The Heir of the Dragon Emperor and his Bride Corps Translation

6. The King’s Breath Devours Everything

—–Shoma’s viewpoint—-


The big monster screams in frustration while swinging a sword in one arm. It’s scary.

[Bastard! Bastard! My arm!!!!!!]

[…..As I thought, it’s that guy.]

During yesterday’s battle, I cut off an arm from one of the black goblins.

Monsters have quite the impressive life force. Even if an arm gets cut off, they don’t die…..

I didn’t deal the finishing blow because I didn’t have enough mana to do so.

[As expected, that’s Shoma-sama’s doing?]

Ah…it’s exposed.

No, can I even hide it? I’m currently using the skill, “Awakening of the Dragon’s Kin” and she can see my dragon scales.  My enhanced agility is also part of that power.

Chasing Lizette took a lot of time.  For one, the pathway was not straight.  I also have yet to master my newfound agility.  I even almost ran into a tree.  I was able to avoid it by making a sudden turn, but ended up failing into the river.

I did desk work in my home world.  Exercise is something I lack. Even if my agility was enhanced, my reflexes have yet to catch up.

Shouldn’t I become unstoppable when using this power?

[If I had mastered using my power, I would have already defeated that guy yesterday…..]

But the goblin in front of me is brimming with energy as he howls and swings his sword. Looks like I shouldn’t underestimate the life force of monsters.

[Am I troubling Lizette and the children?]

[No, Shoma-sama is lending Lizette a hand.  She can still fight!]

Standing beside me, Lizette says that.

[This “Goblin Lord” lives inside the forest and is the confidant of the “Dark Knight”. If he were whole, I wouldn’t have been able to protect the children alone.]

[Hearing that is a relief. By the way, can I ask you something?]

[Yes. What is it, Shoma-sama?]

[Just now, a flame came out from your hand, how did you do that?]

Lizette has a blank look on her face.

[It’s a really basic magic. You need to accumulate mana in your hand and start casting the spell. Because the spell is the key to the operation, it is strictly confidential. Personal imagination is also very important. The spell Lizette used was a really basic spell… is a really fundamental spell.]

The black goblin—– “Lord” yells at us.

[What? Don’t mess with me!!!??  Bastard! Who are you? Why you keep on obstructing me?  Today and yesterday too!!!!]

[I don’t know.]

[You’re my enemy! MY ENEMY!!!!!!]

[……If you don’t want to speak properly then don’t talk.]

This guy is ticking me off and I’m already very tired.

I thought I was free with my resignation, but instead was immediately summoned to this world. Not only was I brushed off as a mistake, I wasn’t even give an OP skill.  I was just ditched in a forest.  Not to mention that this world is full of monster and chaos too.

[…..After resigning from my job, I was immediately summoned here…..great!]

Of course, I never regretted resigning from my job.

Had I stayed in that place, I get the feeling I would have died in a different way from the biological sense. So, I think I’d make the same decision again if given another chance.

As for being summoned…… nothing I can do about it.

The goddess didn’t mean me any harm. Also, she clearly explained the situation to me in a letter.

Lizette is a good girl. She listened to what I said. She even cried in front of the dragon temple because she doesn’t want to fight. I felt sorry leaving her to fight alone and came to help. Even though I don’t know how to fight, I can at least act as a decoy.

……Ehhh? I am confused now.  Why am I even angry to begin with?

[You bastard! Absolutely! Kill!!!]

The goblin lord is yelling while fuming.

Looking at him, I think I start to understand my irritation.

[….Ah? Is that so? You aren’t even listening to me.]


[You speak human.  Weren’t you interested in me? You asked in human words, ‘What are you?’, but there’s no point answering if you plan to kill me, is there?]


I feel a sound in the back of my mind.

I was furious during my resignation, but I get the feeling I had already been much angrier since long ago.

I don’t know. I can’t remember. I feel like part of my memory has been sealed.

[What? What are you trying to say?]

[Let’s talk, black goblin. Why do you want to kill us? Why did you attack the children?

[Because the human world is already ending.]


[By using the great “Dark Flame God” spell he left over, we were able to gain access to this world. Your race will soon meet termination. It’s already decided, that’s how the world works.]

[That’s how the world works…?]

I think I’ve heard this before. That phrase. Who was it again?

I recall being very angry, then someone said this and made me even angrier.

[I wonder, is that really how it works? Let’s try it out.]

[Why are you doing this?]


[That’s power from the “Fake King” isn’t it?! Why are you helping aijin!?]

[So, you knew?]

I pointed my sword towards the black goblin.

The other monsters don’t move thanks to Lizette guarding my back.  The children are standing between us. They are quite young, probably around elementary school?

….my reason for helping them? That’s already been decided.

[If you really want a reason, then it’s because I’m already 30. I’m going to be an old man soon.]


[Being an old man means caring about children when they cry, but if you’re not careful, you’ll end up being treated like a suspicious person.  That’s why I won’t come out to help them for anything, but if they’re being killed in front of me, I will jump in to save them without hesitation! Don’t make me say such embarrassing words, you monster!]

[Don’t fuck with me!!!]


I block the goblin’s attack with my sword.  It, the sword given to me by the goddess, then breaks.

Just as I thought, this won’t work without any sword skills. Using my dragon’s power should be enough though.

[….Do you want to try using magic?]

I only need to follow the instructions Lizette just gave me.  First, gather mana into my hand.

Since “Awakening of the Dragon’s Kin” functions through mana, I should also have the ability to absorb it.

First…. I need to feel the flow mana of around me…….

Umu. there’s something flowing around me. Is this it? Next, I imagine it being absorbed into my body.

Breath, breath again, and….



[What is this? This huge flow of mana….Ahhhhhhhhhh!]

What is this?  Is this mana? There is something strange and nostalgic about it.  Was there something similar to it on my home…… world?

Impossible. If it did exist, then my world would also be about swords and magic. Our technology is too advanced for something like mana to go undetected. My world doesn’t have any magic.  If it does, then it’s too weak to even bother with.

In this world, mana flows around us like air.   Its presence is easy to feel.  We absorb it the same way trees absorbs the water.

…..Like this, I slowly begin understanding how to use “Awakening of the Dragon’s Kin”.  My heart feels full of old memories.  Thanks to them, I now know what to do.  First, accumulate mana in both of my hands.

[Stupid!! Stop it, stop it!!!!!]

[…..Then, I need to start casting the spell….]

As for my activation key, Lizette said the image is very important.

…..An image…

If it’s a dragon, then it should have the flames to burn everything.  Regardless of whether it’s a story or a game, dragons are always the strongest.  They’re divine beings, kings of the world.  Then, if I let that king out——

[–Come forth, magical flame that devours everything. Using the same breath—]

[Retreat!!! Everyone escape, right now!!!!]

You can’t run from here. 

I lift my hands, brimming with mana, to my face, and take a deep breath.  I release everything at once—

[Devour my enemies—my dragon breath, “Dragon Growl”!]

The flame spews from my mouth.  To be precise, from between the two hands I hold by my face.

The flame reaches 30 centimetres before expanding and surrounding the “Black Goblin Lord’s” entire body.


The fierce flame doesn’t just engulf him, but evaporates half his body. 

What is this? Should I call it, “the breath of dragon coming out of a human”?

[Lizette! Fall back with the children!]

[Y-yes!] [[[Yes! Onii-chan-sama!]]]

After confirming their retreat, I twist my body from left to right. The flames swallow the goblins from one end to the other.


My mana runs dry after all 5 are captured by the flames.  “Awakening of the Dragon’s Kin” goes inactive at the same time.  I seem to have spewed a lot of fire. As expected, when the power of the magic is high, the mana consumption is at the same level.  My flames and scales disappear, returning me to my normal form.


Two lucky goblins survive the fire. They rush towards me with their swords despite being terrified of me.  They have no intention of running away.

[Please, leave it to me, Shoma-sama.]

Lizette’s sword cuts through their throats.


They both fall to the ground and stop moving. It’s all over.


….How scary.  Goblins, in fantasy, are the weakest, yet they weren’t intimidated by my power.  Not even going full out was enough to eliminate them all.

Those officially summoned humans are in a whole different league from someone like me.  Not to mention…. look, my hands are shaking. I rushed here full of momentum, but once I calm down, I get this. I might not be suitable for fighting.

—Although, anger exploded out from deep inside me not that long ago.


There’s a girl looking at me.

[Thank you for saving us. You are strong, Onii-chan.]

[….it’s nothing at all.]

I clap the side of my pants and stand straight. I raise my hand to pat her head, but stop. In my home world, I’m pretty sure a suspicious person shouldn’t pat the head of a children he just met. 

The girl just closes her eyes and presents her head to me. Little ivory horns are growing from it.

[Please, pat her head, Shoma-sama.]

Lizette looks at me and smiles.

[It is said that if you let a strong person touch your horns, you will also become strong.]


[Yes, the Hazama village caring for Lizette is an “Oni” village.  It’s a legend of their village.]

—Oni, such a race also exists? I suppose it should.  I mean, a little girl is presenting me her horns while laughing.


[…Eto, yoshi-yoshi.]

After getting permission, I pat her head.  Her horns are strong and warm. That tells me they are real. 

I see. In this world, there isn’t just succeeding the blood of the dragon, but there’s also succeeding the blood of the Oni.


Inside my body, I heard a familiar sound.


That reminds me, back then when I confirmed the existence of dragons, “Awakening of the Dragon’s Kin” activated just like that.

Then, if I confirm the existence of Oni…..

“Awakening of the Oni”

Activates after confirming the existence of Oni.  You will be able to use the strength and regeneration power of Oni.

It increased….

….I wonder, what kind of existence am I in this world?

[—your Majesty? What happened?]

[Who is, your Majesty?]

Don’t call people by ridiculous names, Lizette.

[Your Majesty!] [Your Majesty!] [King Shoma!]

You children too, don’t surround me and start admiring me!

[Ah, no, I’m sorry. Because Shoma-sama showed a difficult expression.]

[I was just thinking about the future.]

[Your life from now on?]

[Because I don’t understand a thing about this world.]

The children already know that I’m from another world.  They all just saw my power a moment ago, so I can’t hide it.

More than that, if it’s people from the other world, I shouldn’t be recognised as someone related to the “Dragon King”, right?

[I didn’t save you because I want you repay me, but can you answer a couple of question for me?]

I say

[First of all, I want you to teach me about this world while we are walking.]

I need to survive in this world, and for that, I need the knowledge. How do I live efficiently? How can I finish my work and have time to relax? I need to get that information as soon as possible.

[And one last thing….. if it’s possible, can I stay in the village for a few days?]

I don’t have high hopes on this because I’m an outsider, but…

[Yes, of course, this makes Lizette happy too.]

[[[Yes, Onii-chan!]]]

Lizette and the children nod with smiles on their faces.

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