  Well then, all that remains is to thoroughly eradicate the source of this evil.”

I say, “I don’t understand anything you guys are going on about!  It’s scary!  Everything your saying keeps echoing off everything!”

Takumi grabs my shoulders as I raise my voice.  He then draws closer and presses his forehead against my own.

“This isn’t something someone without tolerance, immunity, and resolution should see.  Okay?  Just listen to me.  That book is evil.  The eyes of someone with normal human decency like you must absolutely never see what’s inside!”

“Th- that…”

Endo-san says, “Rest assured, Shun-kun.  For infringing on your likeness, embezzling funds from the school festival, and the crime of publishing filth, you do not need to know anything more than the verdict they received from Takumi-kun.”

I fear the truth hidden behind that smile reminiscent of the Virgin Mary.

Endo-san says, “Just forget everything.  There is nothing here.”

“Eh, but I’m…”

“Just forget everything.  There is nothing here.”


They’re words that neither deny nor confirm reality.  Afterwards, Takumi and Endo-san bustle about the school while I’m left without a clue on what to do.  In a daze, I continue to work.

That evening, as Miu tells me about the event for the new game, I forget.

T/N:  April fools~  Surprised to see instead of my other promised stories here??  Only Sense Online has returned for April 1st with the long anticipated school festival arc.  It’s an arc I don’t think will ever appear in the LN, so I’m going to finish it here before the month lets out.  Or, am I??  Don’t forget what day it is~

Talking about April fools, I honestly want to make a small change.  In the area where Takumi presses his forehead against Shun’s, I wanted to write, “Takumi grabs my shoulders as I raise my voice.  He then draws closer and presses his lips against my own.”  Fufufu~

The picture above was drawn by Kinom.  The picture be found:

Now, I’m not 100% sure when this takes place, but considering the chapter number and context, I think it’s a bit before the crafter’s guild even happens.  I don’t think the Material Merchant has been met in game yet.  Although, if scenes similar to what happened at the end where Takumi helped Shun calm down are common throughout the school, then I can totally see where the inspiration for that book came from.

~Gandire Alea

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